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    Which home appliances should not be used when the electricity power supply is flickering?

    Are you worried about fluctuating power supply in your area and want to know which electronic appliances should be kept off when there is fluctuating electrical supply? Follow this thread and read advice by experts, who will guide you as to which electronic appliances should not be used when there is a fluctuating electric supply.

    The electricity power supply in my residential area is fluctuating and my PC is also restarting.

    Please tell me which appliances should be kept in OFF mode while the electricity power supply is flickering.
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  • When there is a voltage fluctuation, some of your electronic appliances may get damages due to electrical surges. When power surges take place for various reasons. These reasons can be internal reasons like starting of electric motors, air conditioners, refrigerators etc., or external reasons like defects in electrical transformers or some of the trees touching on falling on mains etc. These power surges occur due to voltage fluctuations when you see that some of your electrical lights star flickering. For whatever the reasons, the voltage fluctuations occur, they are likely to damage certain of your domestic electrical appliances.

    The electrical appliances which are more likely to suffer from voltage fluctuations are those which contain microprocessors in them. Even 10 volts power fluctuation in them can cause a serious damage. These microprocessors are tiny digital components which are very sensitive to power fluctuations.

    These microprocessors are found in most of domestic appliances like TVs, computers, microwaves, dishwaters, washing machines, refrigerators, printers, faxes, monitors, cordless phones, VCD and DVD players, air conditioners and many other electronic appliances. All these need to be switched off in case of serious power fluctuations and the electrical department supplying power to your home should be informed of the same to rectify the error if it is caused by an external source as described above. We should use voltage stabilizers to protect our costly electronic appliances from these power surges caused due to voltage fluctuation.

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