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How to create a 3D secure password for your SBI ATM cum Debit card (67)
The article explains about how one can create a 3D secure password for their SBI ATM, which is an important phase during online transaction through one's Maestro card.
Category: Others    Author: Akhil Krishnan      Posted Date: 20 Sep 2013
How to host blogger custom domain from Bigrock and redirect domain to www URL (8)
Read this article for step by step guide with images to successfully host your Bigrock registered domain on blogger host. Also find the way to redirect your without www domain address to www URL in the Bigrock setup
Category: Others    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 22 Jul 2012
Things to remember before choosing a iPhone application developer (1)
Even though there are plenty of iPhone application development service providers available in the market today, it might not be the same good experience you get with all developers out there. It is essential to spot the best developers to enjoy exceptional apps.
Category: Others    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 19 Apr 2014
Hands-on review of TomTom Start 20 GPS Navigation System
Here is my experience with TomTom's "Start 20" GPS navigation system. Features, pricing, build quality and lots more to read and see. Pictures and video included.
Category: Media & Devices    Author: Amit Mehta      Posted Date: 08 Aug 2014
Review & Online shopping experience of (9)
Jabong is a well-known online shopping website. This article has complete details of Jabong. I have also included here my own shopping experience with Jabong. This article briefs all details of an online shopping website Jabong. Read on the article to know the features of this online shopping website.
Category: Others    Author: Fayaz      Posted Date: 27 Dec 2012
RHCE certification course, exam fee & salary in India (4)
Are you going to prepare for RHCE examination? Want to know the details about RHCE in Red Hat certification. In this article I have covered information about RHCE certificate such as exam fee, course fee. Are you eager to know the salary for freshers who earned RHCE certificate? Read the article below to know more.
Category: Certifications & Exams    Author: Mobile Boy      Posted Date: 19 Mar 2013
Type Indian Rupee through keyboard. (1)
This resource demonstrate you how to type New Indian Rupee symbol through keyboard.
Category: Others    Author: Pamela Mitra      Posted Date: 23 Jul 2010
Online shopping experience on Snapdeal (2)
Snapdeal is an online shopping website. This article is about my personal online shopping experience at Snapdeal. Read this review and know what to expect when you shop at the online ecommerce site
Category: Others    Author: Fayaz      Posted Date: 25 Dec 2012
Xiaomi India Launch Event/Bloggers Meet, New Delhi 2014 was invited to attend the Xiaomi launch event/bloggers meet that was held today at The Lodhi Hotel, New Delhi. Here are some of the highlights of the event.
Category: Others    Author: Amit Mehta      Posted Date: 15 Jul 2014
Apps for Ramadan for Windows Phone & Nokia X platforms
Are you looking for some apps for Ramadan? Read the article to know some useful Ramadan apps by Microsoft which are available for Windows Phone & Nokia X platforms. These apps are recently rolled out by the company.
Category: Others    Author: Singh      Posted Date: 03 Jul 2014 A review of India's first and largest managed marketplace (10)
This article deals with India's first and largest managed marketplace- which offers a trusted and safe online shopping experience. This article also includes information about its website, deals, specialty, customer support, return policy and my own experience. This article will really helps you to know about this website, its features etc which will be helpful in your online shopping.
Category: Others    Author: Muhammed Aneez      Posted Date: 31 Dec 2012
Best games to enjoy FIFA World Cup 2014 Action
Are you looking for video games to recreate the FIFA World Cup 2014 action? Read this article to know the best games available, their prices and availability.
Category: Others    Author: Singh      Posted Date: 20 Jun 2014
eBay hacking and lessons learnt to stay secured online
Did you panic when there were reports of several eBay accounts being hacked recently? Did you change your eBay password after hearing about the hacking of eBay accounts? Kindly read further to know details of the eBay cyber attack and how it affected millions of eBay users. Here, I have shared several useful lessons learnt from this episode that shall allow internet users to stay safe online.
Category: Others    Author: Bhakti Savla      Posted Date: 01 Jun 2014
8051 Microcontroller: block diagram and components (1)
The 8051 microcontroller architecture is described in this resource. The 8051 microcontroller block diagram, components along with their functions are explained.
Category: Others    Author: M.AKSHAY      Posted Date: 23 Aug 2013
Compare Atlona NTSC PAL converter with Com World converter
If you are bringing a TV from USA or other western countries to India, you will need a NTSC to PAL converter to use the TV in India. In this post, I will compare the Atlona and Com World converters.
Category: Others    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 27 May 2014
Google Driverless car, the car of the future (1)
Driverless cars are no longer fictional themes. The self-driving cars are now out in the streets of United States for test driving. This amazing technology by Google, will change our lives within a few years. Read to know more on these autonomous cars.
Category: Others    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 05 Apr 2013
Flipkart – Hassle-free and reliable online shopping site (2)
You must be aware that Flipkart is one of the leading online shopping websites in India. Read the review of Flipkart eCommerce website and find how to shop with them.
Category: Others    Author: Simon George      Posted Date: 09 Jan 2013
A beginner's guide to Android Wear OS and its comparison with Google Glass
Have you been following the news about Android Wear OS? Want to know more about the LG Watch and Moto 360 as Android Wear devices? Please read further to get information about Android Wear features, the brands Android Wear is likely to get associated with and difference between Android Wear and Google Glass.
Category: Others    Author: Bhakti Savla      Posted Date: 25 May 2014
What is Morphing? (1)
Morphing is technology for transforming one image to another. Morphing is being the essential part of the entertainment industry.
Category: Graphics    Author: Sameera M      Posted Date: 23 Nov 2010
Le Chal - Smart shoes for visually challenged people
Here is an exciting news for visually challenged people. A 24-year old boy from Bangalore has developed a smart shoe. Learn more about the smart shoe which can guide a person to the destination with the help of a smart phone.
Category: Others    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 21 May 2014
Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP Double Neck Electric Guitar
In this article I have provided information on Ibanez's double neck guitar- Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP. I have provided a brief introduction of double neck guitars, the advantages and disadvantages and specifications of Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP.
Category: Media & Devices    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 21 May 2014
Review of the Tippmann A5 paintball marker
In this article you can read the pros and cons of the Tippmann paintball marker. I have provided the specifications and a review of the A5 model which is one of the most successful paintball markers in the market.
Category: Others    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 21 May 2014
IRCTC Virtual Reservation Message(VRM) - How to get it? (4)
Read this article on 'IRCTC Virtual Reservation Message(VRM) - How to get it?'. You can travel on train having only a mobile. Ticket comes in the form of message and this message will be treated as a valid ticket. During travel passengers must have to carry his/her valid original photo-id. No need to book ticket standing on a long queue, not to take any tention about a printout copy. Travel on train anywhere freely.
Category: Others    Author: Priyabrata Das      Posted Date: 09 Feb 2012
Hacker's Keyboard – Best Android app for office typing purpose (2)
Are you searching for free Android keyboard app that do all the things like computer keyboard. Then here it is! Here I have written my experience using Hacker's Keyboard and the features of this keyboard. Intall and enjoy if you like this.
Category: Others    Author: Mobile Boy      Posted Date: 08 Nov 2012
Reap the benefits associated with using a tuning box for diesel tuning
Diesel system tuning is something which a lot of people are doing at present. The engine upgrade is something which has become exceedingly popular over the past few years. This is because it really beings a vehicle to life and gets the best out of it.
Category: Others    Author: Shubham Singh      Posted Date: 30 Apr 2014

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