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    How to take Nandroid backups?

    Learn what is Nandroid backup and how to use it. Find out some tips to take a Nandroid backup of your Android phone so that you can recover in case of a system crash.

    I have smart phone with the latest version of Android, which is the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Any case if I lost all the data from my Smart phone like Photos, Phone Book contacts and many other important files. Is it possible to recover in Android phone if possible then how to recover them. Please tell me the procedure if you know.
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  • This is nice question. Nandroid Backup is a almost complete backup of any Android device. In order to have complete backup of any android device, one should have CWM recovery software which can be freely available. Before you start backup you should make sure that your battery power should be more than 50% otherwise you will be in trouble during backing up process. Once you confirm it, you can reboot your phone by 'Quick boot' software and select 'Backup-Storage' option to start back up.

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  • Nandroid is a backup system which reflashes your backed up system with all installed apps. This will help us to regain our important notes and data's which losted un intentionally. While doing nandroid back up some extra care should be needed. First of all I am dealing with the memory. This process will also back up the contents in your SD card so it should be checked that your SD card is having enough disk space which can back up all the informations and data's. For the easiest nandroid back up performence is to use ROM manager. It is a free software and you will get it from Android market. It can be used for scheduling process while doing the recovery process. While dealing with the Nandroid back up process first of all you should have to boot you phone in to recovery. In case if you dont know how to boot then it can be performed by using ROM manager which you have already installed. Scroll down to Nandroid or back up and restore and click on it. Wait patiently to complete the back up process. After the back up process you're done and your entire data's will be available in your phone and micro SD card.

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  • Member, Here is the best and a simple way to take Nanroid backup.

    Performing Nanroid Backup
    1. Turn off your phone.
    2. Hold down Home button | press power button to boot Recovery Mode
    3. Press Alt+Tab to start the backup
    4. Once the backup is done, press Home+Back buttons

    After the above steps, your phone will reboot and then will load the OS. At that points you should or you must copy the backup files to your system (PC or laptop) in case you want to recover your phone.

    Copying the Backup files to PC
    1. Just mount your micro SD card to the system
    2. Exploring your SD card, change to nandroid/HT840GZ30985
    3. Inside that folder, you will be seeing another folder. The first 8 digits of this folder name which you see is the date of its creation in YYYYMMDD format and the last four digits are the time.
    4. All you have to is to copy the entire folder to your PC and save it.

    That's it. While if you are going to take more backups, repeat the steps. Have fun!

  • The procedure given above by turning off the smartphone and then rebooting it to the recovery mode will involve a lot of time. In this process, you need to keep your phone offline for a considerable time and in the meanwhile you might miss a few important calls and may be some important messages too.

    Let us now see a very fast and easy method. We need to use a simple app to take a complete ROM backup. You need not even switch off your phone. You can save 50 to 60 per cent of your time by using this method. All you need to do is to go to Google Play Store and download a free app developed by Ameer Dawood. The main purpose his developing this app is to save the time of the users from rebooting the system and entering the recovery mode. So, first install the two apps called Online Nandroid and BusyBox Installer.

    The first app takes Nandroid backups while you are online. This helps to avoid rebooting and getting into recovery mode. This app backs up the partitions like boot, recovery, system, data, cache, cache data, dalvik cache, android secure, sd-text, Appslog and any other such partitions which might be on your phone. Remember that the format of the date used for the folder name will be the same used by CWM. CWM recovery will safely restore the Nandroid back-ups with the app Online Nandroid.

    First start the BusyBox and update the version from the internet. This is a must step because once you run the Online Android app, it will detect the BusyBox version and will exit if the BusyBox version is not updated. As a matter of fact, Online Android is a script with graphical user interface running in the background to take the backups. The user needs to install this script initially and then the Online Nandroid will automatically perform this job. If you do not have the script the Online Nandroid app will prompt you to download one and you have to click 'Yes' from the dialogue box that will appear. The app will download and install the latest version of the script at the required location. The user is now ready for a Nandroid without rebooting.

    Select the name format of your backups on the Online Nandroid screen. Preferably use the custom name since you can add the ROM name, date and time as per your choice. Now select from the custom name and click the 'Start Backup' button. Confirm the action on the next screen. A new screen will prompt you to enter the custom name of your backup. Fill up your requirements and click on 'OK' button. The backup will now start instantly and you can see the process on the screen. The entire process will not take more than 5-10 minutes depending on the speed of your phone and the type of ROM. Finally, the backups will be stored in the folder '/SDCARD/ClockWorkMod/Backup//'. Anytime you can safely restore the backup using the recovery mode.

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