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Top five EdTech startups in India
Very informative Timmappa. Excellent read!
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 11 Mar 2016
Hero XTreme Sports User Review
I like reviews where people share their personal experience using the product. This was a good read. Ride safe!
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 30 Jan 2016
Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers/Writers
Glad it was useful guys. I hope each member of Techulator starts using Grammarly extension. As an editor on TEC, it'll make my life easier.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 25 Dec 2015
How reliable is Alexa ranking - a case study on
Excellent read!
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 25 Jul 2015
Android and iPhone app - BAND, the Group app Review
Great app review Ankit. While I was about to download the app on my Android, I stumbled upon the number of permissions it required from my device. I could live with some permissions like Contacts, Calendar,Photos etc, some others were downright unexplainable; Phone, Microphone, SMS, Device & App History. I would like to install and use this app for the Techulator group, however I'm a little apprehensive for the issue stated above.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 19 May 2015
How to Root and Unroot your Xiaomi Redmi 1S - Safe and Easy
The download link is in the second last paragraph of the article. It provides you links to two files:
1- Root file
2- Unroot file
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 06 May 2015
HOTSTAR - A new app from Star TV network - A review
Good honest review. It looks like you've used this app personally and have shared the issues you faced. I hope the developers take note of them and iron out the bugs soon. Great app, great review!
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 28 Feb 2015
Review - AsiaPower Wireless Mouse Powerclick 198
Johnprasd, of course you can. It works just as well with a Desktop.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 17 Nov 2014
How to Root and Unroot your Xiaomi Redmi 1S - Safe and Easy

Please read the article once again, the download link is mentioned in the second last paragraph. Lemme know if you need help downloading the files.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 12 Nov 2014
Why you should choose Windows 8 over Windows 7
Not meaning to ruin a great, detailed analysis above, but let me be the devil's advocate!

Windows 8 still does not support SSDs to their full potential. Most SSD's perform the best with Windows 7 as the operating system. With an SSD onboard, your boot up time will ever be shorter.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 15 Oct 2014
Hands-on review of Samsung 9000 mAh Power Bank/External Battery
Tr***s in known to supply fake/substandard products through sellers. The original price for a genuine Samsung Power Bank is around Rs.3900 from Samsung stores and around Rs. 3400-3900 through Flipkart.

Few things to check for genuinity:

1. One of the two cables you've received must have Samsung branding on it, please check the spelling of Samsung. Is it Samsung or Samsnug?

2. Check for the serial number behind the power bank. If there's no serial number, its a fake.

3. Check for the serial number on the bill, if there isn't one, its a fake.

4. Go back to the webpage where you bought it from and read all details carefully, if the warranty offered is 'Seller warranty' or 'No warranty', its a fake.

Please revert back with the findings.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 02 Aug 2014
Hands-on review of Samsung 9000 mAh Power Bank/External Battery
Varun, as I mentioned in the article, there are plenty of fake/duplicate versions available in the market for this particular product. Please let me know what price did you pay for this power bank and where did you buy it from? I think there is a chance that the one you have is a fake one.

There is another way to check if the power bank is genuine or fake, will let you know once you reply to the above question.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 01 Aug 2014
Amazon Launched NEFT Payment Method for its Amazon India Associates
Flipkart today followed suit and reduced their EFT payment limit to Rs.1000 from Rs.2500 earlier.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 15 Jul 2014
Service tax for AdSense and other online advertising in India
Related issue:

Affiliate marketers post affiliate banners on their websites and get paid a commission only when a referral buys a product. Would this commission now include a service tax amount in addition to the fixed commission percentage?

Personally, all sources combined I currently do not earn more than 10L as my online income, so if my affiliate partner decides to include service tax as part of my commission, I will be left with the headache of submitting that amount to the government.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 11 Jul 2014
Amazon Launched NEFT Payment Method for its Amazon India Associates
Just converted my payment method on Amazon from Cheque to NEFT. Good job Amazon!
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 08 Jul 2014
How to make money through Flipkart affiliate program?
Paresh, it is against Flipkart's policy to purchase products using your own affiliate links and is clearly mentioned in their Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

They can track such purchases in a number of ways: IP address, mac address, physical home address, bank account used to purchase product and lots more.

Please refrain from doing so and don't let them ban your account.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 15 Jun 2014
How to enable the hidden Developer Options on your Android device

Rooting a phone gives you complete access to the device. You can make changes to the phone's system that manufacturers usually block by default. Its like activating the administrator settings.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 09 Jun 2014
How to get sample products for review for bloggers
Very informative!

I am a video reviewer myself and have been looking out for sample products for review for my YouTube channel. This post was of great help. Tony, why don't you hire me as your video reviewer? :p
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 16 May 2014
Moto E launched - Should you buy it?
EDIT: double post by mistake.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 15 May 2014
Moto E launched - Should you buy it?
Update: Today is the 15th of May 2014, and as expected Flipkart is out of stock of both the variants of the Moto E. Looks like another huge success for Motorola.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 15 May 2014
Tax saving tips for Bloggers and Indian AdSense publishers
Great article as always Tony,

My questions are related to the part where you state that expenses related to a blog can be deducted from AdSense income and thereby saving tax.

Q1. I make YouTube video reviews on gadgets, smartphones etc and earn income through AdSense. I run it on an individual basis and get my income in a savings bank account. Can I deduct the price I pay for these gadgets from my final annual income and pay tax on the rest?

Q2. If Yes, under what tax heading can I deduct the above as expenses?

Q3. An article explaining the benefits of running a blog/website/youtube channel for Adsense earnings under Business category would really help a lot of people like me. Do you think, in your free time you could write a short article on the same?

Would appreciate a reply to any/all of the above.
Author: Amit      Posted Date: 13 May 2014

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