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  • What is firewall? Briefly explain about how it works.

    Are you thinking of protecting your computer against security threats? Do you want to know about Firewall protection to your computer? Do you want to know the working of the Firewall? Follow this thread and read expert answers to know all about Firewall and how it works.

    We use various types of software which are downloaded from internet. These types of software may be harmful for our system. We use the Firewall tools for security reasons. So, I want to know about details of firewall. My question What is firewall? Briefly explain about how it works.
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  • Firewall, a piece of software that works similar to a watchman at the gate. It checks the information coming from the web and either allows or blocks it. And its working completely depends on the settings made by the user. Don't think that enabling firewall can make you secure. There are some tasks that cannot be accomplished by a firewall and they are email viruses and phishing. Because firewall cannot scan the information present in your emails, it cannot safeguard you from those attacks.

  • The firewall is kind of protecter to your personal computer so that it can save us from various kind of threats such as big threat from hackers,virus,malware and many more kind of threats.

    The brief explanation to this topic is-
    When our computer is connected to the internet,there is most of the possibility of data transfer.And also when we are chatting with another person our firewall protect use from various people to from look at our conversation.

    It is said that the firewall comes with anti-virus so that we can get maximum protection from online threat.If we go in deeper conversation of topic firewall.there are mostly default firewall that stops our in and out traffic.

    And there also Hardware firewall and Software firewall.

    Hardware firewall is basically an router or modem.

    Software firewall are the software that we install in our computer.It also helps us when we are playing games online,or downloading movies,songs and other kinds of things from the internet.That is why,software firewalls must be coupled with good antivirus and malware protection.

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