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Top 4 High Resolution Portable Music Players in India

Are you looking for high-resolution music players in India? Do you wish to know the best hi-res portable music players available online? Should you go for FiiO music players or Sony music players or some other brand? Read further about the features and pricing of top portable music players that you can buy in India.

Top 5 safety mobile apps for women in India

Are you fed up with increasing rape cases in India and want to check alternate options for women's safety? Looking for useful apps for safety of women in India? Want to know features of popular women safety apps like Nirbhaya, FightBack and Guardian? Are you looking for safety measures for women in you house? In this article, I have discussed some free mobile applications that can be used by Indian women for their own safety during emergency situations.

10 Most Viewed and Popular YouTube Videos of all Time

Interested to know about the most popular YouTube videos of all time? Do you know the number of views and likes obtained by the top 10 YouTube videos? Does your favorite YouTube video feature in this list of popular videos on the YouTube channel? Please check further details in this article.

Review of Just Buy Live Application - A Real Boon for the Retailers and Sellers!

The world's first e-distributor is here in the form of Just Buy Live. Let us discuss more about the advantages retailers get by using the Just Buy Live portal or mobile application to buy products in bulk and at wholesale prices. Kindly read further to know the features of the Just Buy Live B2B application, that helps connecting brands to retailers.

A Comprehensive Guide and Optimization Tips For Social Media Image Sizes

As social media is evolving fast along with the demand for smart social media marketing, your social media business page or professional profile needs to be optimized as far as the profile pictures and cover photos are concerned. This article serves as a one-stop tutorial for all the tips to get your social media image sizes and dimensions optimized. Kindly continue reading to get the list of social media image sizes or cheat sheet for the top social networking sites.

Top Digital India Mobile Apps and Websites to Aid Indian Government

Have you ever wondered what are the various initiatives launched by Indian government under their Digital India campaign? Isn't it time to know more about the various 'Digital India' websites and applications that are helping the Narendra Modi led Indian government to achieve e-governance and m-governance? Let's check out the popular mobile apps for Digital India, relevant schemes and even Digital India websites.

Top Features of Avast 2016 Free Antivirus for Windows

Are you tired of using the Avast 2015 antivirus program? You should try the Avast Free Antivirus 2016 for your Windows PC. You can expect a fresh interface, a new password manager, etc. in this new version of the popular Avast antivirus program. In this article, you would be introduced to all the features of Avast 2016 Antivirus, and even the differences between Avast 2015 and Avast 2016 Antivirus software versions.

How to Root Micromax Yu Yureka smartphone with CyanogenMod OS 11 using CWM Recovery

Do you want to know how to root Micromax Yu Yureka smartphone? Here's a step by step guide to root the Micromax Yu Yureka smartphone with CyanogenMod OS by unlocking bootloader, installing CWM recovery and flashing SuperSU file. So, buy your Micromax Yu Yureka smartphone online and follow the rooting tutorial guide listed in this article below.

How to Automatically Login to Windows 10 Start Screen without Entering Password?

Have you tried the multiple accounts available with Windows 10 Technical Preview? Do you want your PC to boot directly to Windows 10 desktop by skipping the initial Windows 10 login screen? Read further to know how you can configure Windows 10 to boot automatically to Windows 10 Start screen without having to enter any account password every time. In this article, you will understand tips to enable automatic sign in to Windows 10 startup screen.

Hiding last seen timestamp on Whatsapp Messenger app

Is it possible to disable the "Last seen" timestamp visible on your Whatsapp profile? Do you want to keep away some friends from knowing about your Whatsapp presence? Please read further to know how to hide 'last seen' information on Whatsapp. This article provides some useful tips to maintain privacy on Whatsapp with regards to 'last seen' status.

Apps Daily Mobile Insurance: Top Smartphone Insurance Protection Option in India

Do you want to insure your mobile against theft or damage? Have you heard about the top mobile insurance plans in India? Read further to know the features of Apps Daily Mobile Insurance Plan that provides sufficient theft insurance and damage insurance cover for your mobile phones. Check out how AppsDaily Insurance cover provides anti-virus protection for your smartphone even though it is not a mobile insurance company, but a top mobile apps company in India.

Generating income through social network sharing using Wordpress plugin!

Want to know about a great Google Adsense alternative for earning income through your blog or website? Have you tried revenue generating tools offered by Wordpress? Please read further to know the features of Wordpress plugin that helps generating income through social network sharing. You will be surprised to know that it is possible make money online with Facebook sharing or Twitter sharing. Understand the tips to make money from social media sharing through social sharing plugin.

Release of Avast 2015 Service Pack 1 with new default option in Program Update Settings

Have you downloaded Antivirus software 2015 i.e. Avast 2015? Did you face any issues or errors with Avast free 2015 antivirus final version? If yes, you need to check out the newly released Avast 2015 SP1 with several updates for Avast 2015. Here, you will come to know about the improvements for Avast 2015 with the Service Pack 1 release as well as any Avast 2015 bug fixes. This will go a long way in making Avast 2015 one of the top 10 antivirus software for 2015.

Steps to mute Google Chrome tabs automatically using "Mute Inactive Tabs" or "MuteTab"

Want to know the tricks to mute multiple Google Chrome tabs at once? Have you checked out the features of MuteTab Google Chrome extension or features of Mute Inactive Tabs Chrome extension? Please read further to know how you can select the Chrome tabs you want to mute. This article will provide you tips to silent all Google Chrome tabs automatically.

Announcing Avira Antivirus 2015 for free download

Heard the announcement of Avira 2015 software product line? Interested in free download of Avira Antivirus 2015? Will Avira Antivirus software be the best antivirus software 2015 providing best free virus protection? Kindly read further to know about features of Avira Antivirus Pro 2015 and Avira Internet Security 2015. You can check out Dropbox install, Avira Safe Search and Avira browser safety extension features of Avira 2015 antivirus software product line, managed by Avira Online Essentials.

How to hide Windows 10 Frequent Folders, Favorites and Recent files from explorer window?

Have you installed the Windows 10 OS Technical Preview? What is your review of the Windows 10 OS features? Did you like the Windows 10 Home tab view with options like Frequent Folders, Favorites as well as Recent Files in the file explorer of Windows 10? Please read further to know about tips to disable Frequent Folders, Favorites, etc. from display on Windows 10 File Explorer.

How to explore Windows 10 OS Home Tab?

Have you managed to download Windows 10 OS technical preview version by now? Did you notice a change in the file explorer of Windows 10 operating system? Please read further to know about the new Home tab feature of the file explorer on Windows 10. Here, I have discussed ways to access the Home view in explorer window as well as explained the stuff contained in Home tab of Windows 10 file explorer.

Editing and Managing Photos using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Looking for good online photo editing tools 2014? Have you checked out latest features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom tool? Want to know how to download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom tool for editing as well as managing photos? Kindly read this article to know about the tips for editing photos using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom tool.

Best beautifully designed apps for smartphone users

Looking for the some of the top designed applications for smartphones? Have you checked out the best designed smartphone apps for Android, Windows or iOS? Please read further to know the features of well-designed Android launcher app as well as one of the most popular pocket applications. Check out why Yahoo Aviate, Poki, Readit, Lumosity, etc. are considered as popular design apps for your smartphones.

Complete Review of Voltas 5 star Air Conditioners

Searching for top selling Air Conditioners in India? Do you want an AC with best cooling features? Kindly read further to know about the specifications of 5 star ACs from Voltas. In this article, you will be able to read the features of Voltas 5 star ACs and understand why Voltas split AC 5 star or Voltas 5 star Window AC is ideal with regards to power consumption.

Review of Shovel Knight game: Is it the best adventure game of 2014?

Have you tried playing one of the most popular adventure PC games of 2014 "Shovel Knight"? Want to know more about the features of Shovel Knight adventure game? Kindly read further for tips to handle Shovel Knight gameplay effectively. By going through this Shovel Knight action game review, you will be able to understand the story and theme of Shovel Knight PC game 2014.

Some useful tricks and tips for Android Wear devices

Do you want to know how to customize Android Wear devices? Are you curious to learn useful tricks for handling Android Wear watches? Do you know you can mute the smartphone from your smartwatch, send texts from your Android Wear smartwatch and also stop the phone vibrations? Kindly read further to browse through a short list of most effective ways of using Android Wear devices and get answers for some of your Android Wear FAQs.

Comparing the differences between Google Android TV and Apple TV

Want to compare features of Google Android TV and Apple TV? Are you confused whether to purchase a Google Android TV or Apple TV? Apart from the Google Android TV price, what are the other differences between Google's Chromecast powered Android TV and Apple TV? Kindly read further to know the detailed comparison of Android TV specifications with Apple TV specifications.

Detailed review of Voltas 3 star AC

Are you looking for one of the top selling ACs in India? Do you need Air Conditioners only for a limited time every day? If yes, please read further to select the best AC that suits the limited usage category. In India, people easily relate to Voltas company with regards to their popular Voltas ACs. In this article, we shall study the features of Voltas 3 star air conditioner and understand why Voltas split AC 3 star or Voltas Window AC 3 star is ideal one for homes using AC for the first time.

How to install Whatsapp sharing plugin on Wordpress sites?

Looking for tips to add Whatsapp sharing button on Wordpress site using iOS platform? Want to get more traffic to your Wordpress blog through Whatsapp social sharing plugin? Can Whatsapp plugin prove to be more popular than others like Facebook plugin, Twitter plugin, etc.? Please read further to know about tricks to install Whatsapp sharing plugin on Wordpress website. Here, you can check out how this Mobile ShareBar Whatsapp plugin will help draw more traffic to mobile version of Wordpress websites.

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