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    Which is the best TV tuner card to buy?

    Get complete details about the best TV Tuner card available in the market and other details price, availability, specs etc. from the experts of Techulator.

    I am having desktop computer and want to use it as TV streaming device. How to convert monitor of computer as TV tuner? Which companys TV tuner are proved as best to buy? Please give me review about cheap and best TV tuner card for TV streaming. What should be the expected cost of that TV tuner card?
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  • There are two types of TV tuner cards available in the market. One is internal and the other is an external TV tuner card. The internal card is assembled with the CPU of the computer, where as in case of external card, there is no use of CPU, only computer monitor or such output device is used along with the TV tuner card. But it is always recommended to use the external TV tuner card as internal card may affect CPU performance.

    There are many more TV tuner brands available in the market. If you are looking for lower range below INR 1000, then you can think about Frontech, Intex etc. But you will not get quality and clear resolution. If you can afford INR 1300 to 1400, you will get the iBall TV tuner card, which is the best in this price range.

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  • You can convert your monitor into TV by using a TV Tuner card. You can expect price based on the features you require. TV tuners from IBall, Avermedia, Intex,Enter are of good quality. If you want cheap tuner cards with quality buy Enter TV Tuner card at about Rs. 1200. If you want advanced features like Remote control, FM Radio etc. buy iBall TV tuner card.

  • You can buy Pinacle internal TV tuner card which is far better than any other TV tuner cards, its price range is around Rs 1000 and it differs based on different series of Pinacle internal TV tuner card. You can install it easily at your system slot and fix it with audio and video cable given with its manual to complete the installation.

    You can buy other best TV tuner card like iBall TV tuner, Intex and Frontech etc.


  • My suggestion is iBall Claro Tv18 TV tuner card with lot of inbuilt functions. It is a USB type model suitable for both desktop and laptop.

    iBall Claro has FM Radio recording facility and is available with 2 years of warranty period. If you purchase through online mode the product will reach your home below Rs. 1700.

    This remote control type mode is an ideal choice for TV streaming.

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