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    How to generate and convert videos for YouTube?

    Are you thinking of uploading your videos on YouTube? Do you want to know if you can use Windows Movie Maker or any other movie making and editing devices to make videos to upload on YouTube? Do you want to associate your existing Google AdSense account to monetize your YouTube videos to earn money? Follow this thread to read expert answers to your questions on making and uploading your videos on YouTube.

    I have my approved Google AdSense and want to upload some videos for benefits of others. I want to use Windows Movie Maker and other screen recording software for video making. What are the other video making source which can be helpful to generate videos so that I can upload it to YouTube?
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  • Your question has five parts. One is, you want to create videos for uploading on YouTube. Second is that you want to edit the videos you have created to restructure your videos or enhance them by using a video editor. The third is to convert your files in some other formats like PowerPoint to video format before you upload them on YouTube. The fourth is uploading your videos on YouTube and the fifth is monetizing your videos by associating your existing Google AdSense account with YouTube. Let us look at the answers to these questions one by one.

    You can create your videos by using your video camera or even your smartphone which has capabilities of video recording. I usually create videos by using my camcorder. I have created some even using my recently bought Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. I also convert my PowerPoint presentations to videos by using Wondershare PPt to Video converter. This way I have uploaded about 494 videos which have got over 1,54,734 views as on today. So, this answers your questions as to how to create videos. I advise you to create videos of short duration of 1 minute to 3 minutes. In this case, you won't even need a video editor like Movie Maker, Ulead Studio or Video Pad video editor, unless to you want to make some more enhancements to your videos. These software can edit your videos already created by you using video cameras. The modern days camcorders are such that you can directly upload the video file created by your camcorder or smartphone on YouTube. There will be a need of video editor if you want to split your files into small parts or give some other enhancement features.

    Once you have uploaded your videos, you can monetize them by associating your Google AdSense account with your YouTube Publisher's account, once you have enough number of views to monetize your videos.

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  • Creating/ Designing/ Working out with a Video
    Windows movie maker itself is sufficient to create videos of your choice. It is easy to use and offers option to upload it directly into your Youtube account. Since you asked an alternative, I would like to suggest you Corel Video Studio. I used it personally and it has a lot of inbuilt templates, which helps us to create our video in minutes, particularly when we are working out with videos by assembling photos or presentations. This software itself as all the features for editing the video and refining it for perfect view in Youtube.
    Reducing Size of the video
    Once you create a video with Windows movie maker or Corel Video studio, the output video obtained will be of huge size and it usually takes more time to upload in Youtube. If you are uploading as it is, then keep in mind you are wasting your precious time and data usage (even though it is free). For reducing the size, use iSoft Video Converter (I am using it still now), the simple thing you need to do is to change the format to flv without changing any of the aspect ratios. After converting, the size of the file will be reduced remarkably and it creates a convenient room for uploading in no time.

    Try Screen Capturing software's
    If you like to create a video about how to use a software or how to use a website, instead of catching the video with camera, use a screen capturing software to record all your activities in the screen, after capturing convert as said above and upload as usual. Remember you need to have your microphone for recording your voice and correlate with the video.

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