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Two dots game review and walk-through

Read the tips on how to play Two dots for Android/iOS and go through the complete walkthrough of the game along with the review. Know the pros and cons of the game and read the features of the game to know if its worth playing or not

Xiaomi power bank 16000mAh review

Looking for Xiaomi power bank 16000mAh? Need to know its performance of Xiaomi power bank 16000mAh? In this article I have given performance, price, charging time and charge count of Xiaomi 16000mAh power bank.

Command to change IMEI in MTK tool?

In this article you will get the command to change IMEI number using MTK tool. You can use this command in any IMEI changing tool. Read the article to get the full tutorial to change the IMEI code in your Android phone.

Xiaomi MiPad drawbacks and common issues

Are you thinking of buying the Xiaomi MiPad tablet? Read this post to know about the common issues, drawbacks, pros and cons of the Xiaomi MiPad tablet when compared to an Apple iPad.

Bosch SMS40E32EU Dishwasher review

Are you looking for Bosch SMS40E32EU Dishwasher? Read my hands-on review of Bosch SMS40E32EU Dishwasher, which is an excellent dishwasher with great build quality. Read my experience with this machine.

Best headphones for Moto G with mic under Rs.1000

Looking for headset with mic for your Moto G smart phone? This article provides a comprehensive list of popular Moto G first and second generation in-the-ear headsets that are currently available at popular e-commerce portals. Check out the unique features and price of each.

How to play .001 video file?

Wondering how to open a .001 video file? In this article I have provided the tool to play .001 video file. It is a free tool with which you can play any .001 video file. Read the article below to know more about the free tool used to open .001 video file.

Migrating ACL from Solaris to RedHat Enterprise Linux – commands

In this article you will find how to migrate ACL from Solaris to Redhat Enterprise Linux. This article will guide you with steps that should be done to migrate ACL from Solaris to Redhat. You will find all sets of shell script commands that will be used to apply ACL in RedHat.

How to access internet using USB to ethernet port in Tablet

Here I have given tutorial about how to use USB to ethernet port in Tablet. This information clear your doubts about accessing internet via USB to ethernet port in Tablet PC. Read below to get information about wired internet in tablet.

Apps and coupon codes to get free taxi ride in 2015

In this article I have provided some tricks and tips to save your money for a taxi ride. With this trick you can travel for decent distance absolutely free. Here I have shared some apps and coupon code which will do the trick. Read the article to get the details about the app that provide free taxi ride.

3 Cool Xiaomi Mi 4 car accessories you must have

In this article I have provided details of cool Xiaomi Mi 4 car accessories. Here you will find only the best and handpicked accessories which are compatible with Xiaomi Mi 4. Read this article to know the best Xiaomi Mi 4 accessories that can be used with your car.

Tips and cheats Sniper Elite V2 PC game

In this article, I'll give you some tips and tricks to complete Sniper Elite V2 faster. I have suggested the best guns to use, tactics to kill enemies and how to use weapons wisely. Read this article to learn the tips and tricks of Sniper Elite V2.

Easy way to root Huawei Honor Holly - Rooting Success

Tried several tutorial and still not able to root your Huawei Honor Holly. Here I have given latest working Huawei Honor Holly rooting tutorial with screenshots. Read the below article to get the step by step instruction to root your Huawei Honor Holly phone.

Hitman Go game tips, tricks and walkthrough

In this game I have given the tips and tricks to complete Hitman GO game. You can download Hitman GO for Android and iOS. In this article you can get the game play, tips, walkthrough of Hitman GO game. Read the below article to know more about the game.

How to install Adblock in BlackBerry Z3?

In this article you will find the tutorial for installing AdBlock in your BlackBerry Z3 smartphone. I have provided the AdBlock configuration steps with the help of screenshots. Read the below article to find out how to install and configure AdBlock in BlackBerry Z3.

How to install Android L in HTC One M7?

Are you checking out if you can upgrade your HTC One M7 from Android V 4.4 to Android V 5.0? I mean, upgrade your Android KitKat to Android L. Yes, you can. Learn how to upgrade from Android KitKat to Android L developer preview.

LG G Android smart watch review

Are you looking for a review of new LG G Android smart watch? Here, you can read the detailed review about the latest LG G watch. Lets find out its new features, pros and cons.

Yamaha YZF R15 review – reviewed after 2 years usage

Here you can find review about Yamaha YZF R15. To be clear, this article is my experience with Yamaha YZF R15 for 2 years. I have added information about mileage, top speed and engine performance. Read the article below to know more about Yamaha YZF R15.

Review of Beam broadband internet speed

Here you can find my experience of Beam broadband internet service. I have provided details about internet speed, broadband issues, and challenges faced while using Beam broadband internet service. Read this article below to find more about Beam broadband.

Store and secure all password in single place using Sticky Password

Today's internet revolution force us to remember many passwords. Sometimes we tend to forget them or confuse with other passwords. Sticky Password is a tool used to store all your password in single place and can be accessed using any device. Read the article below to know more about Sticky Password.

Top 3 upcoming new sports bike in 1 lakh rupee range

If you are planning to buy a new sports bike then hold on for few months. The Auto Expo 2014 was showcased with many new sports bike and I picked the best looking bike. Read the below article to know about their feature, price, mileage and release date.

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