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    How to obtain/participate-in YouTube Partner program?

    Do you want to know how to obtain/participate-in YouTube Partner program? if yes just follow this thread.

    I want to know some information about YouTube Partner Program. What is the eligibility to participate in YouTube Partner program? How many and which type of videos one should post at YouTube to get invitation from Google or YouTube?
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  • The YouTube Partner program provides video creators with opportunities to improve skills and earn money from their videos. Once you are a YouTube partner, you are a part of the global community which includes musicians, film makers, comedians, athletes etc. It is very easy to sign up for the YouTube partner program and is free to join.

    There are certain guidelines which you must abide in order to be YouTube partner. Here are some of the guidelines to become YouTube Partner.

    1. Do not post videos showing bad stuff like animal abuse, drug abuse and so on.
    2. Do not post videos of accidents, dead bodies and so on
    3. Copy right is to be respected. Your own videos are to be up loaded in YouTube.
    4. Do not post hate speeches related to religions, disability, gender or age...

    If you follow these guidelines and post your own videos in YouTube, it is possible to become a YouTube Partner. For more details please read about YouTube Partner Program.

  • The YouTube Partner Program features dozens of programs to help you amplify your YouTube experience, whether you want to share videos with friends or to build a new YouTube-based career. The programs are to help you improve your skills, build your audiences and earn money by monetizing more content though which you can build your career in this field. Basically there are certain criteria to join Youtube Partner Program which are as follows.
    1. The program has launched in your country. (In India this program is launched)

    2. Your account is in good standing and hasn't previously been disabled for monetization.

    3. You upload original, quality content that is advertiser-friendly. Youtube has followed strict copy right policies so only original video should be uploaded. Copy right video may disable you monetization.

    4. Your video content complies with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

    These are the basic conditions to join and upload videos on Youtube. After monetization and associating your google adsense account you can earn money from videos uploaded by you.

  • Youtube partnership program is another money making opportunity for people who love making original videos and uploading them on youtube. One can read all rules and regulations on the youtube website. To become a member of this youtube partnership program, one needs to keep uploading some original videos on their youtube account and gain some traffic for them. Once few videos are famous on youtube, one can apply for the youtube partnership program. If approved, one can link their google adsense account with it and start monetizing their videos to earn money.

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