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    Which is better antivirus software- free or licensed version?

    Do you want to know- which is better antivirus software- free or licensed version? If yes, just follow this link.

    I am using Kaspersky Antivirus, which is now inactive as its license expired. Will free software provide the same service as the licensed version does? What is the functional difference when one compares both types of software- free or paid / licensed?
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  • Kaspersky is a very good antivirus for personal computers. But free antivirus has some limitations over licensed antivirus.
    Free antivirus does not provide full protection. It just able to scan the hard rives and external connected devices. Where licensed antivirus gives full protection like anti spam and malwar protection, firewall protection, Identifies suspicious websites and phishing websites, Detects new and unknown threats and mainly protect against all viruses.
    So always buy a licensed copy of antivirus. Quick heal, Kaspersky and net protector are good antiviruses.

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    For paid antivirus Kaspersky is the best, I've been using it for more than 4 years. For free Microsoft Security Essentials is best for Windows. For Microsoft security essentials you need to have genuine Windows installed.

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  • There are lots of antivirus software and tools available for protection of your system. The Kaspersky antivirus is a good one, but it affects the performance of your system. It detects all kinds of files and most of them keeps under suspicious category.

    The free and licensed version of antivirus software is having various differences like in licensed version, you will have to pay a nominal fee to get the latest updated virus databases. In free antivirus, you get some additional features in terms of security for virus database and detection engine. In simple words, you get more features in the licensed version as compared to free edition of antivirus.

    To know more about antivirus details, their features, please read the article Top 5 Highly Recommended Antivirus Tools for Your System

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  • Avast is better

  • A 100% safe, secure and protective Anti-virus can never be free. Anti-virus is the programs which protects our data and information from various mal-practices and issues. There are many security and safety issue for our system or PCs. If it is not monitored by good anti-virus, we may lose the important data or stuff or even our system may suffer in many ways.

    There are many good and top rated antivirus program. And all of them are not free, yes they offer us the trail version to use and get experience of anti-virus for 30 days or 90 days. Any antivirus which can really assure us cent percent safety and security can't be free. To protect our system from various problems, all the antivirus developers work day and night so that they can resolve all the latest and updates virus/worm and trojan.

    Everyday there are millions of malware/adware/worm/virus/trojan are developed. If you're connected to Internet then you are prone to get effected by any, Here comes the antivirus which really watch for all virus/trojan/worm/malware and it alerts you and then it takes the appropriate actions. Yes, One should always use the licensed version Antivirus. Licensed version antivirus offers you great safety and security for your system or PCs.

    As far my own experience of using Anti-virus, Here I'm going to publish the list of best five antivirus rank wise(star out of 5). It is solely on my own experience of using anti-virus :
    1. Kaspersky - *****
    2. Comodo - *****
    3. Essential - ****
    4. Avast - ***
    5. BitDefender - ***

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