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How to recover deleted messages from Exchange Server (15)
'Recovery of deleted messages from Exchange server' - This is the topic that we cover in this article and here is the best ever method discovered for successful recovery of deleted, damaged, or corrupted EDB mailbox data.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: Jay Shawn      Posted Date: 15 Mar 2013
Lotus Notes to Outlook PST Converter (5)
This article suggests you to always use qualitative third-party Lotus Notes to Outlook PST converter software. You can use Export Notes software for this migration which is serving as an ideal solution for many companies.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: ana remirez      Posted Date: 11 Apr 2013
What is Iexpress.exe and its application? (1)
This resources contain information about software and programming. In this resources learn What is Iexpress.exe and its application? The Iexpress.exe is technology from Microsoft and it used to create setup wizard for software program installation. To know more read following article carefully.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 20 Jul 2012
Attack Surface Analyzer for Windows 7 (2)
Attack Surface Analyzer is the same tool which is used by Microsoft to let them know what are the changes made by the installation of a new software. It is just like cataloging those changes and being ready for any risk. Now it is available for Windows 7 to the public.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: Gyandeep Kaushal      Posted Date: 02 Feb 2011
What is Windows 8 developer license and how to get it (4)
Are you trying to figure out what is Windows 8 Developer license and how to get a license for you? Learn more about Windows 8 developer license.
Category: Visual Studio    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 18 Sep 2012
How to install Android Emulator on Windows XP (15)
Read this article for steps and requirements to install and run an Android Emulator on your Windows XP computer. Read how to run a virtual Android platform on your Windows XP computer and what prerequisites and post requisites are needed to successfully run an Android Emulator on your computer.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 16 Jun 2012
Review of Sublime Text 2: An efficient code editor
Sublime Text 2 is one of the efficient and lightweight code editor, which is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. This code editor supports almost all programming languages. It also offers a lot of extensions, plugins, themes, code auto-completion and a lot more features. Let's find out its new features and how it is different from other similar applications.
Category: Web Development    Author: SHIBIRAJ      Posted Date: 03 Aug 2014
Step-wise tutorial to install Android L Developer Preview (1)
Curious to know how to install Android L beta on your Kitkat device even before the official release of latest Android L OS? Want to know the process of Google Android L installation? Kindly read further to check out the step by step tutorial to install Android L on Nexus devices. Here, you will understand how easy it is download Android L on Nexus 5, Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 devices.
Category: Android Development    Author: Bhakti Savla      Posted Date: 23 Jul 2014
Review of Zend Studio 10: An efficient tool for PHP programming
Zend Studio 10 is one of the efficient and useful PHP IDE for professional PHP developers to produce Website content using PHP programming. This application come with support for several other programming languages as well as PHP, makes it an incredible tool for professional Web developers.
Category: Web Development    Author: SHIBIRAJ      Posted Date: 25 Jul 2014
Best Practices of Building Custom Software
There are hundreds of free or Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software in the market that can perform a variety of standard activities that most organizations require. But, a lot many businesses demand specific functionalities from their software, something that the standard template does not provide. Besides, free software often lacks efficiency and COTS usually have huge costs and gestation time associated with it. As such custom software or tailor made software is needed.
Category: Web Development    Author: David Dadson      Posted Date: 30 Jun 2014
How to Add Exchange Mailbox to Outlook (1)
Here is a detailed article piece discussing about the process to add Exchange mailbox to Outlook. Have a look at the details mentioned in this article to gather complete and proper knowledge on this subject.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: andrew      Posted Date: 04 Jan 2014
Useful information about Facebook's new programming language Hack
Interested to know about the new programming language designed by Facebook? Want to get details about the features of Hack programming language? Are you worried whether PHP and Hack can continue to run on HHVM? Please read further to check out the advantages of Facebook's new programming language "Hack", which is a new open source version of PHP.
Category: Other languages    Author: Bhakti Savla      Posted Date: 24 Mar 2014
Tapping new technology through online training, with Wingnity
Are you looking for advanced training in emerging technologies? Take a look at Wingnity and you won't be disappointed.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 18 Mar 2014
What .NET programmers need to know about Android app development
Are you a .NET developer and want to get started with Android app development? Learn what .NET programmers need to know before starting with Android development.
Category: Android Development    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 23 Feb 2014
How to access your PC and Mac files and folders remotely [Softwares]
In this article we would be reviewing some best softwares for Mac and PC that enable you to access files and folders from PC to PC, Mac to Mac, Mac to PC or PC to Mac.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 23 Feb 2014
How to build dynamic web pages using SQL Server?
Are you looking for ways to create dynamic web page like ones containing fully interactive online order systems? Apart from Internet Explorer and ActiveX technologies, there are many other ways to build such a web page. Read the article to know how you can build dynamic web pages using SQL Server.
Category: Web Development    Author: Singh      Posted Date: 22 Feb 2014
How to design web pages so as to get maximum ranking in search engines
Are you looking for ways to increase ranking in search engines? Read this article to know how some design incorporations while developing your website can help you increase traffic greatly.
Category: Web Development    Author: Singh      Posted Date: 14 Feb 2014
Top 5 HTML Validators for web developers
Web developers must check whether the page works or not, whether they would look even in most browsers or whether the code is correct by testing the web pages in at least two or three validators. Read this article to find about some free and cheap HTML validators.
Category: Web Development    Author: Singh      Posted Date: 14 Feb 2014
HTML Editors for web designers
Are you a web designer or are learning to customize your web page? If yes, read this article to find about some free and cheap HTML editors which can make your life easy by hiding the details of code and controlling the complexity through syntax checking or other intelligent 'helpers'.
Category: Web Development    Author: Singh      Posted Date: 14 Feb 2014
Visual Studio 2010 SP1 error: silverlight_sdk.msi not available (4)
I have been trying to install the Visual Studio 2010 SP1 on my Windows 7 Ultimate computer. Each time it failed with a frustrating message saying the installation package silverlight_sdk.msi is not available. If are experiencing the same problem, find the solution that worked for me.
Category: Visual Studio    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 15 Nov 2011
How to build Windows Phone 8 Apps: Free Jump Start training (1)
Like to develop apps or games for Windows Phone 8? Learn more about the 2-day free training on Windows Phone 8.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 19 Nov 2012
Build up your career as a PHP programmer
Today web developers have gained a lot of importance particularly in PHP. So, students of IT sector focused on building up their career in PHP Web Programming. Read on to know more about how PHP gained importance and career opportunities in it. Also know some popular PHP training institutes in India.
Category: Web Development    Author: Ravi Kandala      Posted Date: 24 Sep 2013
DataNumen SQL - Recovery Introduces Support for Huge Databases
DataNumen, a leading provider of database recovery solutions, announces the release of DataNumen SQL Recovery version 1.1. The program repairs damaged and corrupted MDF files, recovering deleted or lost records and fixing broken database structure and data.
Category: MS SQL Server    Author: SoftPressRelease      Posted Date: 27 Aug 2013
10 Must-Have Tools for Freelance Coders and Programmers
Get to know some of the best free softwares for freelance coders. Know the features of these compilers and coding softwares and how they can help you make your freelance code writing task easier.
Category: Other Microsoft Software    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 18 Aug 2013
A peek into Web Security and what it means to you
In this article, we introduce ourselves to Web Security and try to understand what kind of attacks are carried out against web sites that store & process critical data/functions. Understanding web security goes a long way in creating awareness as to how safe our personal data and transactions are on the web.
Category: Web Development    Author: Kartik Enumula      Posted Date: 29 Jun 2013

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