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    How to select the capacity of a charge controller unit for a solar power system

    Are you looking for how to select the capacity of a charge controller unit for a solar power system? Follow this thread and get your queries solved.

    Most of you may be knowing about solar power. It is the only alternative energy available now a days in these days of huge power cuts. Solar energy is the only natural source of power available. The charge controller is one device which controls and prevents battery from over charging. This extends battery life and reduce maintenance.

    I would like to know how to select a charge controller and its capacity for the requirement.
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  • First of all you should know that there are two types of charge controller available (1) PWM (Pulse Width Modulation ) (2) MPPT (Maximum Power Point tracking)

    MPPT is better then PWM. You can connect more no of panel in series also for high voltage and with lower ampere and hence small size wire with improved battery life.
    For quick and accurate calculation of the size you can ask the manufacturer as they are having ready made calculator for their solar panel.Or else you can follow following two method
    One- as per the Ohm's low you are having load number in kw connected to your panel.i.e. 1000w solar array is available with you and battery voltage system is of 12 V then the required current of controller is 1000/12 =83.33 amp.Now choose the little higher available charger
    Another method-In this method you need some more data ready available with you.
    i.e.module short circuit current X module in parallel X Module safety factor (which is generally 1.25) = Array current (this is input current from the solar array)
    and another load current to be calculated along with this by following method total connected DC load/DC voltage= Load current (this is out put current drawn from the battery)

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