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    How to modify AdSense Ad code without violating Google policies

    Are you looking for tips to improve AdSense ad code to improve performance and get better revenue? Learn how to modify AdSense ad code to improve CPC, CTR and overall revenue,.

    I read in some forums that Google now allows modifying Adsense Ad code. Please tell me what kind of modifications are possible to improve performance and revenue without violating AdSense policies? Is there any custom service available, which I can use to improve my ad code to make better revenue?
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  • Until recently, it was strictly against Google policies to modify AdSense ad code in any ways. Publishers were allowed to generate ad code from the AdSense account and use it as it is. If any customizations were required, publishers had to use the available options in the account itself instead of making any manual changes in the ad code.

    Today, Google has come up with an announcement that modification of Ad code is allowed but with conditions. We can modify the ad code to improve the loading speed of the page, test different options, improve user experience etc. In any case, we are not allowed to modify it to improve the CTR or revenue.

    Read more about the Google program policies here:

    Here is the official announcement regarding the policy changes.

  • It is true that now Google allows modifying Google Adsense Ad code but has also made strict policies for modifying the Google ads. Google Adsense program policies do not permit any alteration to AdSense code which artificially inflates ad performance or harms advertiser conversions.The users can use to improve their ad code to make better revenue and the users need to keep the following given below rules and policies of Google Adsense in mind during the modification of Google ads. The rules and policies of modifying Google Adsense ads are given below or here are some techniques you'll want to avoid -
    1) First of all, hiding ad units at anytime or for example to display none
    2) Secondly, you need to implement AdSense ad code in such a way that should cover the content of your website
    3) You also need to avoid using any means to force the display of more than three AdSense ad units on a page
    4) The users also try to avoid the disturbing ads in software or email.
    5) The users cannot modify the ads in such a way that slide to attract unwarranted attention
    6) You cannot use the methods to manipulate the ad targeting using hidden keywords
    In general, the Google Adsense policies recommend the users to coping and pasting the ad code to their website. But for the modification of the Adsense codes the users need to follow the above points.

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