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Are you looking for the best Android phones in India and other countries? We have evaluated hundreds of Android smartphones that offer value for money and excellent features? Also, we have covered a lot of other Android gadgets. Read technical specifications and hands on review of Android phones.

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LG G3 launched in India by Amitabh Bachchan, priced at Rs 47,990 (2)
Are you looking for the LG G3 smartphone? It was launched by the most admired celebrity in India Amitabh Bachchan on July 21, 2014. Learn more about the LG G3 smartphone made for the smart people.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 22 Jul 2014
Samsung Galaxy Alpha Pics and Specifications
New images and Specification of Samsung Galaxy Alpha, we get new pictures of the Galaxy Alpha which reveal new data and also give us a clear idea about what equipment we can compare in terms of power.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Sandesh Chauhan      Posted Date: 13 Aug 2014
Panasonic Eluga U: Design, Features, Price & Review
Are you looking to buy the new Panasonic Eluga U? With its latest flagship model, the Eluga U priced at Rs. 18,990, Panasonic attempts to revive the Eluga brand. Read the article to know its design, features, price & review.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Singh      Posted Date: 11 Aug 2014
Best Android smartphones in India priced below Rs.5000
Are you planning to buy an Android smartphone priced below Rs.5000 in coming days? Read this article to know some of the best smartphones in this budget and know their specifications, features etc.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 10 Aug 2014
Top 5 Unknown Features of the Xiaomi Mi 3 (1)
Unique and some of the 'not so well known' features of the Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone. Tips, tricks and top features of the latest smartphone from Xiaomi India
Category: Android Phones    Author: Amit Mehta      Posted Date: 28 Jul 2014
How to connect Xiaomi Mi3 with an external USB drive
In this article, I will show you how easy it is to connect an external pen drive or a usb thumb drive to the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone. An easy to follow video on how to connect your Mi3 to a pen drive included.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Amit Mehta      Posted Date: 01 Aug 2014
Xiaomi Mi3 Price, Specifications and Features in India (2)
Here are the specifications of the Indian variant of Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone. Also included are some photographs taken at the Indian launch event of Xiaomi devices along with pricing and delivery details.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Amit Mehta      Posted Date: 15 Jul 2014
Blackberry phones at Budget Prices of below Rs.10,000
This is an article to let our users get acquainted with the features and prices of the latest Blackberry phones that are priced below 10,000 INR. I have selected the cheapest ones along with those which has wonderful packs of features.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Anwesha Bandopadhyaya      Posted Date: 25 Jul 2014
LG G Pro Lite Dual: Review, Features and Specifications (1)
Are you looking for a review of new LG G Pro Lite Dual? Here, you can read the detailed review about the latest LG G Pro Lite Dual, which mainly features 5.5-inch qHD display and Dual-SIM option. Lets find out its new features, pros and cons.
Category: Android Phones    Author: SHIBIRAJ      Posted Date: 29 Jan 2014
Karbonn Titanium S9 vs Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 - a quick comparison (2)
Are you looking for the differences between Karbonn Titanium S9 and Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8, the newly launched smartphones? Then you are at the right place. In this article we will see the comparison between these two smart devices.
Category: Android Phones    Author: M Suman Kumar      Posted Date: 06 Jul 2013
First Impressions of the HTC Desire 616 and One (E8)
On July 12, HTC launched two new Android smartphones, the HTC One (E8) Dual SIM and the HTC Desire 616 Dual SIM, priced at Rs. 34,990 and Rs. 16,900 respectively. Read the article for the first impressions of both the phones.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Singh      Posted Date: 12 Jul 2014
Best Nokia Android phones below Rs 10,000 in 2014
The craze for Android phones is increasing day by day in India. Everyone wants to own a smartphone but the problem is that these phones are quite costly. Most of the companies focus on high end models which come with huge price tags. However, Nokia has some quality Android phones available in the market for the people who cannot afford costly Android devices. This post explains the top 5 Android phones from Nokia below 10000.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Krishna Verma      Posted Date: 10 Jul 2014
MoboLive: A full featured launcher for your Android smartphone (2)
Are you looking for a cool, full features app launcher for your Android device? In this post, I am doing an in depth analysis of MoboLive, the latest launch from MoboRobo.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 11 May 2014
The Android One initiative by Google
Google at its annual I/O conference announced the release of the all new Android One program. Aimed at enabling manufacturers to produce ultra cheap smartphones with great ease. Read this article and know everything you want to know about the Android One smartphone program.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Nandan V      Posted Date: 30 Jun 2014
Camera review of Moto E - Sample images & Video
In this article, I'm going to show you some camera samples taken from Moto E's rear facing 5 Megapixel fixed focus camera. Included in this article are some pictures taken in various lighting conditions and a video sample that will give you an idea of its capabilities.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Amit Mehta      Posted Date: 29 Jun 2014
Samsung Galaxy Core I8262 - specifications, review and price in India
Are you looking to know about the features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Core I8262? If yes, then this article is for you. This article deals with the features, specifications and availability of Samsung Galaxy Core I8262 in India. This phone was launched in June last year in India and is available in online stores and shops.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Rajneesh Gupta      Posted Date: 23 Jun 2014
Top 5 Indian Smartphones similar to Moto E
Are you searching form smartphones that are similar to Moto E, in less budget yet powerful enough to run everything you want? Then your search stop here! Know the best smartphones that match Moto E in its features and offers you great options if you want to avoid Moto E.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 22 Jun 2014
Alcatel One Touch Idol X+ specifications and review
Read the review of the Alcatel's new offering - its One Touch Idol X and know the different features of this smartphone. Know what OS it has and what makes it a good or bad choice in terms of a mid end range smartphone.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 19 Jun 2014
How to make your Galaxy S3 look like Galaxy S5 [Tutorial] (1)
Fret not if you have a Galaxy S3 and you are hungry like anything for the features that have come in Galaxy S5 because with a custom ROM you can easily get the new features of Galaxy S5 in Galaxy S3. Read on to read the tutorial and know how to do it.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 04 Jun 2014
How to enable the hidden Developer Options on your Android device (2)
In this short quick article, I'll explain how to easily enable the hidden "Developer Options" on your Android smartphone. If you'd like to root your device, install a custom rom onto it or simply gain access to a lot of hidden features, follow this simple tutorial.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Amit Mehta      Posted Date: 01 Jun 2014
Celkon A118 Signature HD: Review of features, specifications, price and availability (2)
Are you searching for a new smartphone below Rs. 13000? If yes, then here is an Android smartphone A118 Signature HD from Celkon. It was launched recently at a price of Rs. 12,500. It has an 8 megapixel rear camera, 3 megapixel front camera and many more interesting features. Read this post to know more about the features, specs, price and availability of A118 Signature HD.
Category: Android Phones    Author: M Suman Kumar      Posted Date: 23 Jun 2013
Best Budget Android Smartphones in 2014
Nowadays, there are plenty of Android based smartphones available on the market. It is really a tough decision to buy one device which can meet all your expectations. In this article, I will examine the top budget Android Smartphones to ease your purchasing decision.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Anand      Posted Date: 09 Jun 2014
Lava Iris X1 - Lava's answer to the Moto E?
In this article, I will be discussing Lava mobiles' newest release in the Indian market, the Lava Iris X1. Read on for specifications, price and the initial impression.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Amit Mehta      Posted Date: 26 May 2014
Gionee mobile phones in India: A revolution in the world of digitalization (1)
In this article I will write on Gionee, a China based mobile manufacturing company. It has launched some of its very innovative mobile phones in India. Gionee has succeeded in stealing the show over some other well established companies in the market because of its amazing and competitive features at a reasonable price.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Pubali Mukherjee      Posted Date: 31 Mar 2014
Comparison between Moto G and Moto X smartphones
Have you been taken by surprise with the success of Motorola smartphones Moto G and Moto X? Want to know the similarities between Moto G and Moto X? Please read further to get information about any differences between Moto X and Moto G. Here, the two phones from Motorola have been compared in terms of looks, specifications, camera, etc.
Category: Android Phones    Author: Bhakti Savla      Posted Date: 19 May 2014

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