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Sample letter to police to report lost or stolen mobile phone
Readers are advised not to submit details of their devices and their letters here but at the local police station in their area where the phone was lost. The author has just related his own experience and provided a sample letter as an example of how to format such a complaint letter. The author is not expected to forward your letters to the police.
Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 05 Dec 2015
How to associate a YouTube channel with a different Google AdSense account
Tony Sir,
What exactly are the benefits of associating YouTube with another AdSense account? Is it not better to have it associated with the same account?
Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2015
How to get a refund for online purchases & shipping costs at Amazon India
Timmappa, you can submit a claim up to 90 days after the date of the order of the product and the time frame for returning goods to get refund is as mentioned below:

Returning products to Amazon India

There are different time frames for the various types of products.
  1. For electronics, toys, baby products, video games, home and kitchen products, office products, health & personal care products and Pet supplies it is 10 days (for both, if no longer required & if defective).

  2. For books, movies and televsion shows, apparel, watches, fashion jewellery, shoes, luggage and handbags it is 30 days for both, if no longer required & if defective).

  3. For products in the categories of music, beauty and sports and men's inner wear, it is 30 days if it is a damaged product and 7 days if no longer needed.

There are also a whole lot of policies governing the return policies, the policies varying across the products. For example, luggage with locks which is returned must be done so in an unlocked condition, the seller needs to be informed within 14 days of delivery if a book or movie is damaged or defective, etc.

Hence, due to all the various terms and conditions around which each return and refund policy is centered, it is best to read all these before you decide to buy the product you want.
Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 05 Sep 2015
Top 6 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog
I would like to know which is the best way to check the bounce rate of one's blog or website. Are there any free online sites which provide tools to check the bounce rate?
Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 24 Apr 2015
Impact of Google's Mobile Usability algorithm change on April 21 - FAQ
Tony Sir,
This article was an excellent eye-opener for website owners. I am sure a lot of them will be scrambling to fix their sites before 21st April!

I want a clarification. I used the mobile friendly test and my site passed. I checked with the mobility usability feature too and there were no issues reported. Yet, the mobile friendly label does not appear. Will this label show/not show only if checked via a mobile device? It cannot be seen via a laptop or desktop?
Author: Vandana      Posted Date: 15 Apr 2015

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