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    How to select a proper Charge Controller for a Solar System?

    Are you thinking of installing a solar power system in your house and want to know about selection of correct charge controller of best rating for installing a solar power system? Read answers by experts about selection of some of the best rated correct charge controllers for installation needs of solar power system in your house.

    I would like to know how to select a correct charge controller for installing a solar power system in my house. I want to install 400 Watts of solar panels ( 4 Nos., of 100 Watts solar panels) and would like to know what is the rating of the charge controller that I should select. I have a battery of 150 Ah capacity in my house.
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  • Solar charge controllers controls solar inverter system as well as PV hybrid systems. It cost around 10 percent of whole solar system. Solar charge controller regulates overall energy flow.

    The main function of solar charge controller is to protect battery from low voltage disconnection, high voltage disconnection and over charging.

    As per your requirements you want to install 4 solar panels of 100 watts with 150 Ah battery but you have not mentioned volts.

    So I like to show some 12 V Solar charge controllers which will help you out.

    1. Luminous 12 V solar Charge Comtroller
    2.Phocos LCC 4A 12V Solar Charge Controller
    3.Phocos CA 8A 12V Solar Charge Controller
    4.Schneider 40A 12/24/48V Solar Charge Controller
    5.Schneider 60A 12/24/48V Solar Charge Controller
    6.Schneider 35A 12/24V Solar Charge Controller
    7.Phocos 40A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller

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