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    Does violate Google Adsense policy?

    Are you thinking of uploading documents in PDF format on or similar sites and download the link to your website directly? Do you want to know if it violates Google AdSense policy guidelines? Follow this thread and read expert answers to know whether uploading documents on and giving link to the uploaded document violates Google AdSense policy.

    I want to upload some documents in PDF format on which have been created by myself and want to put the download link on my website directly. Does it violate google adsense policies? I have heard that as on media fire, there many copied documents uploaded, so it may violate adsense policies. But I use to upload documents on and never face any problem. Can anyone give some valuable suggestions? Can I put the links of mediafire.coms documents on my website?
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  • The theoretical guidelines say that if the links are to your own copyrighted content in file sharing websites, that is if the pdf are also your own property then there is no issue linking to those pages. If the pdf you are linking to are not your property then it will be considered as violation.

    However, I would suggest that consider it a gray area and stay away from linking to such file sharing websites which are known to host copyrighted content illegally. What you can rather do it make use of Dropbox or better still Google Drive. You can upload content there and create links for the purpose of using it in your blog.

  • Ankit,

    What about Dropbox? Is it safe? I use to upload documents on and put links on my blog. Will it be risk?

    And one thing, how to track the downloads or hits made by visitors in Google Drive?

    Priyabrata Das

    "Be Honest to You, not to others"

  • Dropbox,, Google Drive and Skydrive are all safe alternatives uploading files and sharing it in your blog. You cannot track the number of people downloading with these sites.

    Only some of the file sharing sites like and probably MediaFire keep track of the number of downloads.

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