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    Is it against AdSense policies to republish content from other sites but link back to them

    Are you trying to figure out the Google Policies regarding content rewriting with backlinks to the original source? Read this thread to learn more about the Google AdSense policies.

    I would like to republish articles from other sites with link back to them. Is it against the AdSense policies? Can the other site complain if I take content from other site with a backlink?
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  • Here is an analogy:

    "If I take something from somewhere but tell everyone where I took it from, is it against the law?".

    Taking something from somewhere is not against the law. But if the owner of the thing does not like what you did, that is where the problem starts. If you take a small chocolate from a supermarket and in return you offer to carry a big banner promoting the shop, they will be happy to let you take a chocolate everyday. But if you take an expensive laptop from a shop and in return offer to put a small sticker about their shop behind your car, that may not be enough for them to allow you to take away their expensive thing. In either case, police will not interfere with it until the shop complains.

    The same rule applies here. AdSense does not care whether you took from somewhere or linked back to them. The problem starts when the site owner or the web community thinks you are "stealing content". Some small sites may be happy if you republish their content and give a backlink because they may be dying to get backlinks. But many other sites may not want others to take their content and republish elsewhere even if it accompanies a backlink.

    The short answer is, if the other site allow you, you can republish content. HOWEVER, if your site contains no unique content and all that you have is reproduced content, Google will not see any value in the existence of your website and eventually it will be eliminated from AdSense and possibly from AdSense too.

  • What's said above is exactly correct. Here I'll give you an example. I've uploaded four videos (India's cricket match highlights) to my YouTube account this month, but they were deleted due to copyright infringement. Actually YouTube informed me that my videos matched third party content but didn't delete them they waited for the owner to respond. But if the owner didn't claim within one month my videos wouldn't have been deleted. But actually I didn't copy them, I've recorded from live TV. So, I understood that recording live telecast also leads to copyright infringement. So, I think it's better to get permission from owner or make own content.

  • In short, if the original author or publisher or owner accept with you to republish the content or video then it has no issue either from owner or Adsense team. If owner against you for reproducing their content or video which affects their business because of your intervene on this then problem will arise for you and Adsense team.

    Google or Ads media wants hassle free publisher or advertiser or owner in order to flow their business smooth without any legal issue. This is common in business, if often for a very small reproducing act one faces big legal issue then it is un-welcomed by anyone. Whenever you try to get an information from anyone to prepare an article or other sources then make sure that the original owner have promotion from you or getting good benefit from you so that you can be safer without any issue. Since DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act) play very important role in webworld so that you have to be very careful on re-producing or copying any kind of sources. It is better for you to just refer any source and prepare in your own. Backlink or crosslink can be used once in many, do not always use this method.


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