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    Is there any software or tool to defrag Samsung Galaxy S2?

    Are you looking for some of the tools or applications, which can be used for defragment of your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. Follow this thread and read expert answers to know if there is any tool or app for defragmentation of Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.

    Dear Expert,

    Do you know about any software or app to defrag the Samsung Galaxy S2? One of my friend is facing issues with his Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. The performance is very slow. To get rid of this, can you suggest any tool or app for defragmentation purpose.
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  • Let me tell you that there are many defrag apps and tools on internet but nothing can boost the speed of an Android phone.

    It is important to understand that Android phones use flash memory. The algorithms of flash chip drivers randomly locate data chunks on a chip so that all the memory cells in the chip can be equally used. Every cell has a certain number of write cycles. If used beyond this number, the cells become unstable.

    Now, when you install a defragmentation software, the existing data is rewritten, the usage of memory cells increased and the flash memory's life-cycle decreased. The result is just the opposite of what is desired.

    Defrag apps and tools are generally scams. They are pretty suspicious as they read your whole browser history, network communication, bookmarks and other data. Technically, defragmentation software cannot make the performance of an Android phone faster.

    The performance is slow because you have probably installed a lot of applications on your Samsung Galaxy S2. Now, what you can do is to increase the free RAM by uninstalling some applications. This will increase the performance of your phone.

    The RAM of Galaxy S2 is 1 GB while the usable RAM is 850 MB. Use Task manager to check the free RAM on your phone. Check the RAM used by the apps and widgets on your screen. Identify the less useful software which are using high RAM and remove them.

    Free RAM= Total RAM - Used RAM

  • File system format for you Galaxy S2 is ext4 which is the latest Linux file system format and in that there is no concept and need for fragment of files as unlikly in Windows FAT of NTFS ext4 itself perform the operation of allocating files in a more intelligent way than NTFS of FAT. So you don't need to worry about defragment of your S2 internal drive.
    About the slow performance issue the problem is with startup of apps he/she must be having many apps installed most of which startup during boot making phone slow for that go to GPlay and install any startup manager and disable unwanted startup apps. This most probable will solve your problem. I suggest using GoTask manager Pro.

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