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uFlySoft Data Recovery for Mac and Photos & Video recovery for Windows review
Read the review of Mac Data recovery software uFlysoft and Windows Photo recovery software. See the features of these softwares, the time they take, supported storage devices and how they performed in our review.
Category: Backup & Restore    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 24 Apr 2014
Hands-On Review of MiniTool Power Data Recovery - Recover your deleted files (1)
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is capable of restoring data from repartioned disks, flash drives, your iPod, damaged CDs and DVDs. With enough modules that specialize for different purposes and enough license types to choose from, MiniTool Power Data Recovery plays well with its competitors. Scroll down to have your eyes on our exclusive hands-on review of the product.
Category: Backup & Restore    Author: Gyandeep Kaushal      Posted Date: 03 Dec 2013
Recuva File Recovery Software: Reviews, features and working guide (3)
Are you looking for the best file / photo recovery software tool that gives you a comprehensive backup to your data? Then you have landed in the correct location to read the reviews, features and pitfalls of Recuva File Recovery Software that almost recovers and backs up all types of data contents. You can read the working guide of Recuva's recovery process and how it works in Windows OS.
Category: Backup & Restore    Author: Sashwato Chatterjee      Posted Date: 20 Jan 2013
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 5 software review and recommendations (1)
Are you looking forward to buy photo recovery software so that you can retrieve images, videos and audio files from your laptop hard disk or memory card? Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 5 software becomes handy when it comes to recovering the lost files. Read on to know various image recovery options and advanced features of this software.
Category: Backup & Restore    Author: Crazy Geek      Posted Date: 14 Sep 2012
Best data recovery software for 2013 (3)
Accidental loss of data may land you haywire sometimes and can spoil your entire project or game plan. Nowadays Data Recovery Software is a must be it an individual or an organization. In this article, I am discussing about top 10 file or data recovery software for 2013. Please read on and comment.
Category: Disk Utilities    Author: Lakshmi S      Posted Date: 15 Jan 2013
Koyote Free Video Converter features and review
Check out the performance of the free video converter from Koyote Video Converter. Know the features of this software and go through our hands on review of this software. Know the pros and cons of this software and see if it suits your needs.
Category: Audio & Video Utilities    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 09 Apr 2014
Freemake Video Converter review, features, pros and cons
Here we do a in-depth review of the free but fully equipped video convertor- Freemake video convertor. See the features of this software, what all it can and cannot do and why you should use this product.
Category: Audio & Video Utilities    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 04 Apr 2014
Aimersoft video convertor hands on review and user guide
Here we do a detailed review of Aimersoft video convertor. Check the features of this Aimersoft product and know what all is it capable of. Check how fast and efficient is it in its task of video conversion.
Category: Audio & Video Utilities    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 02 Apr 2014
Review of NovaBackup Professional 15: An extremely powerful backup application for Windows
Are you looking for an efficient and powerful backup utility for your Windows based systems? Then here you can read detailed review about NovaBackup Professional 15, which can do disaster recovery, cloud backups, secure and virus free backups and so on. Let's find out its features, pros and cons.
Category: Backup & Restore    Author: SHIBIRAJ      Posted Date: 01 Apr 2014
How to adjust the balance between left and right speakers in windows 7? (4)
This article explains how to adjust the sound balance between left and right speakers in windows 7 computer.
Category: Audio & Video Utilities    Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 04 Jul 2010
123 DVD Copy Gold - a perfect tool for burning discs
In this article I am going to walk you through the review of a great DVD burning software application packed up with a lot of amazing features, called 123 Copy DVD Gold. So, read on to know more about this application and also its pros and cons.
Category: Disk Utilities    Author: Godson      Posted Date: 24 Mar 2014
How to get the most out of the archiving tools
There are a lot of zip utilities. The choice depends on your preferences. B1 Free Archiver will suit those who enjoy sleek style and good functionality.
Category: Other Tools    Author: Hideyasu      Posted Date: 17 Mar 2014
How to restore .CHK files using free recovery software CHK-back? (1)
CHK-back recovery software is free and is highly useful in recovering .CHK files without any hindrance. Though it is a freeware, it does great job equivalent to what paid software does. This user-friendly .CHK recovery software can restore photos, videos, audios and other documents.
Category: Backup & Restore    Author: Ganesh Babu S      Posted Date: 08 Jan 2013
How to split and join files using 7-zip free tool? (1)
Do you want to split large files in to small parts so that you can easily transfer them or copy to CD/DVD media? Learn how to use the free tool 7-zip to compress, split and join files.
Category: Disk Utilities    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 25 Jun 2012
Review of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair (3)
Is your Outlook data file corrupt? or you lost access to all PST file components? Then, this review is for you. There are many Data Recovery Software available in the market, but few have marked their presence globally. In this article, we are going to review one such stunning Data Recovery Software from Stellar viz., Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. This article will have a hard look at various features, usage and specifications of this data recovery software. Please read on.
Category: Disk Utilities    Author: Lakshmi S      Posted Date: 01 Feb 2013
Top 20 free and essential software for your PC or Laptop (3)
Whenever we are using PC or laptop many of us face the problems of data loss and wondered how to recover the lost data? Also there are some tools which are essential for your PC or Laptop other than operating system without which you can not run your system smoothly. Here is the list of top essential and free software for your laptop or PC.
Category: Desktop Enhancement Utilities    Author: Sachin Rambhau Kukale      Posted Date: 06 Sep 2012
Top ten video converter softwares for Windows 7 and 8 (2)
Searching for the best video format converter softwares to watch your videos in smartphones and tablets while preserving the quality of your videos? Read our list of top 10 video format converters available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and even 8.
Category: Audio & Video Utilities    Author: Ankit      Posted Date: 15 Jul 2013
Top 10 Best Free Download Managers for Windows 7 (3)
This is a article where we list the top 10 download managers for Windows 7, Vista and XP, get links for downloading the download managers for free.
Category: Other Tools    Author: Ankit Das      Posted Date: 21 Jun 2010
Highlighting Pros and Cons of Microsoft Entourage
Here is the comprehensively introduction of MS Entourage with detailed pros and cons. Microsoft Entourage is an email client for Macintosh OS users. Basic Entourage features are emailing, calendar, contacts and notes.
Category: Other Tools    Author: Yogita Aggarwal      Posted Date: 05 Mar 2014
Send Free Faxes to anywhere in the World with HelloFax (1)
Do you want to send international Fax for free. HelloFax a partner of Microsoft allows you to send faxes anywhere in the world for free.Read the below article to know how send free fax anywhere in the world.
Category: Document Editing & Management    Author: Abhinav      Posted Date: 18 Dec 2012
Photo recovery software buying guide (1)
Recovery of lost data is no longer a cause for worry. Photo recovery software can recover lost data from any storage device. Here is all the information you need on how the software works and what you should look for when buying it.
Category: Backup & Restore    Author: Juana      Posted Date: 20 Jan 2013
Touchfreeze utility to lock your cursor while typing and avoid accidental jumping of cursor (8)
In this article, I will discuss the free utility called "touchfreeze" which can be used to lock down the cursor on Windows laptops that have a touchpad. This will avoid the cursor jumping problem, resulting in scrambling of text while typing fast on laptops.
Category: Desktop Enhancement Utilities    Author: Tony John      Posted Date: 28 Jun 2011
7-Data Recovery - A Data Recovery Application That Actually Works (2)
Have you ever deleted an important file by mistake? Did you ever happen to have lost your precious files and collections because your hard drive went haywire? And all you wished you could get them back? Well, do go through our review of 7-Data Recovery, a data recovery software that actually works.
Category: Backup & Restore    Author: Gyandeep Kaushal      Posted Date: 30 Nov 2013
Top and best tools for tracking keyword rankings (2)
Keyword rankings tools are very useful to monitor your blog or website in terms of traffic and revenue. So what are the best keyword rankings tools available? Simply read this article and get to know some of the best tools which can be used for tracking the rankings of your keyword.
Category: Other Tools    Author: M.AKSHAY      Posted Date: 25 Apr 2013
Review of Google Wallet - A smart, virtual Wallet for online shopping
Are you looking for a digital or an electronic Wallet? How about Google Wallet? Read the article to know most about Google Wallet, its features, pros, cons, working and review.
Category: Other Tools    Author: Fazl      Posted Date: 29 Jan 2014

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