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    Which is the best antivirus for home usage and what are its features?

    Are you planning to purchase a new antivirus for your personal computer and want to know about the one, which is best suitable for a home usage computer? Go through this thread to get our experts’ advice for your best suitable antivirus, and their features.

    I want to buy a new antivirus to my personal computers. But I am confused with so many different antiviruses, available in market. I am not aware of the features provided by different antivirus manufacturers. Which is the best antivirus for home usage and its price? What extra features do they provide other than security?
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  • Thre are many antivirus available in the internet. Some are free and for some others you will have to pay some money. The best ones are Norton Antivirus, AVG Antivirus and Avast. But if you are using a genuine windows then best antivirus for you is Microsoft Security Essential. You can get the information of different antivirus from internet along with their prices. But I suggest you not to waste your money in buying these antivirus software and download Microsoft Security Essential.
    The list of some good antivirus software include Avast Free Antivirus, AntiVir Personal, Microsoft Security Essential, AVG antivirus and Quickheal total security. These antivirus quickly scan your computer for errors and remove the affected files and threats found. These antivirus scan the computer regularly at the time period set by you. These programs monitor each and every action and reacts promptly when a malicious program is detected.
    First of all it depends upon whether you are using a genuine window or you are using a pirated window. If you are using a genuine window and you are having an internet connection then Microsoft Security Essential is the best antivirus for your system. I bought my laptop in 2011 and since then I am using this antivirus and my laptop is completely secured. There is no need to waste money for buying any antivirus as you are doing so.
    But if you are using a pirated window i.e. your window is not genuine, then this software will not install in your window. Then you can try various free antivirus software which are available in various software websites. But these antivirus software are not completely free. You can use them for a valid period of 15 days or one month and after that they expire and ask you to buy it. But you can find completely free antivirus software in the blogs of hackers. These hackers create a crack for the antivirus and it become completely free even after the expiration of the trial period.
    But if you are using a genuine window then there is no need to waste your money in buying these antivirus software. Just go to "" and download "Microsoft Security Essential" software and install it. After installation it will use your internet connection for update and then scan your whole computer. If any threads are found they it will ask you to clean them and if no threads are found then green color will appear on the window and a message will appear saying "your computer is safe".

  • At present, there are lots of antivirus programme coming out in the market. So, it become always confusing about which one to buy or which one is the best. In a recent survey conducted by, Bitdefender antivirus programme grabs the top position in their view. It has got excellent protection score, repair score and usability score. So, you can go for it.

  • I suggest you to use avast Anti virus, you can get it for free or you can buy to get all facilities like anti virus (file system shield, mail shield, web shield,P2P shield, IM shield, network shield, script shield, behavior shield) antispam, firewall (firewall settings,network connections, application rules, network utilities, firewall logs)software updater, secure line, tools (sandbox, browser cleanup, site blocking, access anywhere) etc.
    In free version you will gate file shield, web shield, tools, software updater and lot more.
    IF you are purchasing for your home PC then you can go with free version it is very good. But if you have very secret or official documents where safety has utmost priority, go for a paid version.

  • I would like to suggest Kaspersky Antivirus. I am using it since 2007. It is affordable and doesn't allow you face problems which might be more if you use other anti-virus software. Kaspersky just heals the virus or remove the virus instead of deleting the .exe file as other antivirus programs do. Second advantage is it does not slow down your PC speed and will run continuously in background without affecting the speed of the computer.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • In my opinion, I consider Quick Heal Anti Virus to a very good anti-virus. Among all the other anti-viruses I've used, I think Quick Heal has been better at weeding out malware and worms from my system. Moreover, if I've had any problems, their support tream has been very responsive and has been quick to solve my problems.

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