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  • Which is best among Intel and AMD processors?

    Are you thinking of buying a computer or a laptop? Are you confused whether you should buy a system with an Intel processor or an AMD processor? Do you want to know the pros and cons of Intel and AMD processors? Follow this thread and read expert answers relating to the comparative performance of Intel and AMD processors.

    Which is the best processor among Intel and AMD and Why? What is the basic difference between these two processing units. Also compare them in respect of processing speed, heating as well as multitasking?
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  • Lets first discuss in the terms of performance and speed, in the case of AMD processors under heavy multimedia heavy load circumstances their second generation processors of FX series give a much better performance over their predecessors. But on the other hand their first generation Bulldozer processors have claimed much hype but were not up to their mark so if these newly arrived Pile driver processors live up to their declared standards then these micro architecture in AMD would try to be atleast in level with Intel's Ivy Bridge.

    In case of Intel's processors a speculation have been created that its Ivy Bridge would far excel Sandy Bridge on the whole atleast by 20%, including its overall processing speed so, now this might give tough competition to the AMD's Pile driver processors.

    Now coming to the cooling factor AMD processors were flagrant for getting up heated very much faster under much intense and heavy burden conditions. But there has been a speculation that these second generation Bulldozers can look over these over heating issues, where as Intel processors can run cooler for longer duration also.

    In case of power consumption AMD processors are much less efficient than the Intel processors, though AMD processors do claim that there latest Piledriver processors's energy levels have been brought down in par with the Intel's processors. Intel processors are much efficient and energy efficiency has been one of the greatest backbone in this competitive market

    Finally a clear decision cannot be taken on which is the best since some features are better over the other but as of now Intel has taken the charge in leading the market.

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