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    What is the use of Spy Pen Camera?

    Are you thinking of buying a spy pen camera? Do you want to know its feature, uses, price and availability? Follow this thread and read expert answers giving details of features, specifications, price deals, availability in India and uses of a spy pen camera.

    I have heard the word Spy Pen Camera, but do not know exactly for what purpose this spy pen camera is used. What is the necessity of spy pen camera? Please help by sharing your knowledge. Also please let me know about the price and the other features of it.
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  • Spy Pen camera can no way be useful to us unless we are a reporter of crime.(This is my opinion). And I can support that my answer is 100% correct. For example, if a teenager or a kid is given a Pen camera, what will he do with that. No doubt, me may misuse it. However, that depends on the character of the person using it.
    Journalists find these spy cameras more advantageous when they investigate some illegal and unethical practices. You might have seen in new that some MRO or some gazetted officer is caught taking bribes and that credit goes to these spy cameras. So, keeping those pen cameras away from false hands makes them more useful for you and also for the society.

  • The use of spy pen camera in your day to day life is more than you think if at all you are a journalist. For example;
    1)If you are a journalist it will help you in many ways for taking up a secret operation.
    2) Covering news on illegal govt officials and recording their crimes without their knowledge.
    Also, remember that there are many disadvantages when these spy cameras fall into wrong hands.

  • Spy pen camera can be used for stealthily taking videos of the people indulging in crimes like corruption and unlawful activities. But it can prove to be bane in the hands of teenagers who can misuse the camera taking pictures of some of their female friends without their knowledge and then send them to their other friends as a matter of fun. However, it will cause a lot embarrassment to the girls whose photos or videos the teenagers may stealthily shoot. So, the parents should ensure that they should not let their teenager children to get hold of such a spy pen camera.

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  • Spy Camera can be used in the place where normally steal happens and no secure over there. For example, if you have shop and you trust your workers but still you feel that you are losing out some money and shop items - then you can use the Spy camera to keep in a secure place where your petty cash or material movement can be recorded. Later or after your arrival to shop, you may use it in your PC as it has USB port / memory then check it in your PC for the activities which took place recently in your shop when you absent. One can use it in a right way for security purpose.

    Spy pen camera size is just like normal pen but very little extra weight and it has in-built small camera near the pen/pocket holder on top, this device has memory system and USB port fixed which you can use it later or after recorded. Spy pen camera disadvantage is no durability and cost around Rs 1500.


  • About Spy pen camera
    It looks like a pen but at the same time it is used for taking photo and live recording. It is a small and light weight device can be used instead of camera also. It's size of regular pen, so you can bring it with you anywhere. Its prize range is from 1500 to 5000 which is depends upon features included. Spy pen comes in different models. I am giving you features of normal range spy pen.

    Use of spy pen

    - By pressing a small button on the top of the pen you can record conversations, classroom lectures and other activities which you like.
    - Pen is used to take an instant photo as well as instant video recording.
    - It is used as recording interviews so the interviewer can decide who gave a good interview and he can select a right candidate.
    - In the classroom, student can record lectures so he doesn't need to note down all the notes at the time of lecture.
    - It can be useful for Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Executives, Students and Reporters.
    - It can be used as replacement of files and pen drives, so need to carry bunch of files daily.
    - Sometime reporters required to take a video recording without knowing the person who is seated in front of him that time it is very useful because no one can identify it is a camera.

    It may have disadvantages also because it comes with minimum range, so anybody can buy and make a misuse of it such as blackmailing.

    Features of Spy pen camera (normal spy pen)

    • Hidden spy camera pen, photo, video
    • Voice recorder
    • Instant photo camera
    • Live video recording with high resolution
    • Real time recording in AVI video format
    • Light weight up to 40g
    • Works as USB drive up to 48 hours
    • Video file size 500kb per minute
    • Built in flash memory 16GB
    • 3.2 MB camera
    • Pinhole camera lens used to record a video
    • Replace pen drive / Files
    • Built in lithium battery recharged by the included AC adapter or any powered USB port
    • Built in Microphone

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