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BlackBerry Q10: Review of features, specs, price and availability in India
I am a big fan of BlackBerry and its phones with QWERTY keypads. QWERTY keypad phones makes typing fast and accurate. I think BlackBerry Q10 prices have been reduced recently, so it would be a good choice for people looking for a good phones with QWERTY keypad. People with less budget can go for Blackberry Q5 which is also equally good.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 27 Nov 2014
Camera review of Moto E - Sample images & Video
Excellent article. I am planning to buy a new budget smartphone priced below Rs8000 and Moto E seems to be a good choice. Your article helped me in making a good and informed purchase decision. Thanks a lot Amit.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 27 Nov 2014
Online payment gateway: A Guide
Thanks for sharing this article. I had heard a lot about this term but did not have a complete idea about it. You have explained all online payment gateways in depth. Thanks for writing and sharing this article. Some of the most popular online payment gateways are CCavenue, Payumoney, Citruspay etc.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2014
Top grossing dual-SIM mobile phones under Rs 2,000 in India
You have mentioned some of the best mobile phones prices below Rs.2000/- But as far as my information goes, not all these mobile phones are available in the market today. Another good alternatives would be Nokia budget mobile phones which are available in similar budget. Some good options would be Nokai 108, Nokia 105, Nokia 106, Nokia 100 etc. You can but the mobile phones online or offline as per your preference.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2014
What makes your blogging career a Big failure
You have mentioned some of the major reasons which newbie bloggers make during their blogging career. Personally I feel that blogging as a career option is a bit risky. If your blog is doing really good getting good traffic then its good. However your blog might lose its rankings in no time. Its always ideal for newbie bloggers to start blogging on a apart time basis and once when they are really sure, they can make it as a full time profession.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2014
HTC Windows Phone 8S review
I am a big fan of Windows 8 phones. HTC 8S smartphone looks really good and is feature rich. It has a great design and specifications. Thanks for posting this review.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2014
Doctype for Html5 and how different it is from Html 4
Thanks a lot Tony sir for this wonderful article. You have explained the things really well. I was a bit confused about these things but your article solved all my doubts. Thanks a lot once again for writing and sharing the article.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2014
How to solve computer issue on slow performance?
Thanks a lot for these tips. My PC has become really slow and the tips were extremely helpful to me. Thanks once again for sharing these tips.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2014
Kindle Paperwhite 3G – an amazing e-reader from Amazon
I personally love reading ebooks. As of now I am using my smartphone to download ebooks which are available free of cost and read them. Kindle Paperwhite 3G is an excellent device and I will definitely give it a try in coming days.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 22 Nov 2014
How to make money through Flipkart affiliate program?
I am an affiliate of Flipkart since past 6-8 months. However, I haven’t promoted the products there actively and once in a while I get a sale from one of my blog visitors. However, I am sure that I start recommending the products and increase my promotions; I would be able to make quite a few bucks in form of affiliate commissions.

@ Ankit, I think they have reduced the minimum payout option for NEFT mode to Rs.1000/-. However I am not too sure about it. I would request you to check it out and make the necessary changes to this post too.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2014
How to join Snapdeal affiliate program and make money: Affiliate program review
I am an affiliate of all major ecommerce stores in India including and However, I never knew that Snapdeal had its own affiliate program. I have applied for their affiliate program using one of my blogs where I post daily deals and offers. Hope I am accepted in their network and start making money from them. Thanks a lot for providing the information.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2014
Why your blog suddenly lost traffic from Google?
Thanks a lot Tony for sharing this article. I was wondering why my newly launched micro niche blog lost traffic suddenly. I think the main reason for it was excessive backlinks building by commenting on other blogs and also doing a few guest posts. Your articles solved all my doubts regarding it and now I will take the required steps. Thanks once again for sharing.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2014
How to cancel Disavow request with Google
Thanks a lot for providing such a detailed tutorial about how to cancel a disavow request with google. I was despertaley searching for it myself and your article helped me a lot. Thanks once again for sharing!
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 08 Oct 2014
MagicBox, The Indian Television Recommendation App
I love watching TV and this app will help me a lot in knowing the various programs which will be telecast on a particular day on my favorite channels. Also the features which are mentioned make it very unique and different from other apps available in the market. Will definitely try this app in coming days. Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful article.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 01 Sep 2014
Hike: Best Android Messenger App for Indians
This app has become very popular in India. Me and my friends use it regularly for communication. Just a few days ago, Hike raised $65 million in funding lead by Tiger Global. It will be interesting to see which are the new features which they ad in coming days. Thanks a lot for writing & sharing the article. Keep contributing!
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 01 Sep 2014
Best Android Apps for Netmeeting
Anwesha, you have written this resource at the right time. I was trying to search for similar app to conduct online meetings with my fellow colleagues. Such apps help a lot in increasing productivity and better communications with clients/colleagues on the go. I will definitely try the ones you have mentioned. Once again, thanks for sharing.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 01 Sep 2014
The Best Android apps for Indian users
You have mentioned some very good apps for Indians which are extremely helpful in day to day lives. Apart from these, I use many other apps like Whatsapp, Paytm (For recharge), Flipkart shopping app, Mobile banking app, Facebook app, apps for reading latest news etc on a daily basis. This is a very good article and I came to know about some apps which I hadn’t heard of. Thanks for sharing!
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 01 Sep 2014
Amazon CPM Ads program for publishers
I had no knowledge about Amazon CPM ads program. Thanks a lot for writing and sharing this article Tony.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 30 Aug 2014
Xiaomi Redmi 1S Price, Specifications and Features
Thanks a lot Amit for sharing all the relevant information. I am sure that this cellphone will become extremely popular in India. I am planning to buy it as soon as it is launched on 2nd Sept. Already registered on Flipkart for the same. KEeping my fingers crossed:)
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 30 Aug 2014
Saving Printer Ink - How To Save Printer Ink At Home When Printing
Awesome tips. Being a student, I need to take quite a few printouts every week for assignments and project work. These tips will definitely help me a lot. Another great tip would be to refill the cartridges instead of buying new ones as you tend to save quite a few bucks. Also if you buy new cartridges, then buy them online as they are available at discounted prices. Thanks once again for sharing the tips.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 15 Aug 2014
How to choose SD memory card?
I would like to thank you for sharing these wonderful tips. It will definitely help people who are looking forward to buy SD cards. One of the best things to buy them at low prices would be to buy them online on eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. You can get nice deals on them and are available at very low prices. If you use cashback sites while making the purchase, you can also save a few extra rupees.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 15 Aug 2014
LG G3 launched in India by Amitabh Bachchan, priced at Rs 47,990
Thanks a lot Tony sir for sharing the pictures and information about the launch event held at Mehboob studio, Mumbai. I also saw an advertisement about this phone on TV recently. This smartphone can be a very good choice for people who are looking to buy a high end smartphone in coming days.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 15 Aug 2014
SEO Checklist for new blogs and websites
All the 26 points shared by you in this article are excellent and very useful. Many other bloggers suggest using online ping tools after you launch your new site. Also make sure you submit your website/blog link to all high quality blog directories. Make sure you also have backlinks from high PR sites and also social media sites. All these factors will help in improving SEO performance fo your website.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 15 Aug 2014
Images for blogs: Copyright laws, Search Engine Ranking and SEO
Thanks a lot for sharing these tips for using images on blogs. If you will be using images very frequently in your blog posts, it makes a good sense to purchase membership of image stock website and use the images from there. There are many such websites offering subscriptions for as low as $5 per month. Most of the large companies also do not mind if you are using images from their official websites as it helps them too. However make sure that you don’t use them at wrong places or degrade the images by doing modifications etc. Thanks once again Tony sir for sharing the tips. It will definitely help newbie bloggers like me.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 15 Aug 2014
Top 3 Nokia Lumia series smartphones
Nokia Lumia 1320 is also a popular and really good smartphone. The aim of this article was to tell the readers some of the lowest priced Nokia Lumia smartphones. So I haven't included Nokia Lumia 1320 in this article. But nonetheless, it is a very good smartphone.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 29 Jun 2014
Compare Amazon and Flipkart affiliate programs - Which is better for Indian publishers?
@ Admin, Your website is really good in design but the thing is there there is no content on it and just has images and categories. How do you plan to optimize the site as I far as my knowledge goes, it is very hard to rank in search engines without good content.

Can you please reply to my query?
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 18 Apr 2014
Best CDMA smartphones available in India along with features and prices
Even though most of the people prefer GSM phones, there are still many who use CDMA phones. The author has listed some of the tops CDMA phones available in India and the list contains all sort of phones from all sorts of manufacturers. QWERTY keypad lovers can think of purchasing Blackberry Curve 9350 while there is more choice available to people who prefer touch screen phones. Many of these phones are available online too at leading ecommerce stores. So you can think of buying it from them as they offer good amount of discounts.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 25 Mar 2014
Byond B51 and Byond B54, Dual SIM Android Gingerbread smartphones at Rs 4,999 and Rs 5,799
Byond has been launching good number of mobile phones and tablets. All the phones are extremely good and are value for money. They have lots of smart features and also come at an affordable price. Both the phones listed in this article i.e. Byond B54 and Byond B51 run on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread operating system and have lots of other attractive features like good screen, 1GHz processor, good quality camera etc. Both the phones are available online at various leading ecommerce stores including where Byond B51 is currently priced for Rs.2860 whereas Byond B54 is priced Rs.3499
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 25 Mar 2014
Should websites and blogs wait for 6 months before using AdSense Ads?
In my personal opinion, it is necessary to wait for 6 months before applying for Adsense. Google has been receiving a lot of applications for approval from India and they are really choosy and always choose the best websites and blogs having good quality content, good amount of organic traffic and satisfying other terms and conditions. Also every new website and blog takes at least 6 months to have good amount of content or blog posts and start getting consistent traffic from search engines. So I would suggest everyone who is trying to get his/her Adsense account approved to wait for minimum of 6 months, work really well on your site/blog and then apply for Adsense.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 25 Mar 2014
4 website ideas to start your own website and start making money
@ Webconcepts
As far as my knowledge goes, Cashback sites are making decent revenues. Cashback sites have been getting huge venture capital in recent times which proves that their business model is encouraging and has promising future. Most of the cashback sites use affiliate networks which allows them to work with large number of retailers. It also helps in proper tracking of sales/clicks. Very few cashback sites partner with individual ecommerce retailers. Cashback sites get paid from affiliate networks for sales coming through them. Some of this amount is passed on to the customer as cashback amount. Payment terms of individual affiliate networks vary from network to network.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2014
4 website ideas to start your own website and start making money
@ Bhakti Savla,
Yes, its true that there are specific scripts available which you can use to start your own deals and coupon sites. If you are willing to invest some decent amount of money then you can also get a custom script developed from wes developers. You can start your coupon site using low priced scripts available and post coupons and deals of ecommerce stores. Try monetizing the site through affiliate marketing, which is best suited for such sites.
Hope it answers your query.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 13 Jan 2014
Amazon offers 15% affiliate commission - best affiliate commission structure in India
Amazon affiliate program is extremely popular among the webmasters all across the world and since it has also been launched in India now, I have no doubt that it will attract a lot of webmasters and bloggers. The commission offered by Amazon India is one of the best in India as compared to other leading ecommerce portals.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 26 Dec 2013
Top 10 hotel booking and comparison websites in India
Ankit, you have listed all the best and popular hotel booking websites in India. There are many hotel price comparison engines too which allow you to check and compare hotel prices at various websites. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Keep writing !
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 26 Dec 2013
4 simple ways to make money online
Hi Ravi,
A virtual assistant is generally a person who deals/helps the company or individual apart from individual roles specified to him. For example a college student working as a virtual assistant for a web startup who is assigned the work of content writing for the company blog may also manage social media marketing for the company in certain cases. A freelancer may not do so as the freelancers are more professional and do only the task assigned to them.

Hope you understood the difference.
Author: Shravan      Posted Date: 08 Sep 2013

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