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    Can I use AdSense on an MP3 music download site?

    Are you worried if AdSense is allowed on MP3 and music download sites? Learn the Google policies regarding AdSense on MP3 download sites.

    I would like to know if I can use Google AdSense Ads on a page that offer MP3 music for downloading. I do not own the copyrights of those files, but I will be showing MP3 files as search results and will be linked to other sites that actually host the files. I do not host any MP3 files. I am not sure if the other sites have the copyrights but that is their legal responsibility, right? Should I worry if they have the legal rights or not? Can I use AdSense on my sites which simply link to other MP3 download sites?
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  • As per Google AdSense policies, you can use AdSense Ads on MP3 downlaod sites, provided you have the necessary legal rights and copyrights for the files hosted/distributed by you. But think again - do you really have all the rights? Simply taking MP3 files from the web and hosting it on your site will not make you the legal owner of such content.

    Also, even if you do not host the files, just linking to illegal downloads itself is promoting piracy and violation of copyrights in many countries. Google AdSense terms and conditions will not allow you to use AdSense on sites that link to illegal music, video, MP3 downloads.

    Unless you represent a big channel that has the (expensive) legal rights of the downloadable music files, you may end up with trouble with AdSense. It is better to keep AdSense and MP3 downloads away from each other to keep your account safe and in good standing. But if you have all legal copyrights and you are absolutely sure about it, go ahead with it. AdSense on MP3 downloads could give you good money.

  • If you have legal rights of that MP3 musics which you give for download to your website user the answer is yes

    If you do not have legal rights of that MP3 musics which you give for download to your website user the answer is No

    The result of putting adsense on such website is against the Google Adsense Policy You cannot put ads where there is copyright products are placed and you do not have legal rights of that product.

    I advice to remove Ads or your Adsense account will get banned

  • As per your statement you are not legally owner for the MP3 and site but you are trying to promote their site by just giving link to other site. This is also against the Adsense policy, for safer side - you can avoid it and you can associate your Adsense account only if you are legal owner of the MP3 and its site.


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