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Setup Free SSL using Let's Encrypt
Yes shared hosting plans don't offer Lets encrypt. But you can install Lets encrypt if you own VPS plan. Same applies to Bluehost for that matter.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 13 Apr 2017
Mudra Bank Loan Yojana for Startups
SBI is taking MUDRA applications and is allowed to process the loan under all three categories. MUDRA's own banking infrastructure is yet to established in all cities. So if any city has PSU bank then that bank should be able to process this loan. In case of PSU bank the loan rate would be 8-9% whereas in case of private bank it'd be 10-14%. This varies per city and state, so it's hard to specifically mention above. Some PSU banks that process MUDRA applications are - IDBI, Canara bank, Union Bank, Dena bank etc.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 02 Aug 2016
Meditation Apps for Android
Yes the lifestyle issues have led to problems such as anxiety and depression. However time for the meditation is possible. I personally use the Calm app before getting sleep. It helps me get some sleep and also works on anxiety. Not all apps are same. Some may work on depression and other issues and some just are good enough for meditation. Specific set of sounds like white noise and few other noise work on mind very effectively.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 16 Jun 2016
Grammarly Review: Is it a help for Writers?
Grammarly is more focused on US based English, so the corrections and context of grammar is focused on American English. I won't recommend the tool for those freelance writers who are using it for the UK based client. Also the colonies where British English is being used. That being said, if your client is from US and you do the content editing or thesis editing, then it can be really good service to check for errors. Plagiarism check is handy tool which I think they should invest more into.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 12 Jun 2016
Merits and Demerits of websites like iWriter and Textbroker
There is one thing I noticed about both these platform - both of them require native English writers for some of their projects. Also they are quoting very low for 1000 words. 1$ is very low amount for some niche articles. For example, medical niche is very hard to write into and they don't pay much for this niche. Also there are lot of casino blogs owners who want articles written in 1500 words for as low as 1$. If one does the low cost projects all the time then it becomes harder to branch out and demand higher price.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 21 May 2016
What to do when your Paypal Account Gets Limited?
There is also one more reason for limiting paypal account even if you upgrade to business or premier account. That reason is paypal doesn't allow certain business under it's transactions. Those business include sales of some items and also category of business which are monitored by governments around the world. Paypal avoids the legal issue by banning or limiting such accounts and denying their transactions.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 21 May 2016
Best Free Board Game Apps for Android
I didn't try Pool Break Pro. Have to check that game. I had plenty of games to choose from. Some of them include LUDO, Card Duel games and few others. I found multiple chess game apps on Android. And I only played pre installed Chess in tablet once, so not sure about Chess Genius interface. I'll be giving these two games a try. I may review some more game apps in future.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 30 Mar 2016
Kabadiwala Connect - A new innovative waste management
Recycling industry is due disruption for decades. There is a lot of things that needs to be changed there. Startups such as these can be really useful.There may not be profit initially for such projects but with some sponsors and better implementation of recycled products this can be a good project. I think plastic recycling can be on area for improvement which can be the focus in future.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 12 Mar 2016
ViewbestAds Review - My bitter experience with ViewbestAds
I guess the website falls in same category as most of the PTC websites. So obviously they have payment issues. Most of the time website earns good money but the model they use to pass the money back to users is flawed. And with server costs and the sponsors is not easy to balance. I'd say nobody should waste their time on such websites.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 23 Feb 2016
How to earn from Screenwise Panel - A unique reward programme from Google
I am on 400 Rs Threshold so it seems I need a month or two to get reward. That being said, do we get option of choosing in between Flipkart and Jabong only? Or there are other companies (e-commerce sites like Flipkart) for the voucher?
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 04 Jan 2016
VPN Extensions for Google Chrome
I personally use ZenMate on Chrome. It helped me access a lot of websites that are banned by the Indian govt. Also zenmate's servers are not slow, and they respond pretty quickly. So you can even see some video websites from US too. I don't access most of the desktop sites on Phone, so didn't used Zenmate for Android.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 27 Dec 2015
Free Antivirus Apps for Android
Most of the antivirus apps these days have lot of useful features. Emergency SMS is one of them. I got Xiaomi's built in Antivirus tool pre-installed for Note 2. There doesn't seem to be any name for the app though. I guess they have CM security white-labled for their use.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 26 Dec 2015
Program Uninstaller Apps for Windows 10
Earlier I used Revo and JV16 cleaner. However as the JV16 turned premium program, I have now switched to Revo and CCleaner combo.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 19 Dec 2015
MoneyView Personal Finance Android App : Review
Perfios has a lot of interesting tracking features like Mutual fund tracking, bank account real time view and few others. It's just that it requires initial setup and then it's hands-off experience with it.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 26 Nov 2015
Asana: An App for Project Management
Yes you can find the app in Iphone I Tunes store. I am not sure about the Windows Mobile Store.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 18 Nov 2015
Asana: An App for Project Management
Trello is more effective for freelancers or individual usage. Asana is good to use when you are working in a team.

As for reminder system, I found app notifications or email reminders (in case of webapp) more effective. Accountability issue exists for all apps and often it's hard to deal with it, it being more personal.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 17 Nov 2015
System Restore in Windows 10
If the Windows 10 is from an upgraded one, then you may notice a few quirks. If the install is fresh then you may find the system restore and hibernation working smoothly. If you take regular backup using external drive then I don't think you need this feature though.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 24 Aug 2015
Things to Do after Installing Windows 10
You can disable the Windows Defender from Security options. Antivirus like Avast or AVG let's you disable the existing antivirus like Defender during the installation stage.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 29 Jul 2015
Things to Do after Installing Windows 10
Yes, W10 does have Windows Defender since it's Technical Preview builds. And it does slow down the system. This is one reason I migrated to paid antivirus program.
Author: Mahesh      Posted Date: 29 Jul 2015

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