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Why I love GMail
That is actually a great find. Google in general, and GMail in particular has always been quite practically oriented software option. Unlike the competitors which fill up fancy items in the interface, Google always makes room for the useful stuff.
And I love Gmail too.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 13 May 2017
Android O - Main features of Developer Preview
An update here - Google has pulled the curtains on Android Nougat Beta Program. That should be a clear indication of the fact that the next iteration of the Android eco system will be available for the public soon. We may be able to expect the Android O ( people have already been calling it Android Oreo- will that be the final name is still under wraps) beta program. Though it could still be a long way to go till the update is rolled out to the devices, you can experience it soon through beta program.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 13 May 2017
5 Major Things To Consider While Buying A SmartPhone
Apart from the above points, I would also point out the need for the operating system. Well, people do not have much of a choice these days from that point of view. Even then, you should go for the OS tha best suits you and your working style. If you want to be secure , iOS can be a great choice. Customisation freaks can undoubtedly go for an Android by all means.
Make sure you are getting a good hardware on your phone. The processor should be able to handle the newer software updates effectively. A future proof processor will always be the best bet.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 13 May 2017
Perfios Finance Management Software - Review
You may need to explain what kind of bank statement analysis you need. PERFIOS is the best option and I have been using it since three years or so. It is very much Indian and supports all the major Indian banks and financial institutes.The service has a pro version ( for which you will need to pay a monthly, or an annual fees). If you want, you can get in touch with them and get the required information. Visit for the details.
There is yet another service by Aditya Birla Group. But the issue is that the free version they have does not allow adding more than two accounts. is the site you can visit for information. I had been using it before I got to know about Perfios.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 13 Apr 2017
How to get Google Assistant on your phone?
Thank you for that piece of appreciation. We are happy to know that the article served your purpose of gaining fruitful knowledge in the sphere of Google Assistant.
There is yet another way you can get Google Assistant on your phone. Download the Gapps Package for your phone and flash it onto your device. The build after 3rd April are shipping with the option to enable Google Assistant.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 13 Apr 2017
BHIM App Review - Complete details
The app has received a series of updates after the launch and most of the bugs found in the initial launch have been ironed out. Moreover, the app has seen an unprecedented success as long as downloads are concerned. With over 4 million downloads ( the number could be even more after those reports), BHIM is the top app on Google Play Store in India.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 08 Jan 2017
Xender file transfer app clocks in 170 million users
Xender has been one of the most popular options when it comes to file transfers in addition to ShareIt. I have been using the latter quite often. I would guess the multiple language support is the best feature from my point of view.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 30 Nov 2016
MySpeed App - The official app to test your internet speed
The developers seem to listening to the feedback received from users. The app has received a quicker update over the last week. There have been a few performance improvements and fixes to a few bugs.

The changelog does not mention any specific issues, yet the performance has really received a boost as I can find it on my phone.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 18 Jul 2016
Car runs automatically and the screen staggers : bug fix GTA 4
But deleting the devices and associated drivers cannot be treated as a solution. Because it is not only the game we would be playing on a PC. There are many more tasks and you will need to reinstall those deleted devices all over again! Will it not be a cause for decreased productivity?
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 25 Jun 2016
Kabadiwala Connect - A new innovative waste management
Those initiatives not necessarily aim at a high profit. These kind of startups work with a dual mission of profitability and social service.
Having said that, one must not forget that there is plenty of money in what we think scrap. Mobile phones, for instance can be a rich source of recycled precious metals. It may be astonishing to know that a ton of old mobile phones provide you around 300 pounds of copper!
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 23 Jun 2016
Meditation Apps for Android
These apps indeed serve you to relax. Much needed in the current lifestyle which leaves no room for self, it would indeed be a good collection. But, the question is - do we get enough to time meditate? Meditation has been found useful in conditions like sleep disorders, depression and such issues. It has also been considered to be effective in cancer treatment and heart ailments.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 16 Jun 2016
Review of Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus
Though a good device in most respects, there are certain missing features. The phone does not seem to have USB OTG functionality. Given the fact that it is one of the most sought after features. some prospective buyers may be dissuaded from opting for it.
Battery should be one of the best features with this device. Video loop tests have indicated a result of around 11 hours, so that should mean we can get more than a day's backup even with heavy usage.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 16 Jun 2016
Grammarly Review: Is it a help for Writers?
Geammarly is truly a great tool to reduce the grammar mistakes that we normally commit while working with our writeups. I would treat it an indispensable tool for the online writers. I have it on my laptop. I had installed the add on for Word as well But, later removed it later as it was a little slow.

Grammaly has taught me a lot of things when it comes to good English.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 12 Jun 2016
Google Allo Messaging App features and review
Google seems to be attempting to take on Facebook by the horn. The Allo messaging app is the first step in that direction. The popularity and widespread usage of WhatsApp has been unforeseen. It needs to be seen whether Allo will be capable of overtaking the hugely popular instant messenger. It will need to work out on many fronts for that to happen.
One of the biggest strengths of WhatsApp is its cross platform functionality. Google Allo will have to work on that front first. Let us see how it fares in the face of competition.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 12 Jun 2016
PDF Converter: A PDF Management Suite to Create, Convert and Edit PDF Files
I often need to convert the Word documents to PDF. But I have observed that good PDF converters are quite expensive. That makes them unusable from the budget point of view. I regularly use online PDF converters for my PDF requirements.

But, one of the best PDF converters I have found is FoxIt PDF express. It came pre installed with my HP Laptop. I do not know whether it is available for free for non HP users. I must say it has quite good features. It also has an add-on for MS Word, Excel and other software. That makes it more of a practical tool.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 12 Jun 2016
Cubby: Is It a Better Cloud Storage?
Clubby is indeed a good option when it comes to cloud sharing services on offer. The 5 GB storage space impressive enough. Though the service is quite new and lesser known in the face of biggies like DropBox or Google Drive, it does have the ability to surpass them. The feature set is an indication to it.

Thanks for introducing such a great cloud service to us.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 12 Jun 2016
Technology Initiatives to manage Garbage issues
Yes, of course - but coming from the government agencies which are normally lethargic to adapt to latest technologies I must say they are doing a really commendable job in using these smartphone technologies. We just need to be optimistic enough that the initiatives will stay that way for a longer time to come. If that happens, one can safely say that the technology has paid off, and paid off well enough.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 23 Apr 2016
Best Free Board Game Apps for Android
A good collection of the games. One of the games I like most and I have on my device since long is pool break Pro. It is a combination of Pool, Snooker, Carron and Crokinole. Each of these indibidual games have multiple variants.
The interface anfd the look of the game is quite natural and realistic. The Pool game, for instance has different real life versions of the game in the real world - like 8 Ball, Rotation pool or a 9 ball pool. Same goes for other games like Carrom or Snooker.
One more game that love playing is Chess Genius. It gives you a realistic pleasure of playing chess. I would have loved the addition of these two games to the list.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 30 Mar 2016
7 Unique Android games review
Of those, Pottery has always been my favourite game.I had it on my device even when I had Nokia C6-01 (they had a version for Symbian - not sure whether they continue to offer it). It enhances your creative side. My ten year old son likes the game quite a lot and a great fan.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 28 Mar 2016
Kabadiwala Connect - A new innovative waste management
That's indeed a great idea. Collaboration of government bodies with such green initiatives will go a long way in making our Bharat really Swachh.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 18 Mar 2016
MixRadio shutting down, says farewell with its last Mix for all its users
I had grown fond of this service. Sad enough, the service is shutting down. I guess it is the lobby in music streaming services that has forced the provider to terminate the services. I remember Samsung launching Club Samsung a few months ago and it was subsequently shut down within a couple of months.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 12 Mar 2016
Kabadiwala Connect - A new innovative waste management
Certainly. Kabadiwala Connect is trying to expand its business model to other cities. The fact that it is going beyond the Indian boundaries is indicative of the success formula involved in the concept.
Yes, it is evident that the startup is not into making profit. It just has been trying to workout the working capital. They are currently into fund raising hunt. Hopefully, we will be able to find more of its work in adjoinjng cities.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 12 Mar 2016
India's own navigation system - can it replace GPS?
Another satellite has been launched into the orbit. With this ISRO has moved more closer to the completion and executionofthe ambitious project. This will go a long way in making India self reliant in the field of navigation.
Two more satellites to go and next is the complete implementation of the swrvice. Let us hope rhe mission completes in a couple of months to come.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 12 Mar 2016
Top five EdTech startups in India
Thank you Amit for noticing the efforts that went into compiling this information. I had a few more startups involved in educational arena. But those were sites that have specific interest areas. Maybe we can write a separate article on it.
And yes, I am glad I am using the Hello English app by CultureAlley to help my 10 year old son to learn and improve his English skills.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 11 Mar 2016
Five Most Common Technology Myths
Thanks for that information. That was indeed much helpful. You saved my money on an extra charger.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 28 Feb 2016
Five Most Common Technology Myths
Those were indeed much helpful ideas. I have the habit of leaving the phone on charging overnight for obvious reasons. However, I always felt a little disturbed thinking I may be shortening the battery life. Your reasoning has effectively cleared my doubts.
Another similar issue i have been coming across is about the chargers. It has always been said that you should always use the charger that comes out of the box. Using any other although connectors match is not recommended. Is there any truth in it, or is it a myth again?

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 23 Feb 2016
A preview to Freedom 251 - World's cheapest smartphone
That was indeed a good find. I agree with your view that no one will bother to get it repaired if something goes wrong. The cost of repair would - in fact be more than what you have spent on it.
But even before that I have strong apprehensions about the actual functionality of the phone. The models available for the press at the launch were not the actual phones, but those from AdCom or such other manufacturer. They do not even have a prototype at the time of launch!. Moreover, the big question remains about the BIS certification which is mandatory.
Right now, it seems to be a wait and see game.

Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 20 Feb 2016
A preview to Freedom 251 - World's cheapest smartphone
An update here - the site could not handle the unprecedented hits amounting to 6 lakhs per second ( that's the estimate provided by site itself). It has crashed and a service upgrade is underway. The site has claimed that they will be back within 24 hours or before.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 18 Feb 2016
Whatsapp without internet - fake offers going viral, cheating Whatsapp users
It would be quite appropriate if WhatsApp comes up with a public warning about such messages. Or better still, they can come up with a few messages on the app itself. Such a step would indeed be helpful in securing the privacy concerns (and any other damage that these fraudsters have on mind).
It is important to note that the perpetrators can have a wide range of plans under their sleeve. Such sites gather much of the user information. These days almost all of us use banking applications on our phones. What if such apps steal that confidential information?
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 15 Feb 2016
Top Digital India Mobile Apps and Websites to Aid Indian Government
I just hope that the concept of Digital India hopefully moves beyond just the mobile apps and the associated hoopla. We would be happy only when the real benefits of such campaigns reach the real beneficiaries whom the schemes are meant for.
Well, there has been good progress in that direction. What with LPG and such benefits being given under DBTL scheme. Hopefully, the rural population gains better education and awareness in these concepts and gets ready to work for the betterment of the society as a whole.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 09 Feb 2016
Review of Just Buy Live Application - A Real Boon for the Retailers and Sellers!
In today's e-commerce world, this has really been a boon for the "Aam Dukaandar" or the corner side Paanwala. The B2B approach of the app is indeed a saving grace for the brick and mortar shopkeepers.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 09 Feb 2016
Does Free Basics really compliment Net Neutrality?
And the wish has been granted! TRAI has categorically denied permission to the concepts like Free Basics. No operator can resort to differential pricing when it comes to internet based services.
This has in effect made the ideas like Free Basics and AirTel Zero completely illegal in India. It is a clear Win Win situation for Indian net users.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 09 Feb 2016
Return/Refund Policies Of ShopClues
I request members and guests to kindly go thorough the previous responses to the article. It has been brought to the notice of the readers time and again that we are in no way associated with ShopClues or any other e commerce sites. Please bring your concerns to the attention to the retailer by following the exact procedure mentioned in the article.

We won't be able to provide any assistance in this regard. The article above is for general information and as such you need to contact official contact links on their website.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 29 Jan 2016
Return/Refund Policies Of ShopClues
I request the readers to note that this site is in no way related to ShopClues or any online seller. Please read the responses to above queries. You need to contact ShopClues and initiate the refund process in the right way. Kindly note that we have published this article as a guide on the correct return/ refund process on ShopClues.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 16 Jan 2016
Does Free Basics really compliment Net Neutrality?
The deadline set by TRAI to receive suggestions ended on 7th January, 2016. Interestingly enough, initial reports suggest that 80% of the responses have come in favour of free basics! Now, does it not seem like a result of aggressive lobbying from Facebook? It has been coming up with frequent pop-ups on its apps to send the petition via the app. And I am sure for most of the people using Facebook, internet is nothing more than Facebook and WhatsApp! TRAI should, in fact, reject all suggestions coming from such IDs.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2016
Perfios Finance Management Software - Review
The mobile app of the service has received a major update. A most demanded feature has been added to the app. The mobile app is now a true replica of the web version. It now provides you a complete breakup of all your financial transactions in one go. However, the Android version still has a few issues which have been scheduled for an further fixes by the end of January, 2016.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 12 Jan 2016
Best Movie streaming services in India
Here is an update:
The world renowned movie streaming service NetFlix has entered India. The service has greater UI. It would definitely be a shocker for existing services in India. Hopefully, it will let the competing services to raise their level. However, as of now, NetFlix seems to lag behind in terms of content. It currently has just 7% of its US library. Also it is more expensive compared to the other services. The price stands right mow at Rs. 500 per month. If NetFlix adds more content - more presumably Indian content - it may have an edge over the competitors.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 08 Jan 2016
iCare Data Recovery - How I recovered some wedding pics from the crashed SD card
That should indeed be a great relief for anyone who has faced the similar issue. However, does it work only with SD cards, or are microSD cards supported? We tend to face issues on our smartphones quite regularly and it would be a real blessing if it does.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 06 Jan 2016
How to buy a smartphone with Smartly.Me app
The app is currently available only on Android. I do not think it will be available for low-end feature phones. However, maybe you can use it on your smartphone if you want to recommend any new phone to your near and dear ones.
Download it on your smartphone and build your customised phone by selecting the spec sheet you want. The app will come up with suggestions based on your needs. Visit www.smartly.Me for more information.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 06 Jan 2016
How to earn from Screenwise Panel - A unique reward programme from Google
There are a couple of e-commerce sites that are supported for the reward. Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Shoppers Stop are a few of them. I used Flipkart because I had a planned purchase. More e-commerce sites are in the pipeline and may be added soon.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 04 Jan 2016
How to earn from Screenwise Panel - A unique reward programme from Google
Well, here is an update - I personally checked for the authenticity of the rewards. As I crossed the mandatory Rs. 500 threshhold, I redeemed my balance for an e-voucher from Flipkart. The voucher was promptly delivered to my email address within a couple of minutes. I used it on Flipkart and made a purchase. So the payments are genuine and prompt.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 04 Jan 2016
Does Free Basics really compliment Net Neutrality?
Bhasker, you seem to be confusing net neutrality with the data plan prices. What Net Neutrality proposes is once you subscribe to a particular data plan, you should be able to use it for whatever Internet has an offer. Forcing a differential treatment of services or platforms is against the principle of net neutrality. Your complaint about data plan pricing should be a matter of a separate discussion. Suppose I am subscribed to 1 GB data pack for 28 days. What if my service provider says I cannot use it for WhatsApp? Shall I agree to it? Absolutely not! Same goes for free basics. By making it appear as if they are offering something for free, they have been exploiting the gullible subscribers. Offering a thing for free amounts to discriminating it against the other. Hope you understood it now clearly.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 04 Jan 2016
India's own navigation system - can it replace GPS?
Success of the initiative will be entirely dependent on how device manufacturers respond to the call given by ISRO. Hopefully, they will incorporate the necessary changes in their devices. Whether they succumb to the GPS lobby, or will work with ISRO will make or break the prospects of an indigenous navigation system.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 04 Jan 2016
Does Free Basics really compliment Net Neutrality?
Facebook and Reliance have been trying to make fun of the consumers. Hopefully, TRAI takes appropriate action against the exploitation of the general public in the name of free Internet. Let us wait till TRAI checks out on the suggestions received and come up with conclusions.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 03 Jan 2016
File Shredder Apps for Windows 10
CCleaner appears to be the best one among the lot. I use it regularly on my office PC. In fact, I do make it a point to use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall any application I no longer wish to keep and then clean up the debris with the CCleaner. It has been my favourite because of the light nature of the application and the clean interface.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 02 Jan 2016
VPN Extensions for Google Chrome
The VPN extensions really make your life simpler. Just like what VPN apps available for Android do with your connections, the extensions also work the same. They indeed help you in being able to access your favourite sites without any need to be worried about the security. Since these VPN services cut off the direct linking of your desired website to the browser and act as intermediary, you remain safer.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 27 Dec 2015
How to make optimum use of Google Chrome - Top 10 tips
The incognito mode has been explained in the article. Yes, I just forgot to mention that the incognito mode lets you surf without cache. That's a good reminder. There are still more tips to be used with Chrome, but those will need a little technical know-how, else they can break your browser installation.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 26 Dec 2015
LiFi - Faster internet than WiFi
Please be clear with your responses, I am not able to make out anything from what you have stated. It would be helpful if you come up with your comments so that I can provide a better response to your queries.
LiFi is currently in a very nascent stage, and it will take years of research into how can it be put to some practical use. But, yes - it would be a great technology in moving towards a greener and cleaner society.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 25 Dec 2015
Prepare Domain name for new Website | Parked Domains and Web Ranking
Frankly enough, we could not understand anything about your query. Please make us clearly understand your issues so that we can offer solutions. I assume you are trying to get AdSense approved with your Techulator account. In that case, I am sorry to let you know that you cannot apply for AdSense through this site. If you have a fully approved AdSense account, you can associate the same with your TEC account to earn from it. If you meant something else, please make it clear in a legible language.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Dec 2015
How to Take the Perfect Selfies
The first tip of taking care of chins is indeed a gem of a discovery for me! I have always had an issue if getting proper selfies, though I am not much crazy for them. Yet, at times when I'm in a special group and then the need for a selfie arises. Your tips truly proved wonderful.
Author: Timmappa Kamat      Posted Date: 24 Dec 2015

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