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HTC One: The latest smartphone sensation from HTC

The competition from Samsung Galaxy and iPhone5 is indeed overwhelming for any global smartphone manufacturer like HTC. A manufacturer always welcome healthy competition from the fellow manufacturers as did HTC. Now they have decided to launch a brand new smartphone with the name HTC One in U.S.A. and other western countries, initially to combat the competition from Apple and Samsung. In this article, let us see the sensations behind the launch of HTC One with specifications and features.

Review and Comparison of Micromax A116 Canvas HD with other quad-core phones

It may be real for proverb's sake – "Much boast; little roast!", but the latest sensation quad-core smartphone launched by Micromax A116 Canvas HD is sure to make it a big lie. When I saw the launch and read the reviews, I had the feeling that "He came, He saw, He conquered!" Well, in this article, I would like to present you with review and comparison of Micromax A116 Canvas HD with few other quad-core phones. Please read on.

VoIP Phone Services – The future Telephony

Have you ever wondered the internet would take over the voice telephony from the conventional ways? The VoIP technology is slowly but surely taking over the conventional telephony all over the globe. In this article, you will find details about what is VoIP, what is VoIP Phone Services, the advantages and disadvantages associated with this new technology.

Slingbox TV Streaming device launched in Western & Southern India

Are you dreaming about streaming TV channels through some TV Streaming device in your home at India? Finally there is good news for you. Yes, Slingbox pioneers in TV Streaming device is going to be launched in India by Cinerama. In this article, you will read all about the Slingbox TV Streaming device launch in India. Please read on.

Review of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Is your Outlook PST corrupt? or you lost access to all PST file components? Then, this review is for you. There are many Data Recovery Software available in the market, but few have marked their presence globally. In this article, we are going to review one such stunning Data Recovery Software from Stellar viz., Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. This article will have a hard look at various features, usage and specifications of this data recovery software. Please read on.

How wireless charging works and what is the technology behind it

You might have heard about the launch of latest smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920 in the market. The latest smartphones use the wireless charging technology for charging the battery. This is a new avatar of old electrical theory that existed years ago. In this article, I shall discuss about the nature of wireless charging, how it works and its latest developments. Please read on.

Asus RT-AC66U Wireless Router: Product description, specifications and review

Do you find difficulty in accessing your broadband connection through wire connection? or do you wish to enjoy the broadband accessibility in every corner of your home? The solution is to install a Wireless router. A wireless router provides broadband or Internet connection through wireless mode. In this article, we are going to discuss about a top class Wireless Router launched by Asus viz., RT-AC66U. Please read ahead.

Troubleshooting for iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

This article is a troubleshooting article for iOS and specific to the issue that device not recognized in iTunes for Windows. I have tried to present the entire troubleshooting methods in a lucid style in this resource. Please read carefully and if you are a victim of this trouble, just carry out the step by step instructions in this article for effective troubleshooting. Please read ahead.

Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Disk Player with Wi-Fi: Product description, specification and review

Sony, the Japanese electronic gadget giant is known for its elegant design with innovation. Recently, Sony has launched yet another budget 3D Blu-ray Disc in its armory to tackle the stiff competition in the world of electronic goods. In this article, we shall discuss about the product description, specifications and review of Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Disk Player with Wi-Fi. Please read and comment.

Tegra Super processors from NVIDIA: Product description and specification

Today you enjoy many devices like smartphones, Tablets and world has seen many technological marvels like Google fiber the lightening speed internet etc. All these achievements would not have been possible without the invention of Super processors. NVIDIA is one of the best hardware manufacturers in the world. In this article, we are going to discuss about the Tegra series of Super processors marketed by NVIDIA and the various advantages available with such Super processors. Please read on.

Facebook Graph Search: The new dimension to social networking

Nobody can dispute the fact that Facebook is the social networking king. That's what it is placed next to Google in online hierarchy. The genesis and growth of Facebook as an online giant in social networking and occupying the privileged seat next to Google is like a fairytale. Now, it seems Facebook is trying to take on the online search engine giant viz., Google with the proposed launch of Facebook Graph Search feature. To know more about this feature, please read on and don't forget to put your comme

SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile speaker II from Bose: Product description and review

Bose is one of the audio equipment manufacturers who boast of unique technology in sound reproduction. Bose has won hearts of many all over the world for its presentation in audio reproduction and accessories in audio transmission. In this article, we are going to discuss about one such accessory viz., SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile speaker II, latest introduction from Bose in U.S. markets. Please read ahead and comment.

A comparison between HTC One X Vs Sony Xperia Z Vs Huawei Ascend Mate smartphones

Smartphones are the order of the day. With everyday breakthrough in technology, OS etc., even the smartphones get smarter day by day. In this article, I tried to compare the various features, availability, price etc. of top 3 smartphones viz., HTC One X Vs Sony Xperia Z Vs Huawei Ascend Mate which are available in U.S. market. Please read and comment.

Best data recovery software for 2013

Accidental loss of data may land you haywire sometimes and can spoil your entire project or game plan. Nowadays Data Recovery Software is a must be it an individual or an organization. In this article, I am discussing about top 10 file or data recovery software for 2013. Please read on and comment.

A comparison on TV streaming devices: Google TV Vs. Boxee Box Vs. Apple TV Vs. Roku LT

Remember the old days when you use to get the television feed through a cable or through a independent antenna. Those days have been surpassed, now everything is available digital that too through many TV streaming devices. Now we can exercise our liberty and option to select any device we wish according to our requirements. In this resource, I shall present you a comparison on 4 TV streaming devices viz., Google TV[represented by Vizio Co-Star / Sony Internet Player], Boxee Box, Apple TV and Roku LT

Buying Guide: How to buy a quality Dishwasher

We may remember the agonizing moments of washing all the dishes we use at the end of the day when we would be tired to go to bed or during the day time when we are pre-occupied with lots of other important work. Now, just relax and forget about those moments. This article will serve you as the buying guide for Dishwasher. By using a quality Dishwasher, you may end up with lots of comfort and more time to concentrate on other priority tasks. Please read ahead.

Roku 2 XS Streaming Player – redefine your viewing experience

Starting from the routine Set Top boxes to the latest TV streaming devices, during this decade we have seen lots technological advancements in viewing pleasure. The latest breakthrough in designing various gadgets has indicatively changed your viewing experience. Roku 2 XS Streaming Player is such a device and in this article, you will read an in-depth description about the product. Kindly read on.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G – an amazing e-reader from Amazon

Gone are the days of reading books on paper, personal computers, etc. Now its time to read any book in a Tablet PC or e-reader. Amazon has launched a really amazing product viz., Kindle Paperwhite 3G for a wonderful e-reading experience. In this article, I shall discuss about the product, its description, advantages and disadvantages, salient features etc. Please read ahead.

Slingbox 500: Product description and review

The day to day developments in Science do many wonders in our life especially through path breaking electronic devices / gadgets. Right from a heavy mobile phone to the evolution of smart phones, nobody would have missed the glimpses of advancements made in telecommunication technology with dazzling galore of display of Smart phones. In this article, I shall discuss about one such product which is revolutionizing the electronic industry viz., Slingbox 500. Please read on.

Review of Sir Lancelot's Galaxy Nexus screen protector.

With advent of Smart or Smarter Phones with dazzlingly digital display screens, it becomes more important to protect the display screens of such Smart Phones. In the manufacturing of such accessories for the display screens, you need high quality precision in delivering goods. Sir Lancelot's Galaxy Nexus Screen Protector is one such accessory meant for the Galaxy Nexus Smart Phones from Samsung Mobiles. In this article, you will find a neutral review of this accessory. Please read ahead.

Review of PhotoRec – a reliable digital picture recovery software

The world has started to use more and more electronic gadgets and more information is being stored in electronic formats instead of traditional modes for use at ease. When electronic data is saved or recorded in any electronic format, it becomes imperative to find good software for the recovery of the same, once it is lost accidentally or intentionally. In this resource, I am going to discuss about one such software viz., PhotoRec. Kindly read on.

Cheap models of Bluetooth Headsets in India markets

Electronic industry is considered to be having myriad varieties of goods in the market. Each category of electronic devices has their own numbers of products. Likewise, in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the cheapest models of Bluetooth Headsets that are available in India and international markets. Please read.

Best Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets review

Plantronics is the leading manufacturer of Bluetooth Headsets in the market. Plantronics are the pioneers in the Bluetooth Headset Technology with innovative introductions across various models ranging from above $ 80 to cheapest models ranging below $ 50 and under. In this resource, we shall analyze various Bluetooth Headset models introduced by Plantronics and their salient features. Please read ahead.

A review of advanced features of a good Bluetooth Headset.

The Bluetooth Headset has become an indispensable device to be paired with your Mobile, Tablet or even your PC or Laptop. Bluetooth Headsets are now available right from basic to a few with more advanced features embedded in them. In this article, you will know about some of the advanced features that a good Bluetooth Headset should have. Please read ahead.

How to shop for a good Bluetooth Headset?

Bluetooth Headsets - can we call them absolute requirements or technological marvels? I would say its combination of both. The Bluetooth Headsets have become indispensible in our day today life. This resource throws light on the nuances of buying a good and problem free Bluetooth Headset. Just read on.

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