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    The doorbell of ding dong type is not giving correct sound output. Is it repairable?

    Are you facing a problem with a door bell of your house? Do you find that it is giving sound different than the usual sound? Follow this thread and read expert answers concerning with the problems given by door bells and solutions to solve the problem of door bells.

    I have purchased a ding-dong type of doorbell few years back and now it is not giving the correct output. Instead of giving out the ding-dong output, it just gives out a strike sound.

    I want to know whether it can be repaired or I have to purchase a brand new doorbell.
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  • Before going further I want you to confirm whether you changed the batteries of the bell if they run on them. Also see that all the wiring is clear and good. If problem still persists then the problem may be within the circuitry of the bell. In general a ding-dong bell consists of an electromagnet which is a coil surrounding an iron core. Whenever current flows through this coil it acts as a magnet and attract the iron core towards center and this makes the end of iron core hit a tone bar to make a ding sound. Iron core consists of spring mechanism on other side this makes the core to hit back the other side to make a dong sound. Thus for our circuit to function properly the electromagnet should function properly.

    So, my suggestion would be to take it to any electronic repair shop or to same shop where you bought it and ask him to check the internal connections and also whether spring is working properly.

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