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In addition to the 100% revenue share offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several cash awards and special rewards to the members contributing content in Techulator.

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of bank transfer in the subsequent month after the balance reaches the minimum pay out amount of Rs 1,000.

Learn more about payment process and find out how to make money from this site.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
Timmappa Kamat233Rs 80996Rs 80400Rs 596
Ankit232Rs 141538Rs 141450Rs 88
Anwesha145Rs 39213Rs 39000Rs 213
Webmaster128Rs 66271.5Rs 64900Rs 1371.5
Mahesh77Rs 26252Rs 25800Rs 452
SK73Rs 25969Rs 25900Rs 69
Prashant Dalal67Rs 25774Rs 25700Rs 74
Vandana60Rs 14354.5Rs 14350Rs 4.5
Gyandeep Kaushal57Rs 55997.5Rs 55900Rs 97.5
Singh51Rs 26285Rs 25750Rs 535
Juana48Rs 17902Rs 17800Rs 102
Sukhdev Singh47Rs 33919Rs 33500Rs 419
Amit40Rs 9835Rs 8900Rs 935
Paresh Gujarati40Rs 12893.5Rs 12400Rs 493.5
chirag sachdeva40Rs 26560Rs 26500Rs 60
Aman40Rs 12707Rs 12600Rs 107
Fazl36Rs 19470Rs 18871Rs 599
Sameer32Rs 9249Rs 8700Rs 549
Mobile Boy31Rs 13673Rs 13600Rs 73
Gowtham30Rs 10534Rs 10500Rs 34
Godson29Rs 9001Rs 8900Rs 101
Bhakti Savla29Rs 11554Rs 11500Rs 54
Sushil Kumar Saini28Rs 15774Rs 15400Rs 374
Mehdi27Rs 8443Rs 8300Rs 143
Krishna Verma27Rs 14527Rs 14100Rs 427
Raghav27Rs 12926Rs 12500Rs 426
Abdul Rahman26Rs 13015Rs 12900Rs 115
Bharath26Rs 6433Rs 6000Rs 433
Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi26Rs 12212Rs 14900Rs -2688
Deepak Mathews25Rs 5922Rs 3800Rs 2122
Pravin S Chavre25Rs 5706Rs 5200Rs 506
Ravi Kandala24Rs 9805Rs 9700Rs 105
biju cherian24Rs 18669Rs 18600Rs 69
Lakshmi Satish Kumar23Rs 7550Rs 6800Rs 750
Tony John23Rs 60589Rs 8000Rs 52589
Tech Junoon22Rs 6386Rs 6000Rs 386
Hafeezur Rahman P22Rs 6792Rs 6800Rs -8
SHIBIRAJ22Rs 9550Rs 9700Rs -150
Saswato Chatterjee20Rs 6243Rs 6200Rs 43
TEC Blogger20Rs 7902Rs 7855Rs 47
Harish Jharia19Rs 16414Rs 16300Rs 114
Rahul Parashar19Rs 10935Rs 10800Rs 135
Prashant Sultania18Rs 3937Rs 3900Rs 37
D.Jeya Kumar(JK)18Rs 3844Rs 3800Rs 44
Joy Joon17Rs 3847Rs 3700Rs 147
C. Konwar17Rs 6304Rs 6200Rs 104
Blogger16Rs 10178Rs 10100Rs 78
SULTHAN16Rs 6714Rs 6400Rs 314
Muhammed Aneez16Rs 5421Rs 5000Rs 421
Ramchandra16Rs 3042Rs 2300Rs 742

Total Cash Credits: Rs 989,028.00

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