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    Mixer Grinder not working what is the problem?

    Have you ever faced a problem of your mixer grinder getting heated up due to prolonged operation and stopped working? Do you want to know how much time would it take to repair the mixer grinder and what will be the cost of repairs? Follow this thread and read answers relating to non-working of mixer grinders due to overheating of its motor and its repairs.

    The mixer grinder is of local brand and its motor is of 500 Watts. The device has functioned for about 2 years and now suddenly it stopped working. This mixer was used for more than 30 minutes. Due to summer season and its prolonged operation, it got heated up and stopped working.

    Is the motor winding of mixer grinder melted due to increased temperature? Please tell me what will be the cost of repairing this mixer and how many will be required to remove this type of error.
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  • I am sorry about your problem and as you used it for long despite being a local one, it heated up which resulted in burning of its motor. So, please don't repair it yourself, just take it to an electrician and he will repair it and most probably change its motor. As per the average repair costs, it will cost you around 200 Rs and the electrician will take 50-100 Rs as his fees.

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