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    Which is the best coil heater?

    Are you thinking of buying a coil heater for water heating needs of your house? Do you want to know the different makes of coil heaters and their comparative prices in the market? Follow this thread and read answers by our experts who will help you to buy some of the best coil heaters in the market giving their make and comparative prices.

    Coil heaters are used to heat-up water. There are different coil heaters with different price range. I would like to know the list of manufacturers for this product with its price tag. Which will be the best one from the list. Can you give information regarding this product?
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  • From my personal experience Bajaj coil heater is the best and the most reliable. Depending upon the plug point you are using, its load capacity and earthing, you should select the one with the capacity.

    Last three months we have been using the one with 1500 watt and the price was 1500/-

    But one thing is to be added that if you are buying from a very established outlet, the price may go up.

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