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    Can we use two different AdSense account ads on one site?

    Are you thinking of using two different AdSense account ads on a single site? Is it against Google AdSense terms and conditions? Follow this thread and read answers by experts to these questions. Know whether it is possible to use two different AdSense account ads on your single website.

    I want to start a website in partnership mode. My partner and myself have approved AdSense accounts. Can I use both AdSense account ads on a single site. If so what is the procedure to do it. Do I need to contact Google for this. Please let me know if it is against Google AdSense terms and conditions. If a new partner, wants to join with us, and havent AdSense account. Can he apply to AdSense through our site? What are the procedures to display two different AdSense account on same site?
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  • Yes, you can use two different Adsense account ads on single website. For this you need to manually add the code to your website. I tried this with my friend in Blogger. There I am the owner of the blog and so it ask me the access of another user. If I approve it another account can place their ads in my site. I have given the steps to manually generate the Adsense code below.

    1. Go to Adsense account and click on My ads tab.
    2. Click New ad unit, this will direct you to create new ad unit page. Here you can modify the ads and color you need.
    3. After you create the you will have option to get code.
    4. By clicking on the get code you can see the second line 'google_ad_client="ca-pub-your pub id". There you can use others pub id to generate revenue for another user.

    By this you can add up to six ad in a site. According to Adsense policies you can add only 3 ads in a site. As you are using two account you can use 3+3 ads. But if Google find that you are using 6 ads in your site, they penalize you. So follow the Google policies correctly to earn more. - removed by admin since this is wrong information.

  • What I am aware is that using more than one Adsense account (for two different members a/c) in an individual site is against Adsense Policy unless it is an API Revenue sharing site. To get an API Revenue sharing site that particular site has to meet the terms and condition of the Google Adsense.

    As above said by another author/member, it is possible to do so and I am not sure it has any issue against Adsense Policy.


  • @Mukhtar
    This doesn't violates Google Adsense policy. According to the policy you can place 3 ads in your website and it didn't pointed about the user. Also Techulator follows the same method as I mentioned. Google doesn't commented about two different AdSense account ads on one site. This means you have freedom to have adsense ads from multiple user, again at a time display only 3 ads.

  • This has been a confusing subject for a while. And the reason for confusion is, in the past, Google did not allow using Ads from more than one AdSense account at the same time in the same page. Even though Ads from multiple publishers were allowed in a site, only one publisher ad was allowed at the same time in a page.

    However, that rule is no longer in the Google AdSense policies. Since that restriction is no longer mentioned in the Google AdSense policies, we can use more than 1 pulisher ads at the same in the same page. Read more details here.

    However, you cannot use more than 3 content ad units per page, unless you have a written permission from Google ( uses 4 content ad units in each page with special permission).

    Also, sites/pages using Google AdSense APIs may not be allowed to use more than one publisher at the same time due to the restrictions in the API system.

  • Yes, you can use two different AdSense account ads in your website. But only three AdSense enabled units can be placed at a time. So, if you place more than 3 ads, its against the Google AdSense policy. Only you can place three AdSense enabled units, three Search units and two Search boxes on a website.

  • The question posed by you is a bit complicated and twisting. I also have a AdSense activated blog but have never thought about to place multiple AdSense account ads on that. Meanwhile, I went through many forums and have come with the summary of them.

    Yes! one can associate 2 AdSense accounts to a single website and mot only this; on can even place ads on the page he/she wants to.

    Note that whether you have one or multi- AdSense accounts' hosted website, the maximum number of ads to show on a page are 2 search boxes, 3 ad units and 3 ad links.

    If you want more details regarding the policies and term of AdSense regarding this matter, please walk through the reference link.

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