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    How to transfer wordpress from locat host to online server?

    Have a website on Wordpress platform? Do you want it to move from a local host to a online server without affecting its data? Know how to move your Wordpress blog to a server here in this post.


    Recently I have designed a website in word press platform with my local host server. Now I want to transfer whole website to my client existing online server. How to do that? I dont want to loose single file.

    My local server is setup with WAMP server and my word press version is 3.5.2.Can be done it directly from back end of word press or I want to go for PHP MY Admin?

    Also currently my client have a static website and they have some content, once I upload my new files to the website, what will happen to old files? How to protect these files?
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  • There are many methods.

    Each WordPress instance has mainly 2 sections - the files where the static files are stored and the Database where the contents are stored.

    To transfer from localhost or any server, both the parts needs to be shifted. First shift the files to the online server. Most server support the ZIP method. You can zip all the files in the root folder and upload it to the new server via ftp/ssh.

    Extract the files in the new server. Now the files are transferred fully. Next we need to transfer the database.

    To do the DB transfer, go to phpmyadmin of the local server and select the database and go to export. Use the export option and download the file as SQL or file.

    In the new server, you need to create a new database, assign the users with the necessary privileges and once done, go to phpmyadmin and select the database and go to Import section. Import the database by uploading the sql/ file we downloaded from old server.

    Once done, you need to update a few things to work correctly

    1. Select the database and navigate to table wp-options. Update the fields called "siteurl" and "home" with the website url(

    2. Go to wp-config.php(its located in root directory)
    Edit the database name, username and passwords and update it with the new database details.

    Once done, your site will be transferred from localhost to the new webserver.

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