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    How to select capacity of solar panels

    Are you thinking of installing a solar power system for the electrical power needs of your house, which is about 1000 watts? Do you want help in selection of solar panels suitable to the requirements of your house? Follow this thread and read expert advice on selection and installation of solar power system, which can supply about 1000 watts of power needed by your house.

    I want to install solar power system for my house. Can anyone tell how to proceed in selection of the solar panels, their type and capacity of solar panels and also the number of panels to be purchased. Please give some details on how to select the solar panels and any other equipment required for installation of solar panel system. The approximate load in my house is 1000 watts (fans, and lights etc.)
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  • You will need a 1 Kwp (kilowatt) Solar Power pack which will consist of 4 nos of 250Wp Poly/Multicrystalline solar panels, a 1Kv capacity solar inverter and 2 x 12V 120Ah Solar Tubular Battery pack.

    This is if you are already grid connected (have electricity supply) and your load is 1000 Watt as you mention. Also you need to take into consideration the number of hour you want to use the system. The above will give you sufficient power to last 4-5 hours max when you use 1 fan, 2 tubelights and a TV set for example. Then gradually you need to keep reducing or moderating the load by switching off what you don't need to make the power last longer.

    To make up for low sunshine days and monsoons when the charging takes more time, you will better need some redundancy and increase the solar pack to 1.25KWp or still better 1.5KWp.

    In case you want to go totally off grid, you need to add a few more panels and increase the battery bank so that you can have enough power through the day and at night.

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