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    Which is the best operating system among windows xp, windows vista and windows 8?

    Are you confused about different Microsoft operating systems like XP, Vista and Windows 7 & 8 ? Want to know how to download latest Windows OS and old version of it online? Get the help from experts.

    I am really great fond of windows operating system. Whenever their is a new release of their previous version, I always make sure that I got their latest version of operating systems for my computer or laptop. Here are my few question for Windows-

    1. Which is the best operating system among windows xp, windows vista and windows 8?
    2. How to download windows latest and old versions online?
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  • The use of an operating system is purely based on users and their work. But there are some key points which make windows 8 as the good choice to have.
    1. If you are the user who don't want to move here and there to copy files from one drive to another than you should use windows 8 which will provide options of copying or moving files at the top bar.
    2. According to the users there is very less chances of crash in windows 8.
    3. You can multiple files and pause the files if required to copy the important files first.
    So there are many features which make this operating system worth to have. The features also include windows essential security and a dedicated store to enjoy the games and applications. Every user have their own opinion and they find a key point in the system they use. If you are a new user you can go with windows 8 without any doubt.

    Window vista can not be considered as a good OS to have as people always face problem of hanging and crash in their OS.
    Window 8 can be downloaded by searching on google where you can find different links to download and you can update your operating system using internet

  • The best operating system from Microsoft is no doubt about Windows XP, still it is rule the world. However, everyone have to focus on advanced version thus almost many try to experiment with Windows 8 OS since it is suitable for manual/old type and touch integrated for latest device hence Windows 8 OS is on top at the moment. When we compare Windows 7 OS then we can still say Windows 7 is better than latest version. There are few developments in Windows 8 OS that attracts many as it is latest and suitable for all touch device.

    There is no free download option for Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS but you have to pay for it if you would like to download from Microsoft official site. There is chances that other websites try to say that free download of said OS but it is not real or possible for broken software or developer's preview or beta files.


  • According to me, based on my experience the Windows operating system is best irrespective of its version. But to justify, the recent version from the Microsoft is Windows 8 which is awesome and best. You can cloud your files to Microsoft cloud and Google drives using this awesome Windows 8. This is made simple. Just right click the file that you want to upload to cloud, you can see the option there and upload it. This cool feature is not available older platforms. So I like to use Windows 8 which is best than others.

  • There are many versions of Microsoft Windows. But in my view the best version is Windows 8. It is recently launched by Microsoft and is very fast as compared to old versions. There are many versions of Windows 8 also which are available in market. The list of versions of Windows 8 is given below:
    Currently there are four versions of Windows 8 available in market which are Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows RT. It is the latest version of Windows launched by Microsoft on August 16, 2012. Let us take a look at each of them.

    Windows 8
    1. Windows 8 is the very basic edition of Windows
    2. It supports x64 and IA-32 architectures.
    3. This version is more powerful than Windows RT.
    4. It has basic functions like start screen and some applications.
    5. Microsoft Office applications are not present.

    Windows 8 Pro
    1. This version is like Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional.
    2. Mainly designed for business functions.
    3. All the features of Windows 8 are present.
    4. Some of the key features are Remote Desktop, Encrypting File System, Windows Server domain, and Virtual Hard Disk Booting.
    5. Special software package Windows Media Center available only for Windows 8 Pro.

    Windows 8 Enterprise
    1.All the features are present which are in Windows 8 Pro except Windows Media Center.
    2. Some additional features are also available.
    3. It is mainly designed for Software Assurance customers, Technet Professional subscribers and MSDN.
    4. Main functions are networking features.
    5. Not sold without license.

    Windows RT
    1. This version of Windows is available pre-installed with tablet PCs.
    2. Business features like domain support and Group Policy are not available.
    3. Applications available are Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
    4. Device encryption is also supported.
    5. Only third party software which are bought from Windows store, run on this Window.

    You can download these operating systems from different websites like and many other bloggers site which provide these type of softwares.

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