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    How to manually add Network Connections for Tata Photon Plus in Open Suse OS

    Learn the steps involved in manually adding Network Connections for Tata Photon Plus in Open Suse OS from the Techulator experts.

    I am new to Open Suse OS. I have tried other Linux distros like Fedora and Ubuntu. There I easily set up a network connection using Network Manager. Open Suse also has Network Manager but its not working like Ubuntu/Fedora. Now I need to use Tata Photon Plus, how to do it?
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  • You need to make the following changes in the configuration file (wvdial.conf).

    1. Delete the semicolon before last three lines phone, username, password.
    2. Enter the phone number as #777, username and password as internet.
    3. You have to add the 2 extra lines in the configuration file at the last as mentioned below:

    Init3 = AT+CRM=1
    Stupid Mode = 1

    Now save the file and exit from there. Now to connect your internet, type the following command on the terminal


    And it's done. Please check it out with the steps, I hope your problem will be resolved.

    With Best Regards,


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