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Nokia Lumia 925 - features, specifications, and price in India
The price of Nokia Lumia 925 in India has not so far made available in India. But the price of Rs.32,000 given in this article seems to be a guess. As of today, Nokia has not revealed the price of this smartphone in India. Nokia is listed on the official website of Nokia only today and its international price is revealed at 469 Euros.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 28 May 2013 interview with Priyangshu Borgohain – Blogger and Internet marketer
This interview should be an eye opener to students who while away their time in useless facebook and other social media chats or pass their time in gossip on their mobile phones. Reading this interview the young students of today should get inspired as to who a 17 year student of Class XII can achieve so much in addition to pursuing his regular studies. Blogging needs a lot of hard work, which not only involves writing skills but also the knack to search for the correct and relevant information. It earns a good amount of revenue to a successful blogger like Priyangshu Borgohain, a part time blogger from Assam.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 12 May 2013
Virtual Office services in Hyderabad, India
Thanks Naresh, for your appreciation of the effort made by me to write this article. This is a fact, which I stated in the body of this article too, that many of us are not aware of the term 'virtual office'. I thank which has provided me the platform for writing this article.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 03 May 2013
Virtual Office services in Hyderabad, India
Thanks for your comment. In fact, we do not know many things usually happenings around us until we read some information published about them. In fact, I was also like you in the beginning. However, gradually I have learned many things browsing the net.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 03 May 2013
Cheap, better and latest PC tablet plus phone 9.7 inches display iberry AUXUS CoreX4 3G review
Hi Ketan,
Thank you for your comments. But I will advise you to use the capital letter only in the beginning of a sentence and as the beginning letter of a proper noun. The message written in the way as you have done becomes very difficult for the reader to comprehend.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 01 May 2013
Where to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 in India
Thanks a lot, Veerappan. The positive comments like this encourage the authors to write better articles. Thank you very much for the encouragement and support.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 18 Apr 2013
Interview with Main Uddin, Pro-Blogger and Digital Marketing expert from Assam
A very inspiring interview which gives even an ordinary web surfer an idea to become a blogger. The interview is deftly handled and has brought out each and every aspect of the blogger's personality. People like us can learn a lot from such interviews with successful bloggers.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 23 Mar 2013
Sony Xperia Z price in India, release date, availability, features, specifications and review
I have not mentioned about the competition of Sony Xperia Z with Samsung Galaxy S3 since Samsung Galaxy S3 is priced lower than this phone and has beaten all other smartphones in the world being the largest selling handset in the worlds having crossed over 50 millions sales. This record perhaps can now be beaten only Samsung Galaxy S4 which has gained an instant popularity immediately after its launch on March 14, 2013.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 22 Mar 2013
Interview with Pankaj Gupta, a professional blogger and an expert in the field of SEO and SEM.
Good and well conducted interviews always inspire others. This is a very well conducted interview. Every question has been answered with the sincerity it deserves. It is definitely going to have a marked impact on young and emerging bloggers who are really interested in pursuing blogging as their career.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 16 Mar 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 - technical features and specifications
Thanks for the features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S IV although Samsung has not officially released them in the media. The latest news about Samsung Galaxy S IV is that this smartphone is slated to be released on March 14, 2013 in the New York city due to the continual requests Samsung received for its release in the US. Earlier Samsung had released its flag ship highest selling smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III in the world at the event held in London. This will be the first launch of a Samsung smartphone in the US during the last three years. The camera features are almost the same as for the LG's latest LG Optimus G Pro. LG Optimus G Pro has a battery of 3140 mAh. The screen size is bigger in Optimus Pro at 5.5 inches but does not have the eye tracking feature. The two phones are going to have a close competition with each other depending on how much they are priced in the market.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 12 Mar 2013
Techulator – the one year successful journey
I appreciate the way and the goo layout for writing the review about Techulator. The content is very well presented. But I would appreciate if the author corrects the following sentence in the summary part of the article. The summary is very important as it is visible to the visitor even without looking at the details of the article. Remember that the first impression is the last impression.

"Techulator - one the best ranking technology websites with Alexa global ranking of 12,524 and fetching +35000 visitors per day turns to one year."

The missing preposition 'of' in the above sentence will leave a very bad impression on the reader.

Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 10 Mar 2013
Top 10 best Windows 8 Antivirus for free download
Thanks for giving an illustrated and elaborative details about free antivirus and anti malware software to be used with Windows 8 available in the market. But out of all of them, I would prefer the users to make use of the Microsoft Security Essentials which comes pre-installed with their Windows 8 software since it is from the same Microsoft company which has made Windows 8. Is it necessary to use any other free antivirus software once your Windows 8 software comes with free pre-installed Microsoft Security Essentials? You have stated that there is no need to use any any other anti-virus software once you already have Microsoft Security Essentials pre-installed with Windows 8. Then why are there so many anti-virus software being made for Windows 8?
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 09 Mar 2013
Top 5 Best Sports games on Facebook in 2013
Thanks for posting an interesting and informative article on the most liked sports games on Facebook. In fact, my friends and followers on Facebook keep me inviting to play these games. However, since I did not know how to play them, I usually ignore their message. Your article on the sports games has now enlightened me to the facts as to how to play these interesting games. After reading your article, I feel like trying one of these games.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 09 Mar 2013
12 simple and effective tips to improve your AdSense CPC
The author may kindly reconsider correcting the following sentence which appears to be incomplete under the paragraph heading "How does ad sizes affect CPC":

"If you are using rectangle ad units, you can Typically, the ad sizes will not affect the CPC."
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 09 Mar 2013
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini features, specifications, prices compared with Samsung Galaxy S3.
Thanks a lot, Amit for your appreciation of the work.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 08 Mar 2013
Vertu Ti Luxury Android Phone launched for £6700 : Review
Do the prices of Vertu smartphone quoted by you at $6700 (Rs.3,67, 060) for the basic phone, $8000 (Rs. 4,38, 280) for the Tiranium Pure Black, $8900 (Rs,4, 87, 586) for Titanium Alligator and £13,900 (Rs. 11, 47, 217) for the Black Tiatnium Red Gold Material top look reasonable as stated by the author? These prices have been once again repeated by the author in the article under the paragraph heading “Cost and Release Date of Vertu Ti Android smartphone”. Under this paragraph, the author has changed the price of the Black Tiatnium Red Gold Material top model from £13,900 to $13,900. This shows that the article has not been written with the seriousness it requires. The author has called these prices affordable for normal users. Where is the justification given for such high prices? The features seem to be normal like any other low cost smartphones.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 07 Mar 2013
Interview with Paresh Gujarati, Young blogger and Mechanical engineer
It is very nicely compiled interview except for a few grammatical errors here and there. The author should have taken a proper care about the use of articles in his writing. There is one or two errors in noun number and construction of sentences. Some of the error which I came across and the author may edit the article and correct them:
In the first sentence, the article ‘an’ should have been used with noun ‘engineer cum blogger’. The article ‘the’ should have been used when we are referring to the same ‘noun’ such as ‘the same college’ instead of ‘same college’. In the same sentence, the article ‘a’ is missing before ‘simple person’. Once again in the same sentence, the pronoun ‘other’ at the end of the sentence should be written as ‘others’. In the question ‘How many years you have been blogging?’ the verb ‘have’ should come before the subject ‘you’. The verbs in the sentence ‘When I learn how one can earn through knowledge sharing at ISC, I realized that one can earn actually on internet via sharing knowledge and by Google Adsense’ should be changed to past tense. ‘learn’ ought to be changed to ‘learnt’ and ‘can’ should be changed to ‘could’. The negative particle ‘not’ is missing in the following sentence: ‘I did know much about blogging but by experience in ISC and other sites, I learn some SEO, html and other aspects which are necessary for every blogger.’ Both the parts of the sentence ought to be in the past tense. The verb ‘learn’ should be changed to ‘learnt’ and ‘are’ should be changed to ‘were’ in this sentence. I think some of the errors in the article could have been corrected while revising the same.

Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 07 Mar 2013
Larger than life monitor launched by LG India
Kindly use key words in your title. Moreover, the length of your article is very short. 19.5 inches monitor is not a very big surprise. I have a computer monitor of the size 27 inches which I am using in a class room for teaching. Kindly change the title of article incorporating key words in it and increase the length of the article before it is rejected and all your labour is wasted.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 06 Mar 2013
Online deals for Micromax A116 Canvas HD
All pre-ordered phones were sold out at with which Micromax partnered for online sale within 24 hours as soon as the announcement of its release was made on February 14, 2013. The SnapDeal now displays 'Sold out' notice telling you that you are late. An estimated 9000 phones were sold out by SnapDeal. Micromax a116 Canvas HD which created ripples in the Indian phone market is not available at many online shops. However, some online shops like, FabMart, Lalajione and Maniacstore are displaying its availability with the prices higher than Rs.13990 the price at which SnapDeal sold the phone.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD is now available at at Rs.15165, at at Rs.15190, at for Rs.15399 and at for Rs.16,990. published the results of AnTuTu on its page on February 24, 2013 that the Microsoft A116 Canvas HD performed better than Samsung Galaxy Note in comparative score of points wherein the former scored 12630 points against 10290 points of Samsung Galaxy Note. The different parameters of both the handsets relating to CPU and memory speed, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, SD card, and database access speed were tested. The Galaxy Note’s score was more than Micromax A116 only in 2D and 3D graphics rendering due to its high resolution. In all other spheres including the low price of Micromax A116 it was the A116 canvas HD which took the lead.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 04 Mar 2013
Logitech launches New Keyboards, Trackpads using latest Technology
The following sentence in your summary should be properly framed:
'As the newly launched products by Logitech are much more futuristic, everyone in India is waiting for these products to be shipped in the country.' You may like to change the sentence as follows:

'As the newly launched products by Logitech are futuristic and not presently available in the Indian market, everyone in India is waiting for these products to be shipped to this country'

Both the words 'much' and 'more' are degrees of adjectives. But you are not making any comparison in the above sentence.

You have given a large number of images in your article which should not overshadow the importance of your text. You must also give the source of these images for the editors to find out as from where you have taken these images.

The heading of the first paragraph is not auto - wrapped since you must have pressed the enter key after typing few words.

Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 03 Mar 2013
Physical Memory Dump Error – Resolved at my Desktop PC.
You have used a lot of images in your article. As such, you must display the source of the images below the image for easy review by the editors. When you write lengthy paragraphs, give html tags for paragraph, preferably give the H3 html paragraph heading. Always remember that 'Brevity is the soul of wit'. Convey your thoughts in as simple and less words as you can. The lengthy description of your article should not make it boring to the reader. The idea should be to attract the reader to your article.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 26 Feb 2013
Entrepreneurs meet up Indian tech bloggers in New Delhi
It was nice to read about your experiences with the UK entrepreneurs who have shown their interest of investing in innovative technology in India.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 26 Feb 2013
Interview with Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan, a teenage blogger making millions online
A very well written and inspiring interview which can guide and inspire our young members to learn about blogging. Your interview will act as a wonderful guide for the members who wish to interview bloggers and post the interviews in our Articles Section.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 25 Feb 2013
Micromax Funbook P600 Tablet: Price in India with Full Specs and Features
This is a very well written descriptive article. Micromax Funbook P600 tablet appears to be a good buy at Rs.9,499. I checked up the prices at several online shops. No shops is giving any discount or offer on this tablet. All the shops are selling this tablet at the competitive price of Rs.9,499.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 25 Feb 2013
Dacor launches Android Oven with WiFi: Review
This is quite a revolutionary technology which will bring in other companies launching similar home appliances. Android controlled ovens are perhaps going to become a common product in near future among the home appliances especially attracting families with high income group and technologically oriented families. This is going to revitalize the tech companies manufacturing high end technological home use appliances. Similar to Dacor, Samsung has also released a smart oven in Korea with the brand name Zipel which has wi-fi connectivity. The users can control its functions with an Android phone. It can be instructed to select and cook out of 160 preset dishes. It can even display the calories of a particular dish. No price tag is yet fixed and the date of its global release is also not known.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 25 Feb 2013
Hands-on review of HTC 8X Windows Phone
HTC 8X Windows Phone is presently being sold at Rs.24,999 by one of the sellers at There are over ten online shops which are selling this phone in India at prices ranging from Rs.32,999 to Rs.35,799. The buyers are advised to check up the prices at various online stores before deciding to buy the phone. The comparative prices of the smartphone can be checked at
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 25 Feb 2013
Grow your Twitter Followers Network
Kindly make the following changes before the editors take up your article for review:
1) In the second item under the paragraph heading ‘Create impressive profile’, change the sentence ‘So, try be honest and pure.’ to ‘So, try to be honest and pure.’ The preposition ‘to’ is missing in the sentence.
2) In the third item under the above paragraph heading, change the adjective ‘every’ to ‘all’ before the noun ‘information’. It should be written as ‘…but all information should be correct…’ in place of ‘…but every information should be correct…’
(3) Under the paragraph ‘Follow back’, insert the word ‘will’ in between the words ‘followers’ and ‘think’ in the following sentence ‘By doing this, your followers think that you are also interested in them..’
(4) Under the same paragraph try to change the word ‘unfollow’ as the same is not found in the English dictionary in the following sentence: ‘In addition to it, they will never unfollow you..’
(5) In the ‘Note’ before the conclusion, kindly change the world ‘unfollow’ and also correct the spelling of the word ‘followers’ in which the letter ‘o’ is missing.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 24 Feb 2013
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboards K750 and K760 Details.
The article will appeal better to the readers if written with improvement in English writing skills. The word ‘various’ in the first sentence will appear better if changed to ‘several’. The construction ‘…they have a battery inside them which helps…” would look grammatically correct if changed to “… they have batteries inside them which help …”. In the fourth sentence, there should be space between ‘connection’ and ‘needs’.
The article is otherwise a well written and is very informative. Logitech should have priced the solar keyboard a little low to increase its sales.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 24 Feb 2013
Sony Xperia Z price in India, release date, availability, features, specifications and review
Thank you for informing me about this error. I will take care of it in future.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 17 Feb 2013
Buy Micromax A116 now at the best price (Rs 13,990)
The price quoted at the official sales partner SnapDeal of the Micromax is Rs.13990 and not Rs.13900. The online shop has stated on the day of the release date 14 February itself, that the first lot of orders are sold out and the buyers may book new lot for which the delivery will take 20 days. The external link 'official website' given in the resource article is showing the error Home > 500.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 15 Feb 2013
Problems in newly launched Android 4.2 mobile operating system.
The summary of your article contains three errors as follows:
(1) 'a upgraded version' should be changed to 'an upgraded version'.

(2) In the last but one sentence 'there solutions' should be changed to 'their solutions'.

(3) The last sentence starting with 'Although' is grammatically incorrect. You can change the sentence as follows: 'Google has not found solutions for some of the problems yet, but it is trying to find the solutions and correct them'.
Author: Sukhdev Singh      Posted Date: 11 Feb 2013

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