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Methods of social marketing using Facebook tools
As we all know that Facebook is a very popular social networking website with millions of active users daily. So in this article we have described how to use Facebook for marketing purpose in a very effective manner.
Category: Social Networks    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 20 Apr 2014
How to customize Google+ badge and adjust width and height
Google introduced the Google+ badge few weeks ago and webmasters have been religiously using them. In this article, I will explain how to customize the Google+ badge to adjust the width and height of the badge to suit your website layout.
Category: Google+    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 20 Apr 2014
Useful tips to generate prospects, job leads and referrals from LinkedIn
Want to know how to create an effective LinkedIn profile? Is it possible to generate job opportunities and job referrals through better networking on LinkedIn? What is the advantage of writing a recommendation on LinkedIn and using the "Post Update" and "Pulse" features on LinkedIn dashboard? Please read further to know about useful ways of generating job leads and referrals on LinkedIn website.
Category: LinkedIn    Author: Bhakti Savla      Posted Date: 20 Mar 2014
How to get your favorite custom URL for your Google+ profile for US$ 1.99 (6)
Do you want to get your favorite vanity URL for your Google+ profile, but Google doesn't let you choose it? Here is a work around, which will cost you about US$ 2 to get the vanity url of your choice for your Google+ profile or page.
Category: Google+    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 06 Mar 2014
The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Google+ - a warts and all guide
To keep up with the internet crowd, Google tried to capture its own share of the meeting market in 2011 by launching its own social media network site, Google+. It is predominantly used for business connections rather than social engagement and entertainment media sharing, which in a sense is a definite advantage if you use social media networks to do business.
Category: Social Networks    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 13 Mar 2014
How to end Premium Membership at MyLife social network
In recent years, lot of social networking sites makes us good relationships also site offers you unmatched continuous service by collecting the subscription fee directly from your bank account and this article help to avoid Premium Membership at mylife type of social sites.
Category: Social Networks    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 13 Mar 2014
Top 5 Best Simulation Games on Facebook in 2013 (1)
Simulation games give you an experience of virtual reality. So, if you do want to experience some out of the world experience then go through our list of top 5 Simulation games on Facebook.
Category: Facebook    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 28 Feb 2013
How to invite friends to a page easily in Facebook - Mass invitation! (11)
Wouldn't it be so helpful if you got a working solution for sending Facebook page invitations easily and quickly? Then finally you got that wonderful one! Here I have written about that working trick which is as simple as 1, 2, 3. I promise, you will get lots of Likes today! Read on!
Category: Facebook    Author: TEC Blogger      Posted Date: 18 Jun 2012
Is Facebook losing its fame? Why is it afraid of Snapchat? (1)
Is Facebook losing its popularity? This question is being asked by hundreds and thousands of people. Will it lose its users in the coming years? Know what Facebook wants and why is it interested to buy Snapchat?
Category: Facebook    Author: Ravi Kandala      Posted Date: 08 Feb 2014
Facebook introduces 'Trending' Topic Feature (2)
The largest social networking site facebook has already introduced a new feature called trending topic to make us up-to-date with the most happening events around the glob. Read this article to know more about this.
Category: Facebook    Author: Nityananda Hazarika      Posted Date: 19 Jan 2014
How to change custom vanity URL for Google+ Pages (1)
Did you recently get a custom URL for your Google+ page and now you want to make some changes to it? Read this article to find how to change the Google+ custom name.
Category: Google+    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 07 Nov 2013
Some useful customizations for Facebook
Are you one of the millions of Facebook users? Interested in changing the look and feel of Facebook? Please read further to know some useful tips for customization of Facebook features like background, colors of Facebook profile page, Facebook Chat window, etc.
Category: Facebook    Author: Bhakti Savla      Posted Date: 28 Jan 2014
Google+ game: Edgeworld by Kabam review, gameplay and tips to play
Read the review of Edgeworld game available on Google plus. Know how to play this game, the difference from other Kabam games, the highlights of Edgeworld and whether this sci-fi Google plus game can really impress you.
Category: Google+    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2014
Google+ game: Dragon Age- Legends review
Read the review of Dragon Age: Legends which I played on Google plus recently. Know how Dragon Age: Legends stands out amongst its competitors and what all is interesting in this game. Read on to know the tips and tricks of Dragon Age: Legends and race ahead of your competitors.
Category: Google+    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2014
How to download all your Facebook data to Google plus?
This article mentions the easiest ways to transfer all your personal data and even your friends from Facebook to Google plus. Read on t know how to transfer your contact list, your photos and videos by using extensions and automated features without getting into any problem
Category: Facebook    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2014
Google plus: Dragons of Atlantis review, gameplay and tips to play
Here is a review of the Google Plus game Dragons of Atlantis. Read this article to know how to play this game, what are the interesting and cool features of this game and how to stay on top of this game.
Category: Google+    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2014
Angry Birds review and step by step how to play guide
This article mentions how to play the Angry Birds games on Google plus, what are the special features of Angry Birds on Google plus and how entertaining it is to play Angry Birds on Google plus
Category: Google+    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2014
How to activate and set up SMS notifications and post updates for Google+ on smartphone & tablets
This article mentions the method to activate SMS notifications on your mobile phone from your Google+ account. Read on how to synchronize your mobile phone number with your Google+ account, how to personalize the type of notifications you receive through SMS and updating your status through SMS service
Category: Google+    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2014
How to download Facebook post video without any software?
This article is all about giving you an amazing technique to download any Facebook video shared as post. Just read the complete article to get the technique.
Category: Facebook    Author: Paresh Gujarati      Posted Date: 08 Jan 2014
How to increase Facebook likes automatically for your fan page (2)
Do you want to increase Facebook likes? No need to spend even single dollar. Yes, it is possible to increase Facebook likes with some simple tricks in no time.
Category: Facebook    Author: shafeeq ali thampara      Posted Date: 15 Jul 2013
Twitter to be made accessible on basic mobiles with no internet connection
Twitter recently successfully launched its IPO that rose its value to $25 billion and now is on a move into emerging markets. Reuters reported that blue bird is going to tie up with U2opia to launch text only twitter. This service benefit basic mobile phone users to access twitter without internet connection.
Category: Twitter    Author: Ravi Kandala      Posted Date: 07 Dec 2013
Syntax of Rel=Publisher meta tag and how to use it
Rel=publisher meta tag has come to the limelight all of sudden after the Google+ Pages service was launched. Google's direct connect service allows businesses and brands to connect their official websites with their Google+ Page. Learn how to use rel=publisher meta tag to connect website to your Google+ pages. Also, find the correct syntax of this meta tag.
Category: Google+    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 11 Sep 2013
Google plus app for Android- download, features and review
This article mentions the steps and requirements to install Google plus app on an Android device. Read what features this Google plus app for Android has along with its features and hands-on review
Category: Google+    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 31 Aug 2013
Facebook game: Bejeweled Blitz review
This article is a review of the Facebook game: Bejeweled Blitz. Read to know how to play this game, highlights of Bejeweled Blitz, tips to play Bejeweled Blitz and features of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.
Category: Google+    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 31 Aug 2013
Google plus announces app integration, what's hot feature, ripples and creative kit
This article describes the use, features and function of the app integration and the other 3 features –ripples- a Stream highlighter, ripples and the photo editing app “The creative kit” that Google recently launched on Google plus.
Category: Google+    Author: Webmaster      Posted Date: 31 Aug 2013

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