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Gunnar Optiks eyewear giveaway - eyewear to protect your eyes from frequent use of computers
Nice glasses and may be I won one for me. Thank you for starting with great giveaway.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 01 May 2013
Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Sony Xperia Z – price, features, specifications, review
I found price of Sony Xperia Z is Rupees38,990/- and Sony Xperia ZL at Rupees 35,990/- only. You can buy both smartphone from any online shopping website. They may give you good deals and discount.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 08 Mar 2013
Micromax A116 Canvas HD: Features, Reviews, Specs and price in India
Every time Micromax comes with high quality and superb products. Micromax A116 Canvas HD is the one step ahead product range. Comparing to features with other brands Micromax A116 Canvas HD has affordable price. Any one who can buy this brand will enjoy the latest's technology.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 10 Feb 2013
Best affiliate programs in India
I was tried affiliate programs Amazon and Google affiliates but not getting that much of interactions from my visitors. Yes I successfully earned some $ from CO.CC affiliates. I think offering special deal for blog visitor may help best affiliate practices.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 16 Dec 2012
CamStudio Screen Recorder Software | Free Open Source Screen Recording Utility
Sounds great to create software instillation demo videos. This type of tools having great need for demonstration of Video Games, Application, variety of software's etc. Thanks for valuable information about on screen desktop capturing tool.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 16 Nov 2012
Antivirus for Windows 8
New updates,

Avast Home Basic free antivirus now supporting for Windows 8. Good news for all users of Windows 8, Avast is more reliable and used antivirus for free. If you are using Windows 8 and not want to purchase antivirus then download Avast Home Basic free antivirus now. Avast Home Basic is best choice of offline users. Avast Home Basic has a good experience among the world wide users and well accepted. Use following link to download Avast Home Basic free antivirus,

Link :-
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 14 Nov 2012
Must have Google Chrome Extensions and Plugins
Google chrome is widely acceptable browser now and many of us browsing only through it. Thanks for nice plugins and extensions for Google Chrome.

I want to add one more Plugin that you missed i.e. Google Publisher Toolbar, this app is much valuable for AdSense user.

Also other cool plugins and apps available in Google Chrome store check it out.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 11 Nov 2012
Lenovo launches a series of new smartphones in India
Lenovo a great and well known brand for Indians. We already used a laptops and PC from popular brand Lenovo. Its great news for all of us that Lenovo coming with series of new smartphones in India. I am sure that Lenovo smartphones are much better and upgraded with latest's technology. As specifications given above it looks very interesting and great to have it. Prices are also economical as compare to other big brands available in market.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 11 Nov 2012
Aakash 2 Tablet PC online pre booking started
This is very great news for every Indian student to buy tablet PC in just few bucks. Really this technology help students to learn more from internet. Also students of IT, computer science etc will get bigger advantage of Aakash tablet. The newer version is much more stable and easy to use. Hope as soon as Aakash tablet II available soon and we see students work on them.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 11 Nov 2012
Apple iPad Mini vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100: Head – To – Head Comparison
Apple has his unique customer's and sure they will buy Apple iPad Mini at any cost. Where the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 has great opportunity to attract newer customers with attractive prizes and features. Recently Apple won a case against Samsung and this may help indirectly to Apple to gain faith from cream customer. Also Apple may had plan to launch their product to gain maximum sale as compare to competitor. Lets see whats come out after the availability of products in market.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 11 Nov 2012
How to generate free multimedia content for your website or blog?
Adding apps also a good opportunity to engaged your visitor. There are many online games and fun apps available to install on your website. I found that the visiting time is tremendously increasing with this type of apps. If you have better embedded apps then share with us, I am happy to hear you....
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 11 Nov 2012
Google going live with Limited AdSense Accounts for Host Partner Sites
Great news for freelances, I came across many people who not getting approval for AdSense account and losing revenue share. Hope this new changes will help them. I am sure that getting "Limited AdSense Account" approval is very easy. The process as you said above for showing ads on other domain is also very easy and much acceptable.

Only one question rises in mind there is any chances to upgrade for permanent AdSense account to limited?

Other thing is any impact of Limited Adsense Account on the behalf of revenue generation from ads?
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 10 Nov 2012
Windows and Linux - Which one is better for normal PC user?
I used Ubuntu and found great experience like ease of use, light version, very fast, big range of apps, tremendous graphics, etc. With Windows we bind to several do's and dont's but with Linux no limitation. The latest's version of Ubuntu 12.04 is awesome and I recommend to use once. Windows 8 is now available and there is no comparison with open source OS because Microsoft has big team to develop and modify where Linux has limitations. But longer surveillance and faith raising the need of Linux OS.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 10 Nov 2012
Common URL shortners | Benefits and Features
Limitations or disadvantages of URL shorter services :- As per me URL shortening is a only fun and not add value to main website. Because it hide the real name/url of website and lost search engine benefits. With new technology innovations "URL shorter services" born but not have such great value for SEO experts. Hope in future more options are available to work with URL shorter services.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 10 Nov 2012
Earn Mobile Recharge with EmbeePay (Facebook Application Review)
Raghvendra thanks for sharing your experience about Embeepay Facebook application.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 04 Aug 2012
Cheapest Laptop in India: Lenovo G570 hands-on review
Hi nice review about Cheapest Laptop in India. Yes Linovo and HCL Me laptops are very cheapest starting brand in India. You can by good price laptops from online shopping or stores if you have good practice of cracking deals you may got lot discounts on off brands. As per me you can buy off brand starting laptop from 15,000/- to 20,000 Rupees range in big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc. Faredeal is good one, naptol, other merchants also do good if you have nice crack.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 05 Jul 2012
Earn Mobile Recharge with EmbeePay (Facebook Application Review)
Not 100% sure why people not getting this apps or think is spam. The way of earning points and redemption is main problem. Ok, for me writing articles is good option to earn money and recharge my mobile self.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 05 Jul 2012
Earn Mobile Recharge with EmbeePay (Facebook Application Review)
Embee Pay is Facebook application and it earn money from Facebook Adds services. Your one time of recharge of Rupees 50 to 100 /- will easy within one month. But no regular recharge will be. Is a legal application. The concept of advertising is different in case of Embee Pay.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 04 Jul 2012
How to generate free multimedia content for your website or blog?
Thank you Jessica for your positive Response.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 04 Jul 2012
Earn Mobile Recharge with EmbeePay (Facebook Application Review)
No dear I am using this app regularly.
You can use this App on this :-
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 24 Jun 2012
Earn Mobile Recharge with EmbeePay (Facebook Application Review)
Really Sohail,

Its too easy to get free recharge from EmbeePay, I also recharged my mobile once using EmbeePay Recently. Thanks for recognize my article.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 23 Jun 2012
How to recover hacked e mail Google and Yahoo account?
Recent Updates on Security of Google Account and Facebook.

Activate two step verification for Google account, to be secure at any where browsing. A mobile number will help you to get your account back.

Same use recovery option (Mobile no) in Facebook.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 04 May 2012 is re branding to
Dear Tony,

All of us have done a great job here to solve problems regarding Windows and other Microsoft products. Now if Microsoft is taking over the domain because of similarity in domain name, shouldn't they take over thousands of other domains with similar names?

I think Microsoft officials should think about it again.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 05 Mar 2012
How to buy Aakash Tablet PC Online?
Akash Tablet is best ever released tablet PC. It specially build for Indian students. The people were shocked how can Akash Tablet PC will come in very low prize. But the need and demand of new technology in accepted price is given birth of Akash. Sure the large production will provide every Indian their own Akash Tablet PC.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 20 Nov 2011
Best antivirus of the year - 2010
Very important and useful information about anti-virus product. Free Avast is best option for home use and thats its top ranked. For internet users upgraded versions are best. Microsoft is having notable share in antivirus market with his recently successfully launched Microsoft Security Essential and Malecious removal tool.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 18 May 2011
Microsoft releases updates to support Indian Rupee symbol
Thanks for nice updates. The official UNICODE language had created new Rupee symbol. The HTML code is available to run/use rupee symbol on your website. Sure Microsoft will support Indian Rupee symbol in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. We will not shock if we found Rupee symbol key on keyboard like a $. The main reason for that Indian used and involved in development of Computer technology. Its great gift by Microsoft if they create Rupee key on keyboard.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 13 May 2011
Windows 8 Milestone 3 Build 7959.
The second image you attached in article said that Microsoft Confidential notification and warn about the use. I don't guess who will dare to leak this window build 7959. So, my question can we download this version from torrent (maximum window torrents available) and try for testing on our existing computer. Is it safe or content some spywares and Trojans.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 07 May 2011
MyWindowsClub wallpaper pack
Hi Abhishek,

Nice work and thank you for lovely wallpapers.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 04 Jan 2011
Windows 7 Vs Ubuntu Linux - A Comparison
Hallo Rakesh,

Thanks for your nice observation.
Yes I agree, 1st I think to start with comparisons. But when I completed my article I thought lets users get compile. As this sentence explain, "Graphics are the heart of Linux is continue with Ubuntu, you can Twist & Stretch your windows. This feature of Ubuntu is heart breaking." Windows Aero have to develop more.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 08 Jul 2010
How to recover deleted files in Windows 7
Dear Raghav,

Nice information, this can help many people to get there data back. Actually I had used recovery tool from restore point, when my PC get infected with Trojan. I found list of losing program & restoring program. This is nice feature of Windows 7.
Author: Vilas      Posted Date: 05 Jul 2010

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