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    How to start a blog and earn from the blog?

    Are you new to blog writing? Do you want to know how to start a new blog and how one earns money from AdSense by writing blogs? Follow this thread and read answers by Experts to know step by step instructions to write blogs even when you are a beginner. Also read how Google AdSense works with regard to blogs.

    I want to start a new blog and earn from the blog writing. But I have no idea of how to start it and also I dont know how we will get earnings from blogs. I want some details about how AdSense works for blogs. I want to get some idea regarding the blog writing. I am a beginner in this. Experts, please give some ideas and suggestions regarding the blog writing.
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  • To start a blog is it not that difficult. Just login to your Gmail account and in the next window of the same browser you should type and you will be directed to the Google's free blogging portal. Just follow the instructions and your blog will be created for free and in no time.

    So now you have to create several blog posts and it is the time where you should think about your areas of interest. Just ask yourself, which topic you like the most and how much information you can create or write about that topic. If you have a topic of your interest then it will not be difficult for you to create several blog posts within a short period of time. Remember you will have less information but don't worry, use Google search to get more information and read several books as well. In this way, you have to create several blog posts and upon completion of 6 months Google will decide whether you are eligible or not for the Google Adsense account.

    Once Google, approves your account your earnings will start only when you add the Adsense Gadget to your blog post. The next condition is that your blog should have lot of visitors and depending on your blogs traffic; your Google Adsense earnings will be accumulated. Once they reach towards a threshold of USD$ 100/- then you get a cheque delivered at your home address and that too in local currency. Then your job is to just drop that cheque in to your bank account and within 4 to 10 days you will get the cash in your bank's account.

    Now as you said that you are a beginner, I would suggest you to register at (ISC) and contribute in forum and articles section. After you spend your first week in forum section, you will learn how to write and present information in text format. In this way, you should also take part in competitions that are organized on ISC from time to time. The benefit of participating in such contests is that you create articles within a stipulated time frame. Also you get to read the articles written by other contestants which obviously help you to learn more on how to write articles. In this way you will come to know your skill set and area of interest and it will be easier for you to start your own blogging portal.

    At last I would say that earning from Google Adsense is not easy and it needs lot of hard work. You will have to put your efforts in creating several blog posts and then only you should dream of earning handsome revenue from Google.

    It is a long journey, but once you get used to it you will surely enjoy the journey even if you don't earn big revenue from Google.

  • First of all, you need to create a blog. You can make yours on Blogger or WordPress. I suggest you choose Blogger as it is a user-friendly platform for blogger enthusiasts. I am also using it]. After you have made a successful blog, make a great first impression with a great blog theme. Now is the time for that all important first post. Post and share it with your family and friends (via email or any other medium). Get feedback from them and start your blogging journey today.

    To earn through a blog is easy to buy a bit complicated. First off all you must have crossed about 6 months in running your blog and then, below are some ways to earn from blogging very online:

    1. Affiliate Marketing (promote best product ads on your blog).
    2. Google AdSense.
    3. Text-Link-Ads.
    4. Kontera advertising.

  • It is an easy process to start a blog and earn money from blog contribution. Yes, you just need to open a Gmail account, if you have already Gmail account then no issue - you can go to wherein it will ask you to create a blog option, click on it and then you will be guided accordingly.

    Try to give a name for your blog and select the theme and proceed per the next general guideline. Once you created your blog name like you may then start to blog or post as you like to do so. You can post at least two to five articles with good keywords and the best title which can help you to fetch the traffic that will help you at present and in the future. Do not copy and paste the article or summary which will put you in trouble for copyright issue etc. whatever you know about the education, technology, travel and so on, you try to create blog name accordingly first, you may then post article accordingly.

    Listen, make sure that your contribution to your blog is daily, use hot topic to attract the online visitors and make sure quality works which will help you to get Google Adsense account or Kontera a/c or Chitika and so on. There are few other ads company like infolinks and so on where you can become member and add their code to your blog to show their ads where you can earn from it.


  • What is a blog?
    The actual meaning of blog is a page that can be used as web log. There are several kinds of blogs found in these days; some of them are personal blogs, media blogs, corporate blogs, micro blogs (Facebook and Tumblr) etc.

    Some of the famous blog software companies are: Movable Type, Gawker, WordPress, Crowd Fusion, Drupal, and Google's Blogspot/Blogger. WordPress is the highest popular blogging company in the world; which is a free and open source blogging system. It has many easiest methods of practices that any computer illiterate can use and make his blog very easily. Google's Blogspot/Blogger is too having many easy template and tools to create a personal and business blogs.

    Even though WordPress is the number one blogging system and content management system in the world; but I prefer to go for Google's Blogger; which is very cheap and best for new users. The benefit of using Blogger is you'll get various free gadgets that can be used easily just reading about their methods of use. In addition, it'll be easy to get the AdSense account from Google; as it is a product of Google itself. However, you need to post good search engine optimized articles or contents which are highly searched on the net.

    How to create a blog?
    If you want to create blog from Google's Blogspot or blogger then just logon to your Google' account and click on the Blogger/ There you'll see an option as 'New Blog' in left hand side. Click on that you'll see a popup box to give your blog name, blog address, and select one template; then submit the 'Create Blog!' button. If your given address for the blog is available then it will create a new blog; or else you've to give another name which is available in

    Now your blog is ready; you just need to create new posts. Creating new posts in blogger is very as we do in Ms-Word or WordPad. You can write the content in WordPad or Ms-word and paste in the content box of new post; where you can modify the content with the help of various tools. In your post you can add images and insert videos directly from your computer or from YouTube.

    How to apply for AdSense Account through Blog?
    Before going to apply for AdSense you need to go through various practices; which I'm sharing here shortly.
    1. Write contents your own (not copied from any other source/media), good English with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) keywords;
    2. Try to post at least one article in a week and share them with your friends through various social networking sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Technorati, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.
    3. Keep tracking your posts and see which type of contents are highly read and searched by the users. It can be tracked in blogger dashboard from 'Stats' menu. There you can see the traffic source, your audience to your posts, number of page views etc. After knowing the most visited sites and keywords used, try posting such relevant, fresh and SEOptimized contents to get huge traffic and AdSense approval very easily.

    After getting huge traffic, you can apply for AdSense; which is better to get approval easily/quickly without any deny from Google. Visit: to apply for AdSense.

    # Blogging is just like an ocean; even an expert can also reach its one side and found which the origin is and which the end is. It is an endless subject; which needs knowledge, practice and experience.

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    Editor -

  • Basic things to be followed in creating a Blog
    • Choose the right domain name which is important to your blog
    • Host your website on the Internet
    • Change your domain name server
    • Make changes in your Blog setup
    • Create a page which tells about you

    Optimization of your Blog
    • Make difference in the WordPress theme
    • Choose the indispensable WordPress Plug-ins
    • Google tools are the best blogging friends
    • Check the browser compatibility

    Concentration on SEO
    • Submit to Google
    • Don't ignore permalink structure
    • Write for both the readers and search engines
    • Create robot.txt file
    • Create a sitemap
    • Update Ping list

    Some of the Ping services are
    Promoting the Blog
    • Blog Commenting
    • Article Marketing
    • Guest Blogging
    • Use of Social Sites
    • Forum Marketing

    Making money through Online
    • Google Adsense
    • Affiliate Sales
    • Sponsored reviews
    • Freelance services
    • Private advertising

  • When learning the blogging basics, a soon-to-be blogger will realize that starting a website or a blog is relatively easy.

    However, accomplishing something for that blog can be a little difficult. One of the biggest problems when thinking of making a website is to design how the site will look and the kind of information it will provide. Apart from that, it is also important to consider the various functions it will fulfill. If it is formulated for business purposes, then the design should be professionally made. Hiring a designer is a good idea. The cost may be high but it is worth it in the end.

    If you are trying to make a website for personal use, you will still have to know at least the blogging basics. The most important thing is that your personal website should fulfill the goals you have set out. Therefore, it is essential that you plan first before starting a website. This is especially important if you have little experience in this field. With right planning, you can easily figure out how to fulfill your goals. In this way, it will appear to be well-designed and the information provided is well-organized.

    Whether you are putting a professional or personal blog, you can monetize it. Many website owners are looking into the blogging basics and learn how to generate an income from their sites.

    There are different ways to make some money from your blog or website:

    • Donation: A lot of bloggers are adding a "donation" button on their blogs. You can also do this to ask your reader to make a donation to keep your website alive and running. Once the button is clicked, it will lead to another website where your reader can make his/her donation.

    • Reviews: Making reviews is another way to make money through your blog. It is one of the blogging basics that you might want to know to generate income by reviewing products, businesses, or events. Your reviews will be posted through your blog.

    • eBooks: Apart from writing reviews, you can also earn through your blog by writing a useful eBook. But make sure that the topic is something that you are expert at. eBooks will be sold exclusively at your website just for your readers. It is also a great way to increase traffic to your website.

    Making money out of blogging may sound like a scam. This is especially true for anyone who does not know where and how to start. Familiarizing yourself with the blogging basics allows you to make a living out of your website. But, in order to be successful in it, you have to conduct a thorough research and plan it out before start to make a blog or a website.

  • You can either start a blog on your own domain OR on free blogging platform.

    If you decide to start a blog on your own domain you need to pay for the domain (around $10) and hosting (around $10 per month).

    Feel free to start a free blog on:

    They are all free and "work" like any other blogs.

    Now, about the money. There are several ways to earn money through blogging. Here are few examples:

    Clickbank, CJ
    Selling Adspace
    Selling your own products
    CPA offers

    .. and so on.

    I would suggest you to start a blog and once you have the basics knowledge then start to think about the earning methods.

    Good luck!

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