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    How to make website with Dreamweaver.

    Are you thinking of creating a website using Adobe Dreamweaver and HTML5? Do you want to know the step by step procedure to create a website by using these tools starting with from choosing your product, linking your files finally viewing the result of your code Dreamwaver? Follow this thread and read answers by experts on how to create a website step by step, using Adobe Dreamwaver and HTML5.

    I want to create website in HTML5 using Dreamweaver. Please explain step by step procedure to create website with Adobe Dreamweaver and HTML5. I want step by step answer. Please do not post general knowledge about Dreamweaver, Websites and other platforms. I do not want other options to be explained but I am looking for answer starting from choosing project type and how to link files in different projects?
    Also please explain how can I view the result of my code Dreamweaver?
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  • To make a website of your own you need the following:

    1) Tools
    - A running computer with Photoshop or any image editor installed of your choice.
    - Dreamweaver and an FTP client
    - A high speed internet connection
    - An email address
    - A camera to upload original images

    2) Basic skills
    - You need to have a basic knowledge of computer and the internet
    - In most cases Dreamweaver doesn't ask for any coding knowledge.
    - A design of your choice
    - A little bit of knowledge on Photoshop , paint, .NET or GIMP.

    3) a Well-made Website Plan
    -Here you have to design a website clinging on to simplicity, where navigation should be as easy as possible with useful links.

    4) Choosing the Color scheme, fonts and images
    - Though it can be entirely of your choice, the main focus should be on readability, neatness, soothing effect and sleek in disposition.

    5) Start your editing and site management program.

    Now, go to site > Select> New site>click it.
    There set your local root folder to the folder that you have made and set your default images folder to the one which you have made to store your basic design.

    From now onward, every image and other file would be associated with the pages in your site and they will be stored in these folders.

    6) Creating the Index page
    Create an index page in your root folder, where you would store the content and design of the home page.

    7) Setting up hosting and FTP
    After you get the hosting for your site, Open the site pane and select the edit, choose remote info and feed your info in the setup fields.

    8) Uploading the site
    There will be a prompt "do you wish to put the entire site?" select "yes" let it do the work itself.

    Once it is done, it will take about ten minutes for your site to be visible on the servers, though sometimes it may take longer.

    Other smaller changes would be available with plug ins and other options, which you can go on adding as per your choice and necessity.

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