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In addition to the 100% revenue share offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several cash awards and special rewards to the members contributing content in Techulator.

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of bank transfer in the subsequent month after the balance reaches the minimum pay out amount of Rs 1,000.

Learn more about payment process and find out how to make money from this site.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Hina16Rs 7900Rs 7225Rs 675
Alok Nath Pandey16Rs 3107Rs 3000Rs 107
Ekta Raikwar15Rs 2721Rs 2600Rs 121
M Suman Kumar15Rs 5832Rs 5400Rs 432
Manu Murali14Rs 7823Rs 7700Rs 123
Kalyani14Rs 2241Rs 2100Rs 141
Vilas13Rs 2401Rs 2200Rs 201
rihan13Rs 3069Rs 3000Rs 69
M.AKSHAY13Rs 6710Rs 6500Rs 210
Ankit Das12Rs 1231Rs 1000Rs 231
Aamir shahzad12Rs 3434Rs 3400Rs 34
Pamela Mitra12Rs 1182Rs 1000Rs 182
THEERTHA GIRI T12Rs 3170Rs 2800Rs 370
Hafeez12Rs 1075Rs 1000Rs 75
Shafeer V U12Rs 3726Rs 3000Rs 726
Sunoj Suresh12Rs 4955Rs 4700Rs 255
Dinesh Sood11Rs 1171Rs 1000Rs 171
Fayaz11Rs 5127Rs 5000Rs 127
Abhisek Panda11Rs 7693Rs 22700Rs -15007
Satish Kumar Pranatharthyharan11Rs 6785Rs 6000Rs 785
Crazy Geek11Rs 6562Rs 6100Rs 462
Mukhtar11Rs 2303Rs 2200Rs 103
Kokil Kumar Sarma11Rs 2230Rs 1300Rs 930
Jebaprincy10Rs 2155Rs 2000Rs 155
Rajasekhar10Rs 2802Rs 1900Rs 902
Akanksha P.V10Rs 1695Rs 1100Rs 595
Amit Singh10Rs 3888Rs 3800Rs 88
Roshan10Rs 7080Rs 6700Rs 380
gokul v j10Rs 3239Rs 3200Rs 39
Sachin Rambhau Kukale10Rs 3357Rs 3300Rs 57
Ashley (Paid Content Writer)10Rs 1468Rs 3700Rs -2232
Darshan9Rs 1811Rs 1000Rs 811
Raghuram9Rs 2003Rs 1300Rs 703
Priyabrata Das9Rs 1217Rs 1000Rs 217
Naresh Kumar9Rs 1241Rs 1200Rs 41
pranay anumula9Rs 1296Rs 1100Rs 196
Puneet9Rs 3776Rs 3100Rs 676
Ranjan8Rs 1524Rs 1000Rs 524
Namita Terse8Rs 1627Rs 1400Rs 227
Ganesh Babu S8Rs 1321Rs 1000Rs 321
K Mohan8Rs 680Rs 0Rs 680
Manoj Prajapati8Rs 1086Rs 1000Rs 86
amit8Rs 1036Rs 1000Rs 36
Abhinav8Rs 3185Rs 3000Rs 185
Arjun8Rs 5865Rs 5800Rs 65
shivani sathi8Rs 1154Rs 1000Rs 154
Jignesh K Patel8Rs 2474Rs 2000Rs 474
Shreedhara H8Rs 1224Rs 1000Rs 224
Chharugh Konwar8Rs 2698Rs 2500Rs 198
soujanya8Rs 2655Rs 2300Rs 355

Total Cash Credits: Rs 156,005.00

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