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    What is the Google Now Service?

    You can find answers in detail about Google Now Service - the play store application of Google.

    Google play store has many applications some of which are free and some are paid. I recently came to know that Google has released Google Now Service. I like to know details about the Google Now service and how can I avail it. Is is free to access? Please provide your answer here.
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  • Google Now, the tag line says it all "The right information at just the right time". This is what Google is trying to bring up. The main idea behind Google Now is to make some personal assistant kind of thing which can take decisions and provide us the information we need. So obviously It is an intelligent PA (Personal Assistant) developed by Google Inc. For now it is available within the Google Search mobile application for the Android and iOS.

    It is actually cool idea and I personally like it very much. Generally we people use internet or some social network sites to get information. Suppose, If I want to know current score of the match's being played with India. Definitively I'll have to access some sport site or channel which can update me about. If I want to know my schedule, I'm supposed to check my note or diary. If I want to fly for other city, I'm supposed en-query about the flight. For weather updates, I'm supposed to use some apps or channels. There are many things in our day to life. Google has sorted it all, Google Now is the cool tool and one solution for multiple tasks and activities around us.

    Google Now updates you with the breaking news, attractive places near you, restaurant near you, traffic updates, flight traffic and details, bus/train arrival and departure, current weather updates etc. This is really something cool, It is just a package of all the solution and information we need. It is available for both the top most mobile OS of the world. Android and iOS(iPhone and iPad). And it is FREE.

    Android fans can get it from Google Play where as iOS fans can get it from the AppStore. For now it is free, Go give a try. You can experience a fast and easy search experience with Google Now. Google Now has been designed to recommend you similar or most appropriate info or details. It uses a natural language user interface to answer questions and based up on your data it makes recommendations for you. It simply represents the exact meaning of "The right information at just the right time".

    "People says 143. I say 444 i.e. Love Your Life"

  • Google now is another service from google that aids the user to make his searches and gathering information easier. Initially google now was available only on higher android versions when it was launched but now its available for iPhone users as well. It can be downloaded from google play and appstore.

    In google now,information is displayed in cards and utilizing your search history and other google account details it predicts the kind of news you would like to be brought to you without maybe you asking for it, though google now offers to take voice commands. It could have been developed to give Siri a competitor according to many. Be it weather, traffic ,directions or flight timings you get them just when you need them

    As we know SEO has been influencing the blog world to a remarkable extent, the arrival of google now can alter the pattern by specifically bringing in what the user needs.

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