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FTTH Data Plans of MTNL for Mumbai

The following article gives you detailed information on FTTH data plans from Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited (MTNL) for Mumbai. In the following resource you can get the exact plan details of limited and unlimited broadband data as well as IPTV plans in Mumbai.

FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Data plans of BSNL in India

The following resource gives you detailed information on FTTH (Fiber to the Home) internet services and various data plans which are available in India. If you are in need of high speed and efficient internet access, then FTTH is one of the best options and to know more about it just read the following article which shows BSNL plans in detail.

FTTH Broadband Data Plans of MTNL for Delhi users

The following resource gives you detailed information on broadband data plans by Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited (MTNL) for Delhi users only. The article below shows you the data plans, IPTV plans and helps you to know how the billing amount will be calculated.

BSNL prepaid broadband data plans in India - a review

The following article gives you detailed information on prepaid broadband data plans that are available at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in India. The prepaid option is one of the best options for those who don't need the internet access at all times. But whenever they need it, it must be at lightening speed and only BSNL can serve this kind of service.

The reliable BSNL postpaid broadband data plans in India

The following resource is focused on various broadband data plans that are available at the popular telecom service provider – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited which is abbreviated as BSNL. In the following article you will get detailed information on prepaid and postpaid broadband data plans that are available in India.

Virtual Office services in London UK.

The following article informs you about a new technology called Virtual office service and you will also get a list of virtual office service providers in London,UK. This new technology offers the businessman to setup their office in the city of their choice. If you are a businessman and you want to setup your virtual office in London then just read the following article.

Counter Strike 1.6 Game – how to play, tips and review

The following article gives you a stepwise method on how to play the Counter Strike game which can be installed on any computer system. The following article also contains the tricks that I personally use while playing this game on my Desktop PC.

Asus Google Nexus 7 v/s Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 - comparison between two tablets

The following article will give you a comparison between newly launched Tablet PC's Asus Nexus 7 and Lenovo IdeaTab A2107. Both the handheld devices are new in the market and most of the users struggle to choose the best one. Therefore, following comparative study will help you to take proper decision with regard to the above mentioned Tablet PC's.

Salora ProTab and Salora ProTab HD Review and Comparison

Know about the highly configured Salora Tablet PC's which are all set to attract tech users. As of now there are a lot of Tablet PCs available in the market and the affordable ones are configured with minimum features. Hence, Salora has taken an initiative to build well configured Tablet PCs which will be affordable as well. Know the complete features, specifications of this Salora tablet here.

Revolutionary Logitech remotes are all set to dominate the world of entertainment

The following resource informs you about newly designed Logitech remotes that can be paired with any gadget that works with the help of a remote control device. The newly launched Logitech remotes are all set to provide a great user experience since they have the capability to operate multiple gadgets at the same time and with a single piece of remote.

Mobiliz – A custom made computing device that is portable and works on solar energy

The following article describes a portable computing device that is developed and designed by DSK Digital Technologies which is situated in Pune city of Maharashtra State in India. The main objective of DSK Technologies is to develop the high end devices for rural areas at an affordable cost. Mobiliz is the only device in the world which has multiple features.

Start up village of Kerala, India has 1GB High Speed Internet

The following article informs you about the internet connection of 1 GB which will be offered by Google India. In the following resource, you will know about the first two cities which are having high speed internet connection of 1 GB. The Startup Village of Kerala in the second place because Kansas City of the U.S is already serving its citizens with 1 GB high speed internet connection through Google Fiber Network.

Android application development contest announced by Government of India

The following article is based on ‘Android application development contest’ which is being organized by Government of India. The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day and most of the devices run on android operating system. You may get more details about the mobile android application contest in the following article.

Logitech launches New Keyboards, Trackpads using latest Technology

The following resource informs you about the new products launched by Logitech in the year 2013. As the newly launched products by Logitech are futuristic and not presently available in the Indian market, everyone in India is waiting for these products to be shipped to this country.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboards K750 and K760 Details.

The following resource informs you about newly launched solar keyboards by Logitech. Logitech has invented wireless Bluetooth keyboards which work on solar light. The two types are Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 and Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760. To get more details on these solar keyboards just read the following article.

Physical Memory Dump Error – Resolved at my Desktop PC.

The following resource will help you to know about Physical Dump Memory Error which occurred on my PC. I have successfully solved the error and this article might help you to determine what is going wrong at your system. If you or your friends are facing the problem where system halts by showing Physical Dump Memory error then this is the resource which can help you know where the system is faulty.

Keyboard and Mouse disconnects Randomly : Solution

The following article will help you to know about keyboard and mouse both not functioning at the same time while working on Windows. Sometimes default help system of Windows does not offer you the exact solution because your hardware system gets faulty. So, read the following resource where I found a strange error and solved it successfully as well.

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