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it is really a very sad news to know that is going to close down. But please dont give up and dont feel sad. It is really an utter injustice by Microsoft but nothing can be done but to look for alternative. Now we can develop the new site Techulator. With the help of all the members let us hope this new site will also develop soon. There are so many websites which use the word "Windows" in their name, but why Microsoft wants to take this website only. This is because of the popularity of MWC. Anyway all of us are here to support you for the new site. Wish you all the best.
Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 08 Mar 2012
Windows 8 to have Internet Explorer 10 as default browser

Yes you are correct. I have changed the title. IE10 is the default web browser for Windows 8 as per the rumors that are spreading in internet. Thsnks for correcting me.
Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 20 Mar 2011
Interrupt handling Challenges for Windows 8

it is very nice article about interrupt challenges.

Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 16 Mar 2011
Microsoft's official leak - Windows 8 in Careers page.
Satish Kumar,

You have provided an excellent article about the official leak of Windows 8 operating system by Microsoft. This is really a good news as we will be getting Windows 8 very soon in near future. Even I have seen the Microsoft Career Website where lot of job postings are there which are related to Windows 8. You can check another article about the Official leakage of Windows 8 and the article about the hiring of developers for Windows 8 OS.

Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 07 Nov 2010
DATA LOSS - Prevention tips

YOu have provided a nice article on data loss and prevention tips. Thanks for such a nice article.

Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 30 Oct 2010
How to get first Email impression.

A very nice and impressive article on how to use email. I do not agree with one point i.e. "All Messages should be marked Urgent". If the message is not urgent, why should you mark it as urgent. If you mark a message as urgent, other person feels it as really some thing important and will read it, but if it is not an important message, you are just wasting his / her time. So dont say that all messages should be marked as urgent. If you mark each and every message as urgent, you are going to lose impression of other person.

I do agree with the other points given by you. You should always respond within 24 hours to any email message. that is true.

Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 13 Oct 2010
Top 5 portable antiviruses for pendrive

A very nice article about anti virus for USB pen Drives. Your article is very impressive with even pictures. Are you using any of these anti virus for your pen drives? Can you tell me which one is best to use and effective anti virus. I have a lot of virus in my pen drive.

Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 13 Oct 2010
Windows 7 Hidden Text Editor
Vasu Jain,

It works out. I checked out in my system. It is working. You just have to click on Start and type run in the search box in Start menu. Now the Run box will open. Just type "Edit" in the Run box and click on 'OK' button. that is all. the hidden editor will open up. Did you try like this. if not, you can try like this and let me know.

Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 22 Aug 2010
Benefits and Applications of GPRS

You have provided a nice informative article on GPRS which is very useful for mobile users.

Author: Raghav      Posted Date: 04 Jul 2010

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