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Top 5 cheapest wired microphones for PC to buy online in India (2)
See from where you can get some of the best yet cheap microphones in India. Get the best audio for your Video chat, audio chat or for tutorial making through the best mics available online.
Category: Input & Output Devices    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 03 Mar 2014
Top 5 budget headphones on Amazon India below Rs.1,000 (1)
Are you willing to buy a headphone? Is your budget is too low? Here we have brought up for you top 5 headphones below Rs. 1000 that are available on Amazon India. Though the prices are low, performance of these headphones are quite great.
Category: Input & Output Devices    Author: Nityananda Hazarika      Posted Date: 31 Mar 2014
Problem with cursor jumping around while typing on laptops with touchpad and Windows 7 (128)
Have you experienced a problem with your laptop where the cursor jumps around to a different position while typing? In this article, I will talk about the jumping cursor problem I experience in my Lenovo Y560p laptop and various solutions I found so far.
Category: Troubleshooting    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 28 Jun 2011
Top 5 3G Pocket WiFI Routers to Buy in India (5)
Today in this article I am going to guide you in choosing the best 3G WiFI routers. Some of the best Portable 3G WiFi Routers are listed below. Read through each one of them and find out the best one that gives you ultimate satisfaction.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Abdul rahman mohd iqbal      Posted Date: 14 Dec 2012
How to resolve Windows 8 wireless network connectivity problems? (3)
In case you have installed Windows 8 operating system and experiencing wireless network connectivity problems in Windows 8 such as Windows 8 wireless connectivity stops, Unable to connect Windows 8 wireless network, Unable to locate wireless network connectivity etc. then you need to follow step by step instruction to resolve network connectivity error. Read this article to know how to resolve wireless network connectivity problems in Windows 8 operating system.
Category: Troubleshooting    Author: chirag sachdeva      Posted Date: 19 Feb 2012
How to access internet using USB to ethernet port in Tablet (64)
Here I have given tutorial about how to use USB to ethernet port in Tablet. This information clear your doubts about accessing internet via USB to ethernet port in Tablet PC. Read below to get information about wired internet in tablet.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Mobile Boy      Posted Date: 28 Oct 2012
Huawei E355 Wireless Hotspot hands-on review (4)
Are you looking for hands-on reviews of Huawei E355 Wireless Hotspot device? We spent quite some time with a Huawei E355 WiFi Hotspot unit and have shared our experience here. Read this review to find more about one of the best wifi hotspot devices available in India.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 06 Mar 2013
LEO-USB-WIFI Hotspot device hands-on review (2)
Are you shopping for a pocket wireless router? Read our hands-on review on LEO-USB-WIFI hotspot device that can be used as your travel WIFI hotspot device. Read our experience with this gadget.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 10 Jan 2013
Huawei E355 Pocket WiFi - Setup, Configuration and Troubleshooting (23)
Are you looking for help with initial setup and configuration of the Huawei E355 Pocket WiFi hotspot device? Read complete instructions, step by step guide and troubleshooting instructions to resolve any connectivity issues with Huawei E355.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 06 Feb 2013
Top 5 budget 3G Wi-Fi routers in India (2)
3G Wi-Fi routers are now popular in India with the introduction of 3G networks. But in order to use 3G internet connectivity in your portable devices like tablets and laptops you need a 3G Wi-Fi router. It also acts as hotspot to share connection with multiple users and helps to extent the signal coverage. In this article you can read the features, price and specs of budget 3G Wi-Fi routers available in India within the price range of Rs.3000
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Syam      Posted Date: 14 Dec 2012
How to setup a Broadband connection in Windows 7 (8)
Want to set up a broadband connection in Windows 7? Confused how to do it? This article will tell you in details about how to setup a broadband connection.
Category: Installation and Setup    Author: D.Jeya Kumar(JK)      Posted Date: 23 Jun 2010
How to access settings and reboot BSNL WiMax CPE (3)
Is your WiMax too slow or disconnects often? Rebooting WiMax outdoor device may be a quick solution. Learn how to restart the WiMax device.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 06 Jul 2013
Hands on experience review of Micromax MMX 400R Wireless Router (9)
Hands on experience and review of Micromax MMX 400R wireless pocket Wifi router a mifi router which I purchased recently for my personal use. A open box review on the same is also given below.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: RajmiArun      Posted Date: 18 Dec 2012
How to install, configure and setup BSNL WiMax (10)
Read this article to learn how to setup and configure BSNL WiMax. This article will guide you through the steps on installing, setting up and configuring WiMax at your home.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 17 Jul 2013
Top 5 best Wi-Fi routers in India for home and office use (15)
This article discusses about the top 5 best Wi-Fi routers which let you share your internet connection with your smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. All the wireless routers reviewed here are best and also cheap which fall below Rs.3000 in India. Read on.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: TEC Blogger      Posted Date: 18 Dec 2012
ManageEngine WiFi Monitor Plus - Features and Review
Manage your WiFi business or monitor the performance of your home WiFi with the new Android app ManageEngine WiFi Monitor Plus. See what this app does, how it analyzes, surveys and finds where is the problem in your WiFi connection that is affecting the speed that you should otherwise be getting.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 02 Aug 2014
Winknet MF50 3G Pocket WiFi Router Review; Best 3G Pocket WiFi Router in India (1)
Today in this article I am going to review the 3G WiFi Router released by Winknet on July 2012 called as 'Winknet MF50 3G Pocket WiFi Router'. Read on this article to find out the specifications, features and price in India. Also consider this router as one among the best 3G WiFI router available in India.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Abdul rahman mohd iqbal      Posted Date: 08 Dec 2012
Features and price of LAVA portable pocket wireless router W150 in India (1)
LAVA W150 is a portable WiFi router which can be used to extend the WiFi range of your internet connection. You can read about the features and the price of this device in India from this article.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Syam      Posted Date: 13 Dec 2012
How to access 3G on an Android tablet via external dongle ? (11)
Need help regarding 3G access on your Android tablet? By the end of this tutorial you will be able to access 3G Internet on your Android tablet via an external dongle easily.
Category: Installation and Setup    Author: Mobile Boy      Posted Date: 03 Mar 2013
D-Link 3G DWR-113 WiFi router review, specs and features (8)
Read about the D-Link 3G DWR-13 Router and know about its features and specifications. Know how it performs, the speed it offers, connectivity and security options the price in Indian market.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 08 Dec 2012
Disadvantages of BSNL WiMax internet services (3)
Are you planning to get a BSNL WiMax internet connection? Read my experience to learn the disadvantages of WiMax technology and BSNL WiMax services in India.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 24 May 2013
HTC Media Link HD hands-on Review, prices and availability (1)
Read this article for hands-on review of HTC Media Link HD and see how this latest offering from HTC worked for us. See how HTC Media Link HD streams HD content from smartphones to your HDTV without any issues and know its prices and from where to buy HTC Media Link HD
Category: Networking    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 21 Jun 2012
Top 3D Printers to buy in India- Features and Prices
Check out the best 3D printers available in India. Craft you 3D model from any 3D model or electronic data source through this advanced machines. See their prices and features and select the one which suits your needs the best.
Category: Printers    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 26 Jun 2014
Top 10 3G Data Plans for the Indian Market (1)
This article discusses the various 3G Data Plans available in the Indian market. It will prove to be quite useful for customers who want to use use 3G Wifi for their Laptops an PC's.
Category: Internet & Wifi    Author: Karan      Posted Date: 18 Dec 2012
Klipsch HD Theater 600 or Polk TL1900 Blackstone 5.1?
Read this article to know which speaker is better among Klipsch HD Theater 600 and Polk Blackstone TL 1900. With the features of both the speakers almost same there are a few minute things which tip the scale in favor of one speaker against the other. Read on to know what it is.
Category: Input & Output Devices    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 06 Jun 2014

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