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    What is the process to defrag the RAM of Blackberry mobile phone?

    Do you know the process to defrag the RAM of Blackberry mobile phone? Follow this thread to know the same.

    As we know the meaning of defrag is (computing) to reduce fragmentation of a file (or all files) on a storage device by moving separated parts into a contiguous location. But I have a small doubt. How to defrag the RAM of Blackberry phone? Could anyone may please help me?
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  • Defragmentation increases the access speed of a phone by rearranging the files in its disk. It is easily possible on Blackberry phones by following the steps given below.

    1. Go to the Options menu.

    2. Select Advanced Options and then click on Applications.

    3. Select the less useful software. Push the Menu button and then click on Delete to free the RAM of your phone.
    Free RAM= Total RAM - Used RAM

    4. When the prompt to restart appears, restart your phone. Deletion process will continue.

    Another way to defragment the RAM is by setting the Memory Cleaning Menu status to Automatic. If you do not want to change the setting, just add the Memory Cleaner icon to the Home menu. This should also help.

    Caution: Do not install any defrag apps. There are many such apps on internet which claim to increase the performance of your phone but these can't boost the speed of an Android phone as Androids use flash memory. On installing defragmentation software, the existing data in chip drivers is rewritten. Memory cells have a limited number of write cycles and using them beyond this number makes them unstable which eventually decreases the memory's life-cycle. The result is opposite of what is desired.

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