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    How does Bluetooth headset work?

    Are you thinking of buying a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone? Do you want to know how a Bluetooth headset works? Do you want to know the cost of a Bluetooth headset for your smartphone? Follow this thread and read advice by our experts who will guide you in buying a new Bluetooth headset for your smartphone and read some tips for buying a new Bluetooth headset.

    I want to know how does Bluetooth headset work and what is the working principle of it? How much Bluetooth headset costs if I want to buy for my Samsung Wave 525 phone? What are the things to be considered while purchasing new Bluetooth headset?
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  • Bluetooth handset is a device used to communicate between mobile devices within a short range. Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to connect the devices for sharing files. You have to synchronize your device (headset) with the another device which should also be Bluetooth enabled. If your transfer a file or some data, they are divided into packets and transmitted over the Bluetooth channels at different frequencies the data is carried through Bluetooth signals with the help of these protocols.

  • Bluetooth is a wireless technology which is used for transferring data over short distances (10 m) from mobile and fixed devices. Bluetooth headsets are usually small, light weighted and easy to use. While using it with mobile it can provide upto five hours of talk time and more than 100 hours of standby time. Bluetooth Headset helps to make a wireless connection between the Bluetooth enabled mobiles and the headset. This helps the user to use the mobile without wires.

    How does Bluetooth Headset works?
    The anchor of Bluetooth technology is PAN (Personal Area Network) which creates a short range network that is obtainable by all devices using Bluetooth protocol.
    The Bluetooth headset needs an initial connection to work with specific devices. The process of creating a connection between Headset and a device which is able to get Bluetooth information is called "Syncing". If you sync your headset then an invisible link will be created between your headset and the other device. Now the Bluetooth transmits the information that it gets to sync devices.
    The Bluetooth device uses low power radio transmissions and Ultra-high frequency bands to emit signal. So this makes the communication with other devices over short distances. It communicates by sending and processing the signals at physical level and protocol level. The signal which is emitted by Bluetooth device is of high radio frequency level, so that the Bluetooth signal will not be interfered with other low frequency radio transmissions like TV, Radio signals.
    Using a Bluetooth headset the user can enjoy wireless experience than using wired headsets, however the Bluetooth connection is not always safe and secure for data transmissions. The reason is that the transmissions are made in open; some of the persons with malicious intentions can eavesdrop. So the user should turn off Bluetooth device when not in use. Also we can use the security feature which asks pass code to access the device.

    The price range of Bluetooth headset for your mobile model Samsung Wave 525 starts from Rs 1000.

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